Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Things That Make Your Home So Much Better For Under $35

Your home — only better (without breaking the bank)

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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If you think you’re stuck with a place that feels drab and disorganized, take heart, because you actually have amazing options at your disposal. Sneak a peek at this list of things that Amazon keeps selling out of that make your home so much better for under $35.

Stylish corner shelves that add visual interest, a popular mortar and pestle for Italian bistro-worthy pesto, and pillowcases made of cooling Bamboo — these are just a few of the incredibly affordable options that will take your home from drab to fab.

This Ice Machine Cleaner For Better-Tasting Drinks

There’s nothing worse than foul-tasting ice ruining a perfectly good margarita or iced coffee. This affordable ice machine cleaner works to make sure every cube of ice tastes clean and fresh by using a non-toxic formula of all-natural, concentrated citric acid that removes mineral buildup. It has over 6,400 reviews on Amazon and works with all countertop ice makers as well as built-in, crushed, and under-counter ice makers.

A Fleece Blanket That Comes In Tons Of Colors

It’s easy and affordable to add a little stylish comfort to your sofa or bed with this fleece blanket that comes in over 20 colors such as gray pearl or red marsala. It’s made of soft microfiber polyester that’s both lightweight yet breathable and resists pilling as an added bonus. Choose between four available sizes with the ribbed design bringing chic style to any room.

This Eucalyptus- & Orange-Scented Candle Made Of Soy Wax

Give your space a sense of peace and calm with this eucalyptus- and orange-scented candle that’s made of all-natural soy wax. Not only is it highly scented with essential oils, but it also is made with a wooden wick that burns cleanly for up to 35 hours. To top it all off, the candle comes in its own gold glass jar that will bring serious elegance to any table, mantel, or countertop.

A Set Of Silicone Striped Pot Holders That Store Flat

If kitchen storage space is tight, then you will rejoice when you lay eyes on these extremely budget-friendly pot holders that take up little space by storing nearly flat. The lining is made of terry cloth with the exterior made of cotton and silicone striping that helps you securely grip pots, pans, and trays. They’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and can conveniently be washed in the washing machine on the cold cycle.

This Handheld Steamer That Sanitizes & Efficiently Removes Wrinkles

Move over, trusty old iron. This versatile handheld steamer can remove wrinkles in addition to cleaning and sterilizing nearly any kind of material, all at a reasonable $20 price tag. It heats up in under 90 seconds and gives you 10 minutes of continuous steaming power, allowing you to quickly refresh clothing no matter how last minute. Use it on the most delicate of fabrics as well as drapes, upholstery, bedding, or even table linen.

A Soap Dispenser That Stores Your Sponge

It’s a cinch to clean up the look of your kitchen countertop with this soap dispenser that provides you with a tray for your sponge. By depressing the sponge, the dispenser deposits the perfect amount of dishwashing soap to get the job done, thereby helping you save money on your soap supply. It can be used with all kinds of different sponges, scrubbers, or rags, and will only set you back a mere $9.

This Bed Skirt With Pleated Corners For A Tailored Look

You won’t realize what your bedroom has been missing until the moment this bed skirt goes on with its chic pleated corners. It’s made of double-brushed microfiber that comes in neutral shades such as white, cream, or navy, as well as sizes as large as California king. With a drop of 14 inches, it will elegantly hide any under-bed storage and all at an affordable $16 price point.

A Pack Of Vacuum Storage Bags That Store Bulky Items Without Taking Up Lots Of Space

Take those bulky comforters, bed sheets, blankets, or sweaters, and reduce their size by 80% when you store them in these vacuum storage bags. Six small bags come in each pack and feature a triple-seal turbo valve that attaches to any vacuum as well as a double zip seal to prevent air from entering or escaping. Closets overflowing with duvets and seasonal clothing will immediately look organized, tidy, and available to meet even more storage needs.

These Window Paper Blinds That Block Light

These white window paper blinds are as easy as can be to install and will immediately give you control over the relative brightness of your space with their light-blocking abilities. They come in a pack of six blinds and use strong self-adhesive to quickly mount to your windows. The paper material is easy to trim to size so you can get a custom fit and a full blackout result. Clips are included to raise or lower your blinds securely.

A Corner Shelf With 5 Tiers For Decorative Display

Add immediate visual interest to any space using this stylish corner shelf with over 57,000 reviews and five tiers for displaying decor. Mount it to the wall using the included hardware and with a weight capacity of 11 pounds, store anything from pictures to artwork to books. For less than $25, it comes in a range of colors from white to rustic blue so as to perfectly complement your space.

These Pillowcases Made Of Cooling Bamboo Viscose

Make your sleeping situation that much more comfortable by spending less than $20 on these pillowcases made of cooling bamboo viscose. The bamboo is OEKO-TEX certified to be free of any harmful substances and is breathable, helping to wick away moisture for a temperate sleep. They come in a set of two in either king or standard size and are offered in beautiful shades such as mellow yellow, light green, or rose pink.

These Small Trash Cans In Sleek Wire Mesh

Keep garbage neatly and stylishly contained within these under-$30 trash cans made of sleek wire mesh. Able to hold up to 6 gallons, they come in a set of two with a choice between a silver or black finish as well as a circular or square shape. The mesh construction allows for total breathability and lends a modern aesthetic that will complement any room in the house.

A Pack Of Adjustable Drawer Dividers That Expand To Fit Your Dimensions

Over 5,800 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating speak to the beloved versatility of these drawer dividers that conveniently expand to fit your exact needs. They’re made of bamboo material available in three different finishes (natural, gray, and white) and all feature nonslip rubber pads on each end to help the dividers effectively stay in place. With built-in springs to allow for quick and easy adjustments to different drawers, your kitchen tools, socks, shirts, and crafts will never look so organized.

This Triple-Insulated Water Bottle That Holds 64 Ounces

Carry your eight glasses a day in just one container with this triple-insulated water bottle that can hold up to 64 ounces. It’s constructed of stainless steel with a copper lining that helps keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Three different lids are included to accommodate hot or cold drinks as well as those that contain fruit and ice. Choose from over 15 stylish colors such as a dreamy purple or modern lava gray.

A Set Of Floating Cube Shelves That Come In 3 Sizes

Transform boring, empty walls into conversation pieces with this affordable set of floating cube shelves that come in three different sizes. They mount to the wall easily using the included hardware and are perfect for displaying treasured books, meaningful decor, or stylish objects. Choose from five different finishes and put them up in any configuration that suits you.

This Bath Mat Made With Soft Memory Foam

This bath mat will make stepping out of your shower a daily luxury with its memory foam material. It comes in lots of different sizes to accommodate different areas of the room from the sink to the bath as well as over 20 colors to best suit your current look. Easily machine wash and dry it to help it last for the long haul.

A Vanity Organizer To Keep Jewelry Or Cosmetics Tidy

Instantly tidy up that mess of a dresser top or tangle of a bathroom drawer with this vanity organizer. It’s made of clear acrylic that lends a clean, modern look but also allows you to see exactly what’s stored where. Nine compartments of varying sizes give you ample room to neatly store jewelry or makeup and the entire thing washes up easily with warm water and mild soap.

These Bed Stoppers That Don’t Require You To Lift A Thing

If you’re tired of feeling your bed shift every time you jump in, then you will rejoice when you see these ingenious bed stoppers that require no lifting to work. They’re made in a u-shape and are constructed of solid rubber with a metal insert. Simply slide the stopper around the caster wheel and squeeze the ends to fit snugly. The rubber won’t damage floors but will prevent the wheels from shifting so you can jump into bed anxiety-free.

A Waterproof Mattress Protector That’s Still Breathable

Keep that pricey mattress in good shape throughout the years by spending less than $35 on this waterproof mattress protector. It has over 11,700 reviews with a high 4.6-star rating and is the perfect choice for serious protection without having to sacrifice comfortable sleep. The moisture-wicking topper is made of breathable cotton for great temperature regulation and deep pockets stretch to fit mattresses up to 18 inches.

These Metal Add-On Hangers That Are Stackable

Save loads of closet space by going vertical with the help of these metal add-on hangers that stack to cascade downwards. Each hanger is welded as one strong piece that is strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds with each including rubber-coated adjustable clips so as to not damage clothing. Their slim profile takes up barely any space and can be used to hang anything from pants to skirts to shorts.

A Car Detailing Sponge That Works On Every Part Of Your Car

Make it look like you spent thousands at the auto shop when in fact you only dropped $13 when you use this miraculous car detailing sponge. It’s pre-moistened and designed with multiple layers that remove scuffs, marks, grime, dust, and dirt with only a gentle wiping motion. One side has micro-scrubbers for durable surfaces and the other is perfect for delicate surfaces. Use this pocket-sized sponge in any nook and cranny of your car, from exterior to interior.

This Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit That Removes Years Of Accumulated Lint

You may not realize just how much lint has been building up before you get this dryer vent cleaning kit to work its magic. It comes with an attachment that fits most vacuums as well as an adapter and plastic hose that’s over 3.5 feet long to get into hard-to-reach spaces. Not only will this help your dryer run more efficiently (thus saving you precious money on energy bills) but it also functions to help prevent possible housefires – not bad for a $10 investment.

The Lazy Susan Made Of Elegant White Marble

Imagine serving your cheese, charcuterie, or dessert truffles on this marble plate that not only looks gorgeous but also doubles as a lazy Susan so as to serve everyone effortlessly. Made of genuine white marble at the reasonable price of $25, its heavy weight allows for it to rotate smoothly, making it perfect for other tasks such as cake decorating. Felt feet on the bottom prevent scratches to surfaces and it’s easily cleaned with warm, soapy water.

A Set Of Hand-Poured Taper Candles For A Chic Table

Candlelit ambiance can do wonders for enhancing every dinner at home and these 10-inch hand-poured taper candles are perfect for the job. They come in a pack of 10 and are unscented, but best of all, they’re completely dripless so as to not create any hard-to-clean messes at the end of the night. They burn for up to eight hours each and are available in six beautiful colors such as classic ivory, purple, or turquoise, to perfectly complement your dinner table aesthetic.

This Throw Blanket Made In A Stylish Waffle Design

Add tasteful accent color (not to mention some serious coziness) for only $25 in the form of this throw blanket that’s made with a chic waffle design. It comes in four different size options as well as over 20 vibrant colors that will be sure to boost the look of any chair, sofa, or bed. Opt for a vivid golden yellow, fiesta red, or bright mango, or choose cooler tones like peacock blue or spearmint green. Conveniently wash it on the cold cycle and hang it to air dry.

A Blacklight Flashlight That Spots Hidden Stains

For pet owners who are budget-conscious, this blacklight flashlight is the simplest and easiest way to improve your home immeasurably. The powerful UV light works to detect pet stains both old and fresh that are impossible to spot with your eye but are clearly obvious to your nose. The flashlight is so powerful that it doesn’t even require it to be dark for it to be useful. Once you spot those stains, it’s a cinch to clean them up and restore your home to its fresh-smelling self.

This Baking Sheet That Comes With Its Own Wire Rack

For avid chefs and bakers, this incredibly versatile, yet affordable baking sheet and wire rack set is a match made in heaven. They can be used together to roast meat or vegetables or decorate baked goods like cakes or donuts. Separately, the baking sheet is ideal for all kinds of cooking or baking, while the wire rack is perfect for cooling items quickly. The sheet pan is made of aluminum and the rack is constructed of stainless steel, plus there are several sizes from which to choose. Over 13,700 reviews on Amazon and a high 4.6-star rating prove that this set will become your next best friend on future culinary adventures.

A Pack Of Movie Night Popcorn Boxes In A Yesteryear Design

Make streaming films at home feel just a bit more magical when you use these movie night popcorn boxes to recall cinema vibes of yesteryear. Each pack comes with 20 open-top boxes featuring the classic retro red and white striped pattern. Fill them with homemade popcorn or other classic movie night treats like your favorite candies and fold them flat for easy storage between uses.

This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That’s Expandable

This beautiful bamboo drawer organizer will whip any chaotic drawer situation into shape and provides you with extra flexibility by being able to expand if needed. It comes in three size options with the ability to stretch by two extra compartments on either side and it can be used in any drawer that needs some tidying whether that be in the kitchen, the office, or the craft room. The bamboo material is water-resistant and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

A Pack Of Glass Jars To Organize Your Pantry

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give your pantry a uniform, tidy look. These glass jars come in a 12-pack for under $25 and are perfect for storing all sorts of dry goods as they’re easy to fill with their wide-mouth design. The food-grade glass is lead-free and able to be used in both the freezer and microwave, while the airtight lid self-seals and is coated to resist rust. Plus, they’re perfect for canning and preserving so you can live out your pioneer lifestyle dreams.

This Milk Frother That Comes With Its Own Cup

Make every morning feel like you’ve just splurged on an expensive latte when you use this milk frother that includes its own convenient cup. The cup is made of BPA-free plastic and can be used to quickly heat milk in the microwave while the frother sits within the included lid (which doubles as a stand) to create foam in under 20 seconds. Use the frother with any type of dairy or non-dairy milk and whip up protein drinks, matcha, or even salad dressings as well.

A Gooseneck Kettle For Flavorful Coffee Every Day

Allow yourself the joy of delicious pour-over coffee every day with help from this gooseneck kettle that delivers a precise pour so as to extract every bit of flavor from your beans. It’s made of stainless steel, heats up on any type of stovetop, and includes a built-in thermometer on top with a handy teal-colored zone indicated as the ideal temperature for brewing your coffee. An ergonomic, cool-touch handle makes for comfortable pouring.

This Food Chopper That Includes 3 Different Blades

Blaze through the usual tedium of prepping vegetables and fruit when you use this food chopper that comes with three different-sized blades for all your dicing needs. Once you’ve chosen which blade you want, pop it into the designated slot inside the lid and lower the top down to push the vegetable or fruit through the grates into the included container. Use it for cooking your ingredients right away or save them for later by popping on the lid.

A Mortar & Pestle That’s Reversible

This popular mortar and pestle with over 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating offers not one, but two sides for grinding, allowing you to keep flavors separate if needed. The shallow side is perfect for grinding certain spices while the deeper side accommodates sauces, spreads, and larger ingredients. It’s made of solid, unpolished, and non-porous marble that has a capacity of two cups, and even comes included with a spoon and silicone mat.

This Glass Syrup Dispenser That’s Mess-Free

Sometimes minor improvements can go a long way and that’s definitely the case when you opt for this budget-friendly glass syrup dispenser. Instead of leaving drips and sticky messes that are frustrating to clean, this dispenser relies on your thumb to drop just the amount of syrup you want, then seals when you release to leave no drips behind. It’s easy to fill and even comes with its own stand for clean and simple storage.

An Electric Jar Opener That Works With One Touch

Release stuck lids with just the touch of your finger using this electric jar opener. It uses two AA batteries (not included) and simply requires you to press the button to secure the jaws around the jar, then the opener will do the rest, including automatically rotating. It opens lids in a range of sizes and stores easily without taking up too much room.

A Stubborn Stain Remover For Flawless Upholstery

The next time you accidentally spill red wine or ink all over that white couch or chair, don’t toss it — fix it with this stain remover. The formula is safe on upholstery, tablecloths, carpet, and more, and it’s free of fragrances and toxic ingredients. It has more than 2,000 reviews, with one reviewer raving, “I honestly didn't expect this product to work. I had a red wine stain that was over a year old on my white table cloth. I have tried everything to remove the stain, to no avail. I took a chance and tried this. IT WORKED!!! I can't believe it.”

A Wine Chiller Set That Keeps Drinks Deliciously Cold

Make picnics, whether they be on the beach or in the backyard, that much more enjoyable with this affordable wine chiller set. It includes a stainless steel wine bottle with a 750-milliliter capacity (or a standard wine bottle) as well as two stainless steel wine tumblers, all of which are designed with double-wall insulation. The shatterproof material will maintain your drink’s temperature for up to an amazing 24 hours and the set comes with helpful accessories such as lids for your tumblers, a bottle cleaner, and a handy funnel.

This Paper Towel Holder That Mounts To Your Wall Or Cabinet

Save yourself major counter space when you go for one of these paper towel holders that mounts either to the wall or underside of the cabinet. It’s made of sturdy yet lightweight bamboo and comes with all the hardware needed for the job. Though it may seem like a basic upgrade to your home, just take it from this fan who said, “It's amazing how the simplest things make such a big difference. Love having a place for my paper towels OFF THE COUNTER!”

A Digital Meat Thermometer With Pre-Programmed Temperature Settings

Make every piece of meat or fish the most perfectly cooked you’ve ever made by using this digital meat thermometer that includes a collapsible probe. It comes with a whole host of pre-programmed temperature settings so you can set yourself up to be automatically alerted when your beef has reached medium rare or your lamb, medium well. You can also set your own preferred temperatures on top of countdown or count-up timers using the convenient LCD touchscreen display.

These Whiskey Glasses Shaped In An Artistic Twist

Greatly up your home bar game with these gorgeous whiskey glasses that sport an elegant twist shape. They come in a set of two and are made with high-clarity crystal and a heavy base that lends them weight and solidity. With a capacity of 10 ounces, each dishwasher-safe glass can be used with an ice ball, large ice cube, or whiskey stones.

A Silicone Popcorn Popper That Pops Every Kernel Perfectly

Never again be disappointed at the number of unpopped kernels at the bottom of your popcorn bowl. This amazing popcorn popper with over 25,000 reviews is shaped in such a way as to evenly heat every single kernel, making sure that each one is perfectly popped. It’s made of food-safe and BPA-free silicone and can be used with or without flavorings. It makes up to 15 cups of popcorn, and, as an added bonus, collapses down to take up a minimum of room in your cabinet.

This Glass Drink Dispenser In A Charming Mason Jar Shape

Make cocktail parties or Sunday brunches at home especially festive when you have this glass drink dispenser that’s made in the shape of a classic Mason jar. It can hold up to one gallon of liquid and features a wide mouth for easy filling. It comes with its own lid and charming metal stand while a non-drip spigot dispenses drinks quickly. Use it for iced tea, punch, mixed drinks, or lemonade, to name just a few possibilities.

A Cast Iron Skillet With Ridges That Leave Classic Grill Marks

Those without grill access, don’t despair, there are other ways to achieve that classic grill look and this cast iron pan is one of them. It comes pre-seasoned for great performance right out of the box and includes ridges that work well to offer a grill-like result as well as to drain away excess liquid. Use it on the stovetop, an open campfire, or in the oven. Its sturdy material and versatile functionality ensure this pan lasts you for years and years to come.

This Pot Strainer That Attaches Directly To The Pan

No more unearthing large strainers that take up tons of room and leave more dishwashing to do. Instead, save both storage space and effort when you use this pot strainer that snaps directly to your pan. It’s made of flexible food-grade, BPA-free silicone that’s heat-safe up to 440 degrees as well as dishwasher-safe. It can be clipped to the sides of all kinds of pots and pans, from large to small, and features a large spout that allows for fast draining of water.

A Vegetable Peeler With Strong Stainless Steel Blades

There’s not much this vegetable peeler can’t handle with its swivel blades made of tough stainless steel. It will effectively peel anything from citrus and fruit to cheese and chocolate with just about every vegetable in between. And when it comes to potatoes, this peeler can remove the eyes easily due to a built-in feature. A book of 25 recipes is included as an added bonus.

These Food Storage Containers That Come With Their Own Chalkboard Labels

Find pantry items with ease when you store them in these food storage containers that include their own customizable chalkboard labels for easy identification. They come in a set of six with two one-gallon and four 76-ounce containers included. Each container has its own locking airtight lid that keeps contents fresh and can be used interchangeably with any container.

A Set Of Recipe Cards In An Adorable Lemon Motif

Go old-school and organize all your favorite meals with these charming recipe cards made with an appealing lemon motif. Each 4-by-6-inch card includes a place for the name of the recipe, who or where it came from, how many it serves, how much prep and total time is required, and lots of lines front and back for the actual instructions. The cards come in a pack of 50 for a mere $10 and are available in lots of other floral and fruit designs.

This TV Backlight That Improves Your Viewing Experience

Upgrade your home cinema to the next level with this under-$20 TV backlight that can both improve contrast and reduce eyestrain. The backlight strip is made of LEDs that are completely adjustable in color and brightness via an included remote. Mount it to the back of your TV using included self-adhesive and power it by plugging it into your TV’s USB port. Choose from over six sizes to find the right fit for your dimensions.

These Closet Shelf Dividers That Slide Into Place

Keep clothes effortlessly organized with this set of closet dividers that slide right into place on closet and linen closet shelves without tools or complicated installation. The dividers are 12 inches high to accommodate bulkier items like sweaters and handbags and they’re adjustable to fit shelves of various sizes. They come in two colors (platinum or bronze) and boast more than 6,000 reviews. Score two sets for less than $15.