75 Cool Gifts That Seem Expensive But Are Actually So Effing Cheap On Amazon
75 Cool Gifts That Seem Expensive But Are Actually So Effing Cheap On Amazon

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Surprising my friends and family with gifts always puts a smile on my face, but I can’t say I enjoy looking at my credit card statement afterward. But I learned that I can buy whatever presents I feel like — if they’re cheap. That’s why I head to Amazon when I need cool gifts that seem expensive, but are actually so effing cheap. And by “cheap,” what I mean is that everything you’ll find on this list is oh-so-affordable.

These Acupressure Rings That Can Help Ease Anxiety

Whether you’re feeling stressed or anxious, these acupressure rings may be able to help ease your mind. The raised points lightly dig into skin, helping stimulate blood flow as you roll them up and down your fingers — and the stainless steel metal is unlikely to rust over time. “I have crippling anxiety and they help with grounding to roll them on my fingers,” wrote one reviewer. “Plus, they are relatively discreet so you can take them in to work meetings and no one will notice.”

These Steamer Pucks That Release Soothing Essential Oils As You Shower

Drop one of these steamer pucks in the corner of your tub before you hop into the shower, and it’ll release soothing essential oils as it dissolves — just like a bath bomb. Each one is vegan, hypoallergenic, as well as cruelty-free. And with six scents to choose from, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hopping into the shower the moment you get home. There’s watermelon, grapefruit, menthol/eucalyptus, peony/pear, cacao/orange, and lemongrass/coconut.

A Beautiful Glass Teapot That’s Great For Blooming Teas

An ideal gift for tea lovers, this gorgeous glass teapot is constructed with smooth, shatter-free glass that’s been slow-cooled to make it more crack-resistant. It has a mesh infuser and stainless steel strainer to filter your tea leaves (which can be teabags, loose leaf, or blooming varieties). It comes with a pretty blooming tea — made with L-theanine and caffeine for focus — that you can watch unfurl in the pot.

This Incredibly Soft Satin-Lined Beanie That’s Easy On Hair

If your recipient loves the luxurious feeling of soft fabric against their skin, they’re sure to love this satin-lined beanie. The soft knit hat is not only warm but exceptionally comfortable. Plus, the sleek fabric, made from golden satin, helps prevent hair from getting damaged, thus reducing unwanted frizz and the dreaded “hat hair.”

A Warm And Cozy Table Lamp That Melts Scented Candles

This pretty table lamp emits a beautiful, warm glow while also melting your scented candles, making any room feel aromatic and cozy. The 50-watt halogen bulb is equipped with a dimming feature so you can set the mood exactly how you like it. The brighter it is, the faster the candle will melt. And unlike traditional candles, this “burning” method is smoke- and soot-free.

A 3D Printing Pen With *Thousands* Of Positive Reviews

With an ultrasonic sealed nozzle that’s resistant to clogs, this 3D printing pen makes it easier than ever to embrace your inner creativity. Its stepless speed slider helps you regulate how quickly the plastic filament comes out, making it great for beginners — and each order even includes three plastic filament colors to get you started.

This Brilliant Rolling Pin You Can Adjust For Precise Measuring

This clever rolling pin is built with removable rings on each side that allow you to precisely raise or lower the depth to match the desired thickness of the dough. Made from sleek stainless steel, you can choose from 1/16-inch, 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch measurements. With a finely etched measurement guide, it also includes a helpful baking mat — making it the perfect gift for any baker in your life.

This Ultra-Soft Throw Blanket That’s Made From Cushy Chenille

What better gift to convey luxury and comfort than a soft, cozy throw blanket? This one is made from chenille fabric that’s loosely woven for comfort and reinforced at the joints for extra durability. “I don't even know how to describe it. Kitten fur? Angel wings? Unicorn manes?” raved one Amazon user. Another gave it an “A+” rating, noting that it’s “very luxurious looking.” The blanket is available in three sizes and six colors.

This Stainless Steel Water Bottle That Can Keep Drinks Cold For 18 Hours

This high-quality stainless steel bottle, which has a leakproof lid and slip-resistant rubber bottom, is a great example of a gift that looks expensive but doesn’t cost too much. It’s constructed with a powder-coated exterior and vacuum-insulated interior that give it an elegant look and durable style. The smooth bottle can keep hot beverages hot for up to four hours and cold ones cold for up to a whopping 18 hours.

The USB-C Power Bank That’s So, So Compact

Phone always running out of battery? Not a problem when you have this power bank at the ready. It’s so small that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot for it inside your bag, or even your pants pocket — but don’t be fooled by the compact size. Reviewers shared that they were able to fully charge their iPhones at least one time, with one writing that it “charges fast and saves my phone from dying.”

A Simple But Smart Phone Holder Made of Small Suction Cups

Sometimes simplicity is everything. This smartly designed StickyGrippy phone holder allows for hands-free photos without a tripod, pop-out feature, or other clunky attachment. It’s basically a rectangular strip of small suction cups that you stick to the back of your phone — when you’re ready to snap a pic, attach it to a flat surface and voilà, instant selfie.

These Elegant Cable Knit Gloves With Grippy Faux Suede Palms

Not only are these cable knit gloves soft, stylish, and comfortable — they’re practical too. The palms are designed with faux suede to offer grip, and the thumb and index fingers are touchscreen compatible so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. The stretchy gloves are made with 100% soft acrylic material.

A Stainless Steel Icy Facial Roller For Effortless Pampering

Whether the goal is to reduce puffiness, relieve headaches, or simply spoil themself with at-home facial massages, your gift recipient is going to adore this stainless steel ice roller. It is smooth against the skin and features an ergonomic design for comfortable use. “This is the perfect way to treat myself and I love how it’s always cold!” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

These Neutral-Colored Coasters That Come In A Seagrass Basket

Although wallet-friendly, these handwoven coasters will make any home look elegant. Made with soft, beautiful yarn, the neutral-colored coasters will help protect hard surfaces from moisture, scratching, dinging, or other damage. They come in a set of eight with a lovely seagrass basket so they always have a designated spot when not in use.

A Stylish Travel Backpack With An Integrated Charging Port

If you’re shopping for a travel lover, look no further than this chic yet functional travel backpack. It’s the perfect size for airplane carry-on or road trips, and it holds practically everything (thanks to two main pockets, two laptop compartments, a wet bag, a shoe compartment, and several other handy pouches). It has a fancy built-in charging port so you can juice up your phone on the go, along with a hidden anti-theft pocket to stash your valuables.

This Skin-Care Set To Jumpstart Your Routine

Not sure how to get started with a skin-care routine? This set is great for beginners, as it comes with four products that cover just about all the bases: one gel cleanser, one vitamin C serum, a hydrating cream, and a lip mask. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are only a few of the nourishing ingredients you'll find listed on the back — and all four items are 100% cruelty-free.

This Ultra Compact Solar Lantern That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Lightweight, compact, and incredibly useful, this solar-powered lantern is a fantastic gift for people who like to be prepared. It collapses into a tiny puck shape that’s small enough to fit in your palm, yet delivers an ultra bright LED glow that can illuminate your space for up to four hours on one charge. It is great for travel, camping, backpacking, outdoor survival, or simply as an addition to your in-home emergency kit.

A Sleek AirTag Wallet That Holds Up To 12 Cards

For anyone who has trouble tracking their things, this AirTag wallet is the perfect present. The sleek metal wallet, which can hold up to 12 cards, has a special AirTag compartment so they’ll never lose it again, along with a built-in money clip (just note that the air tag itself is sold separately). “Better than what I expected,” one fan wrote. “Lightweight bulge free wallet. Really strong and secured clip. Easy to use for your cards and for a money clip.”

This Cute & Compact Air Fryer That Creates Delicious Food With Less Grease

This cute, vintage-style air fryer delivers that sweetly satisfying taste of fried foods without the need for (much) cooking oil. The lightweight, compact cooker effortlessly creates crisp fried chicken, pizza, tater tots, fish sticks, and other delights — but doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. It’s made with an easy-grip handle and smooth dial timer.

A Hydrating Cuticle Cream To Nourish Nails

This cuticle cream is packed with nourishing ingredients such as Japanese seaweed, bran oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter to help soothe dry, cracked nails. Designed in a portable size, the formula sinks into the skin to help both strengthen and moisturize. Massage a few drops of the cream into the nail bed using the helpful precision tip to see fast results in a matter of days.

This Borosilicate Glass Pitcher With A Reusable Filter

Buying pre-made cold brew from the store quickly adds up, so why not try making it from scratch using this pitcher? Its borosilicate glass walls won’t crack when filled with hot water, while the precision-cut filter works to keep grounds out of your final cup of Joe. Plus, an airtight lid helps keep everything fresh until you’re ready to pour yourself a glass.

These Under-Eye Masks Formulated With Hyaluronic Acid

Tired, puffy eyes are no match for these masks, as each one is formulated with hyaluronic acid that works to de-puff as well as moisturize skin. But if that isn’t enough? The formula is also completely free from parabens and sulfates, as well as vegan.

A Hanging Toiletry Bag That Fits Full-Sized Bottles

Whereas some toiletry bags can only hold travel-sized bottles, this one is large enough that you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting taller bottles of shampoo, mouthwash, and more inside. Three zippered mesh pockets help keep everything organized — and there’s even a little extra padding on the back of it to help keep all your items safe from damage.

This Makeup Brush Set That Comes With Its Own Carrying Case

With a high 4.7-star rating, makeup aficionados love this makeup brush set that comes complete with its own pouch to keep everything organized. Each set includes 18 brushes that range in size and shape, all made with soft, synthetic bristles. From kabuki to contour to eyeliner brushes, makeup devotees will appreciate this set that gives them the ability to explore their passion.

A Decorative Wall Mirror Shaped Like Phases Of The Moon

When it comes to cute accents, this decorative mirror is worth way more than its ultra-low price tag. Each phase of the moon is made from sleek acrylic that won’t shatter if dropped — but don’t be fooled. While significantly more durable, it’s still reflective enough to help bounce light around dark rooms if placed across from a window.

These Heatless Hair Curlers You Can Sleep In Comfortably

Not only is this heatless curling set comfortable to sleep in, but it’s also suitable for all types of hair — straight, wavy, and every texture in between. The best part? No heat is required in order to get your hair looking bouncy and voluminous, which means they’re also less damaging to your strands.

A Detangling Brush That Promises To Be Painless

Don’t yank away at knotted strands — instead, use this detangling brush to painlessly get rid of all those snarls. The cone-tipped bristles gently separate each individual hair, allowing knots to work themselves out within just a few strokes. And unlike some detangling brushes, this one is suitable for all types of hair, regardless of whether it’s wet or dry.

The Incense Holder That Lets You Burn 2 Sticks At Once

Handmade using real mango wood, this incense holder is an undeniably cute addition to any coffee table or nightstand. Two holes on the inside of both ends let you burn up to two sticks at the same time — and at 12 inches long, it’s designed to fit incense sticks of nearly any size.

An Insulated Thermos That Lets You Brew Tea On The Go

Whether you’re in the mood for plain water or a fresh batch of tea, this thermos has got you covered. Its insulated walls help keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours, whereas hot drinks stay warm for up to 12. A reusable infuser also lets you brew tea while you’re on the go — and the sleek bamboo exterior makes it look way more expensive than it is.

The Popcorn Popper That Makes 15 Cups

Give the gift of an ample amount of popcorn for a family and friends movie night with this well-reviewed popcorn popper. Made of heat-resistant silicone, it can make up to 15 cups of popcorn yet collapses to store within a small footprint. Available in tons of color options, the design helps to pop every single kernel without any burning.

This Repair Cream Made With Potent Snail Mucin

Treat someone to top-quality Korean skin care with this nourishing repair cream. It’s made with a high concentration of snail mucin filtrate to keep the skin hydrated and leave a glowing result. Other ingredients include shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aloe for nourished skin within a noncomedogenic formula.

A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Helps You Stylishly Save Space

Not only does this makeup organizer give you two tiers’ worth of space to fill up, but it’s also made from sleek plastic that looks just like glass — even up close. Assembly only takes a minute or two right out of the box, and many reviewers even wrote about how it was “easy to put together.” Choose from four colors: gem green, gold, ivory white, or grey.

This Wearable Blanket Made From Soft, Fuzzy Sherpa

Ever wish you could stay snuggled up in that throw blanket when getting up from the couch? Then this wearable blanket is worth a look. It’s made from thick sherpa, with an oversize fit that gives you tons of room to move and relax. Plus, the kangaroo pocket in the front is large enough to stash remotes, your phone, or even a tablet.

This Chiller Container That Cools Down Hot Coffee In Just 1 Minute

Putting ice cubes in your iced coffee will gradually dilute its flavor — instead, pour it inside of this chiller container. It only takes about one minute (or less) to bring the temperature down to about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And since there are no melting ice cubes, your coffee will retain its original flavor.

A Leather Jewelry Box Customized With Their Name

Few items communicate thoughtfulness more than a customized gift, and that’s where this jewelry box comes in. Made of chic faux leather, you can have your gift recipient’s name printed on the front in stylish cursive to be paired with an illustration of their birth flower. It contains compartments for rings, earrings, and necklaces and is available in beautiful colors such as rustic brown, rose, or teal.

The Miniature Cocotte That’s Stain- & Scratch-Resistant

At just 5 inches wide, this miniature cocotte will take up hardly any space in your cabinets — but don’t be fooled. Despite its small size, you can still use it to whip up single-serving quiches, stews, cakes, and more. It’s suitable for use up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, even with the broiler on. Plus, the enameled exterior is stain- as well as scratch-resistant.

These Stemless Glasses That Help Aerate Your Wine

Not only are these wine glasses gorgeous to look at, but their pivoting bases also help aerate your reds and whites without any extra effort from you. They’re also harder to spill, as the bases are less likely to tip over — and the smooth rims deliver a smooth sipping experience with minimal drips.

An Assortment Of Teas Inspired By London, England

Not only does this tea assortment come packaged in a gorgeous gift box, but each of the nine teas you’ll find inside was chosen to take you on a journey through London — all without stepping foot out your front door. From Earl Grey masala chai to classic English breakfast black tea, even the pickiest tea drinkers are sure to find a flavor they like. But if that isn’t enough, each blend is gluten-free as well as non-GMO.

This Selfie Ring Light That Works With Multiple Devices

Tech-related gifts might seem like a splurge, but thankfully this selfie ring light costs less than $20. It effortlessly clips onto anything from their computer to their phone to their tablet to help illuminate their face during video chats. Rechargeable via USB, it offers three lighting modes (white, warm, and daylight) in addition to multiple brightness settings.

A Wood Foot Massager That Can Help Soothe Plantar Fasciitis

Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or simply have sore feet, this foot massager is a total game-changer. Its nonslip base helps keep it from shifting out of place as you dig your feet into it, while eight rolling massagers work to stimulate blood circulation as well as ease away pain. “I put it under my office desk and use it all day on and off,” wrote one reviewer. “Worked so well that I bought another for downstairs while relaxing and watching TV.”

The Shampoo Brush That Massages Away Oil & Dirt

Add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, then gently scrub it into your scalp to massage away dirt and oil. A handle on the back makes it easy to keep a firm grip when wet — and since the bristles are made from soft, flexible silicone, there’s no need to worry about them irritating your scalp.

A Faux Fur Neck Wrap That Smells Like Soothing Lavender

Whether your neck, shoulders, or even your thighs are feeling sore, this wrap may be able to help. Simply send it through the microwave for a quick spin, then lay it wherever you need on your body to deliver some much-needed heat therapy. And unlike that crummy heating pad you’ve likely been using? This wrap smells like soothing lavender when heated up.

This Magnetic Pickup Tool For Efficient Home Repair

If there’s a devoted DIYer in your life, get them this highly rated magnetic pickup tool. Though compact, it boasts incredible functionality in its telescoping neck and magnetic head that doubles as an LED flashlight. And if they need to go hands-free to do a repair, the magnetic base has it stand up on its own while providing light for fussy fixes.

A Calming Spray That Can Help You Relax Before Bed

Spritz your pillow with this spray before you get into bed, and its aromatherapeutic blend of lavender and other natural fragrances can help ease your mind so that it’s easier to fall asleep. And if you don’t have a problem catching any Z’s? You can use it to refresh the air in stale rooms.

This Wearable Nail Polish Holder That Helps Prevent Spills

Nothing ruins an at-home manicure experience faster than knocking over your polish bottle — but that’s where this holder comes in handy. It sits on your fingers so that your polish bottle is always upright, ensuring that you’re free from spills. Plus, the flexible silicone frame stretches to fit fingers and bottles of nearly any size.

This Car Seat Gap Organizer That Keeps Essentials Nearby

Anybody who spends time in the car will appreciate this ingenious car seat gap organizer that prevents important items like wallets, phones, or glasses from dropping into the crevice between the seat and the console. It comes in a set of two and includes foam spaces to ensure a secure fit. Choose from four faux leather finishes such as black or tan.

A Wireless Charger That Folds Up For Traveling

Not only does this wireless charger fold up so that it’s easy to take with you, but its three charging pads also give you ample room to power up phones, earbuds, or nearly any other compatible device. The best part? Fold it into a triangle, and you can even use it as a phone stand while on the go.

This Cup Holder That Lets You Sip In The Shower

Sipping on wine in the tub is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day — but that’s only part of the reason why this cup holder is worth a look. A strong suction cup in the back keeps it held firmly in place, and the adhesion is so strong that it can easily hold up to 7 pounds. You aren’t in the mood for wine? You can also use it to hold cans, plastic bottles, cups, and more.

The Colorful Socks Made From Thick, Cozy Wool

Thick, cozy, and warm — these winter socks hit all the right notes. They’re made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and wool, helping keep your feet warm without leaving them uncomfortably sweaty. Plus, a touch of elastane in the knit ensures they won’t slip down into your shoe as you go about your day.

A Rechargeable Lighter That Can Help You Save Money

Having to buy new lighters quickly adds up, so why not save some money and upgrade to this rechargeable version? You can use it up to 600 times before it needs to be plugged into an outlet — and the flexible gooseneck makes it easy to reach deep into awkward candles, grills, and more.

This Compact Multitool Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Not only does this multitool combine 12 tools into one convenient package, but it’s also made from stainless steel — so don’t even think about it developing rust over time. Flat pliers, a wire cutter, flathead screwdriver, and serrated knife are only a few of the tools it features. Each order also includes a carrying case made from tear-resistant ballistic nylon.

These Water-Resistant Packing Cubes To Help You Fit Even More Inside Your Suitcase

You don’t need to buy a bigger suitcase for that upcoming trip — just grab these packing cubes. They help compress your clothes so that you can fit even more stuff inside your bag, making them great for long trips. But if that isn’t enough? They’re also water-resistant, and each order even includes a drawstring bag that you can use to separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

A Sun Visor Extension That’s *So* Easy To Install

No tools are necessary when it comes to setting up this sun visor extension — just stretch the elastic straps around your existing visor and it’s ready to go. The backs of the straps feature nonslip strips, helping keep them from shifting out of place while you drive. Plus, its universal design makes it suitable for use in nearly any car.

This LED Football That Can Stay Lit For Up To 30 Hours

Unlike that tattered pigskin you have sitting in your garage, this football features an LED bulb in the center that makes it easy to see when tossing around at night. A powerful battery keeps it lit for up to 30 hours before you need to plug it into an outlet for a quick recharge. And if you forget to turn it off? An automatic shut-off function ensures it’ll turn itself off after a period of inactivity.

A Lip Oil Made With Hydrating Apple Fruit Extract

This nourishing lip oil is made with moisturizing apple fruit extract to give lips a lustrous sheen without any stickiness. It comes in lots of different combinations with other herbs and fruits such as mint, plum, and ginseng, that each feature their own pretty tint. It’s available in a portable 3.5-milliliter bottle.

This Sleek Minimalist Tumbler In A Matte Finish

Your bestie will love toting around this tumbler thanks to its chic minimalist design complemented by a trendy matte finish. It’s made of stainless steel and features double-wall insulation to keep drinks both hot and cold for hours. A straw lid is included in a matching color to complete the monochrome look and the tapered base allows it to be easily stowed in a car cup holder.

A Miniature Zen Garden That’s A Soothing Conversation Starter

Whether you place this calming miniature zen garden on your office desk or coffee table is up to you — but either way, it’s sure to get a conversation started between coworkers and friends. It comes with all the pieces you need to create a cute little display, including sand, a miniature rake, stones, as well as small statues. “Great conversation piece,” wrote one reviewer. “And doesn't take up too much room either but big enough to enjoy and have fun with.”

This Travel Wallet That Stays Hidden Underneath Your Shirt

Even the most persistent pickpockets won’t be able to access this travel wallet, as a small strap at the top lets you secure it around the front of your bra strap for safekeeping. It’s small enough that it won’t feel bulky underneath your shirt, yet large enough that there’s tons of room to store cards, cash, or even a passport. Choose from two colors: pink or black.

A Wine Decanter Made From Sleek Crystal Glass

This decanter is a super stylish way to serve wine that’s sure to impress guests. It’s made from crystal glass, making it just as gorgeous to look at as it is useful — and the unique shape is even designed to automatically aerate your wine as you pour it inside.

This Himalayan Salt Basket Lamp With A Built-In Dimmer Switch

Not only is this basket lamp filled with real salt crystals mined from the Himalayas, but it also features a built-in dimmer switch so that you can easily adjust its brightness. At 7 inches tall, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot for it on your nightstand — and the soft glow it emits is perfect for setting a relaxing vibe after a long day.

The Optical Color Cube Made From Sleek Acrylic

Whether you’re in need of decor or a paper weight, this optical cube is a solid choice. The bright colors make it a fun addition to any desk — and since it’s made from tough acrylic, there’s no need to worry about it breaking should you ever accidentally drop it.

A Bag Hanger You Can Wear Like A Bangle Bracelet

Don’t set your bag down on the dirty floor when you’re out to eat — instead, use this hanger to secure it to the table. It has a weight limit of up to 33 pounds, making it suitable for bags of nearly any shape or size. And unlike the hangers in your closet, this one is designed so that you can wear it as a fashionable bangle bracelet.

This Face Massager Kit That’s Battery-Powered

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t love this face massager kit in a glam gold finish. It comes with a roller massager and a T-shape massager that are both battery-powered for extra massaging oomph. In addition to helping boost blood flow and reduce inflammation, they can also serve to help skin care products be absorbed more deeply.

An Eyelash Comb To Define Every Lash

Those who are devoted to their daily mascara will love this eyelash comb that won’t cost you more than $10. It’s made with fine, stainless steel tines that help to remove any clumps and neatly separate every single lash. It comes in a choice of five colors including black, pink, and red, and even includes a cap for easy storage.

These Blue Light Glasses To Help Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at a computer monitor for hours on end can leave your eyes feeling sore — luckily, these glasses can help. They help filter out the blue light waves that put strain on your eyes, and their lightweight frames won’t leave your ears feeling sore during extended wear. Plus, each order comes with a case to help keep them safe from dust when not in use.

A Magnetic Holder That Works To Secure Any Cable

A bundle of charging cables can make even the tidiest desks look a mess — luckily, this holder is designed to work with any cable. A strong magnet on the inside holds them firmly in place until you need them, while a grippy base helps keep it from sliding off your desk. Choose from four colors: beige, blush, teal, or grey.

This Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser That Can Help Reduce Waste

Not only can this dispenser help reduce waste by adding the ideal amount of toothpaste to your brush, but installation is also a total breeze. There’s no need for any tools or drilling — simply press it onto your wall using the included adhesive, and it’s ready to go. Choose from three colors: gray, black, or white.

An Easy-To-Install Bidet That Won’t Break The Bank

Whereas some bidets can set you back hundreds of dollars, this one is available for far less. Features like variable water pressure and an adjustable sprayer angle allow it to deliver just as thorough of a clean as higher-end models — and installation is easy enough that many reviewers were able to get it running in 20 minutes or less.

The Cup Holder Adapter To Take Large Water Bottles On The Road

If you have a friend who is attached at the hip to their Nalgene or Hydro Flask, get them this car cup holder adaptor that allows them to take it easily on the road. It expands with a simple twist to fit the car’s cup holder and features rubber tabs to keep it securely in place. A silicone base prevents the bottle from rattling on the road.

A Stylish USB Charging Station That Comes In Multiple Colors

This USB charging station boasts lots of functionality with six ports and 40 watts of power, but it’s the range of available colors that helps to marry form and function. Able to be used with any USB device, choose from 10 options such as white marble, rose gold, or bright pink to lend color and style to any desktop.

These Polarized Sunglasses To Help Protect Your Eyes From Glare

A pair of designer sunglasses can cost a pretty penny, so why not opt for this affordable pair instead? They look like they cost way more than they do — and the polarized lenses even help protect your eyes from harsh glare. Each order also includes a microfiber pouch to help keep them clean from dust when you aren’t wearing them.

A Phone Mount That Clips To A Plane’s Tray Table

Perfect for planes with no provided screens, this in-flight phone mount clips neatly to the tray table so that favorite episodes can be watched at will. It’s easily adjustable to get the viewing angle just right and can rotate 360 degrees for vertical or horizontal orientations. Use it with all different kinds of phone models, from small to large sizes.

The Coffee Mug That’ll Keep Your Brew Hot For Hours

Keep that delicious daily brew steaming hot for at least two hours with this coffee mug made of stainless steel. It features double-wall insulation and includes a heat-resistant lid with a slider opening for splash-free sipping. Choose from lots of available colors as well as mugs that have “Dad,” “Grandma,” or “Best Friend” written on them for a personal touch.

A Condiment Fork That Helps Your Fingers Stay Clean

Pickles, olives, roasted red peppers — regardless of what you’re in the mood for, this condiment fork can help you retrieve all sorts of wet snacks without getting your hands dirty. An elastic band lets you secure it around the top of your jar so that it’s always within reach. Plus, the attached caddy helps keep your refrigerator shelves clean from drips.

This Waterproof Picnic Blanket With A Handy Carrying Strap

Don’t sit down on the damp ground when out on a picnic — instead, lay down this blanket so that you have somewhere dry to sit. Its waterproof backing keeps you high and dry off the cold, wet ground. An attached strap also makes it easy to carry around, and it’s large enough to fit two adults and snacks on top.

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