Aldi Is Selling $13 Disney Squishmallows Of Characters Like Olaf And Stitch

OK, Woody is too cute!

Disney stans, prepare to make some room on your bed. On March 9, Aldi launched a lineup of 11 Disney-inspired Squishmallows featuring all your favorite princesses and talking animal pals — and spoiler alert: they’re adorable (and affordable). Aldi’s $13 Disney Squishmallows include some classic characters like Mickey and Minnie as well as cute AF newbies. If you’re looking to expand your collection of lovable pillow buddies, here’s what you need to know.

Fans got their first look at the Disney Squishmallows when Aldi showed off 10 of the 11 plushes on Instagram on March 9. The nostalgic collection features 11-inch replicas of all the best Disney characters (I said what I said), including Woody from Toy Story, Stitch the Alien, Elsa and Olaf, Dumbo the Elephant, Rapunzel, Snow White, Donald Duck, Goofy, and, of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Considering these characters aren’t even available on the Squishmallow website, it’s clear they’re pretty rare to come by. And with a price tag of $12.99 each, they’re practically a steal (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself).

If you need help choosing which one to get, here are the specs for each of the ‘mallows. Both the Stitch and Dumbo pillows are sporting a pair of impressively large ears, while Goofy gets to rock his favorite miniature top hat on top of his flappy ears. And speaking of hats, Woody’s cowboy hat complements the rest of his cowboy gear (sheriff’s badge and all) perfectly.

Meanwhile, Belle and Rapunzel are all dressed to the nines in their respective signature yellow and pink gowns, and Elsa gets to sport her classic blue-dress-and-long-white-braid combo. Frozen fans won’t just be impressed with Esla’s Squishmallow, though, because Olaf’s carrot nose and twiggy arms are totally accurate, too.

Plus, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are both suited up in their respective famous ensembles, and Minnie dawns a super sweet pink and white polka dot dress and matching bow. They’re all so precious, I seriously can’t take it. You can score the Squishmallows in store while supplies last, and you can also check to see if you can order it online via Instacart.

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If you didn’t know, the Disney Squishmallows are part of weekly Aldi Finds, which launch on Wednesdays and include specialty food, household, and lifestyle products for a limited time only. So, if you’re as obsessed as I am with these new squishes, or Squishmallows in general, you’ll want to act fast before they’re gone for good.

Before heading to your local Aldi to snag your favorite Disney character in Squishmallow form, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.