75 Things Under $15 On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

A wallet that attaches to your phone? That’s pretty cool.

by Shayna Murphy
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If I can find an affordable alternative to high-end products, I'm on it, which is why I love perusing Amazon. All it took was a little sleuthing to put together this list of the best budget products to buy for just under $15. These items offer the same benefits as more expensive items, but at a fraction of the cost — or they're just cool gadgets that solve an annoying problem. Read on to experience their life-altering awesomeness ASAP.

A Leave-In Conditioner That Helps Hair Grow

Spray this leave-in conditioner onto your hair after a shower and let the biotin, caffeine, ginseng, and vitamin E soak into your locks making hair strands stronger while smoothing frizz. It makes getting a comb through your hair easier, too, since it detangles. Your hair will be stronger and you won’t break it and that will allow it to grow long.

The Lip Tint That Glides On With A Matte Finish And Will Make Your Lips Velvet Soft

This weightless lip tint can hydrate lips while keeping them stained with a color that will last all day. It has a matte effect without being drying, and one reviewer wrote: "The color of this product is vibrant and beautiful. It is very pigmented, and sort of somewhere between a classic sheer lip stain and a more opaque pigmented lipstick. It looks great and stays on for a while."

This Faucet Splash Guard For A Tidier Sink Area

Protect your faucet area from drips and that inevitable pool of water with this silicone splash guard. The textured surface is slightly slanted so water runs off and back into the sink. It’s wide enough to double as a sponge and brush holder, too. Who doesn’t love a kitchen accessory that pulls double duty? Choose from four colors and two sizes.

This Cult-Fave Callus-Removing Gel That Works In Minutes

When sandal weather hits, it’s hard not want to give your feet a complete makeover. Enter this effective callus-removing gel that shoppers can’t stop raving about. More than 50,000 Amazon reviewers have weighed in on the affordable, skin-smoothing formula, calling it “salon quality” and the “best callus remover on the market.” For best results, apply for 5 to 10 minutes, then use a foot scrubber or file to slough off the dead skin.

An Exfoliating Foot Peel That’s Weird & Effective

Give your feet a complete update by tucking them into these foot peel booties filled with fruit acids and extracts for an hour while you relax. Then go about your life while the process unfolds. Within two weeks your feet will begin to peel like a snake, leaving only baby-soft skin behind. It comes in eight scents and over 47,000 reviewers give it five stars.

A Derma Roller That Looks Like A Torture Device, But Is Actually Pretty Transformative

This wildly popular derma roller from Sdara features 540 titanium micro needles that gently roll over your face and penetrate your skin to stimulate your natural wound healing response. Ultimately this results in a collagen boost for a smoother, brighter, healthier complexion. As one shopper raved, “I wish I would've known about this sooner!!!!! Holygrail product, for sure, that everyone should incorporate into their skin regimen!”

These Air-Purifying Odor Absorbers That'll Get Rid Of Virtually Any Smell

This four-pack of natural odor absorbers eliminates pet, bathroom, and car smells, without any fragrances or perfumes. Made of bamboo charcoal, these hard-working odor zappers come housed in sturdy cotton-linen bags, and can be used in a variet of places, like your closet, gym bag, sneakers, car, or near the litter box.

The Nail Base Coat That Actually Repairs Your Nails

In the words of one reviewer, “This isn't a good product, it is a freakin' miracle.” The Prolana Nail Optimizer works to repair thin, cracked and peeling nails with the help of calcium and protein. With consistent use, you’ll find you have stronger nails that are less prone to breaking and cracking. And it works without the use of chemicals like toluene and DPA. Use it as a base coat before applying nail polish, or as a top coat to give yourself an extra-glossy manicure.

An Eyelash Curler That Delivers Intense Lift

If you’re looking for intense lash lift, this eyelash curler is up to the task. Made from premium stainless steel, it has a calibrated hinge that provides the perfect amount of pressure, working to curl lashes without crimping, tugging, or pinching. It comes with two silicone pad refills, so you have replacements ready to go when the first one wears down. One reviewer wrote, “I've used lots of lash curlers through the years, but these are absolutely the best I've ever used.”

These Charcoal Toothbrushes That'll Help You Get A Mega-Watt Smile

Eager to brush your way to a whiter smile? With these charcoal toothbrushes, you can get all the benefits of charcoal whitening on your teeth. Designed to remove plaque and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas, they're made with soft bristles that are comfortable to use, even on sensitive teeth. The brushes also work to improve gum health, reduce gingivitis, and restore dental hygiene.

These Under-Cabinet Lights That Are Battery-Powered

You can majorly upgrade the aesthetic of your home with these battery-operated under-cabinet lights that require zero wiring whatsoever. Casting a warm white glow, you can use them under kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, or inside your closet so you can actually find that one black sweater when you want it. The adhesive backing means you can just stick them on, but you can also use the included hardware for a more permanent installation.

A Hair Catcher That'll Save You A Ton Of Time, Money, And Hassle

Clogged drains are no joke, which is why this amazing little strainer is such a steal. Instead of doing the dirty work yourself or worse, having to dish out big bucks on a plumber, this hair catcher just plops inside your drain and neatly collects hair every time you shower. Designed to fit most standard drains, the colorful strainer isn't hard to clean or maintain, and it prevents clogged drains from forming without having to use chemicals.

These Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pillow Cases That'll Feel Gentle On Your Skin

These bamboo pillowcases will look great on your bed, but that's not the only reason to pick up a set. Some of the major benefits of this set may actually surprise you, because using these cases — which are made with bamboo sateen fabric at a 300 thread count — can have an amazing impact on your overall sleep satisfaction. These pillowcases are completely free of allergens, synthetics, and chemicals, and help block out dust mites, mold spores, and other things that can deteriorate the quality of your pillows (and sleep enjoyment).

A Set Of Makeup Brushes To Create So Many Different Looks

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, this 18-piece makeup brush set has all the tools for you to create your favorite makeup looks. Each brush handle is made from a wood alloy, with soft nylon bristles; from powder and concealer, to eyeshadow, and brushes for lining the eyes and lips, there’s a tool to help you expertly apply virtually any makeup product, along with a handy travel case—all for only $10.

An Essential Oil Diffuser That'll Make Your Car Smell Amazing

With this pack of two diffusers, you can bring aromatherapy to your car and experience the benefits of greater relaxation or reduced stress on your ride — and, of course, a pleasantly scented ride. These diffusers clip into your car's vents and have 12 different felt pads, so they won't scratch or damage your car. It's also great to use in an office as well.

These Moisturizing Socks That Can Treat Dry, Cracked Heels

This pack of four socks can help reverse the effects of dry or cracked heels. Formulated with gel made from aloe vera and shea butter, these heel socks provide daytime or nighttime relief, and are comfortable to wear even in shoes. They're also made to be one size fits all, and are made from breathable cotton for ultra comfort.

This Long-Lasting Eye Primer That Helps Combats Creasing

To help your eye makeup apply smoother and stay on longer, try applying this brightening primer beforehand. Not only does it help to combat any creasing and keep oils at bay, it also helps the pigments in your eyeshadows pop for a more vibrant effect. The formula is lightweight, non-greasy, as well as cruelty-free — and it has over 14,000 five-star ratings.

This Deep Cleansing Clay Mask That Gives The Most Powerful Facial Ever

This miracle Indian healing clay has over 19,000 reviews for a reason — it's made from 100 percent natural calcium bentonite clay, and it's one of the best pickups you can find if you're looking for a powerful pore-cleansing experience. Its fragrance-free clay is good for all skin types and can be mixed with apple cider vinegar for an incredibly purifying mask that won't dry out the skin.

This All-In-One Container That Makes It Easy To Pack A Salad Lunch For The Road

For an on-the-go salad container, look no further than this all-in-one Sistema Salad Container. Featuring a compartmentalized system to keep dressing lidded and your various salad ingredients separate during travel, this dishwasher safe, BPA-, and phthalate-free container is a great buy. And with the included fork and knife there’s no reason you can’t eat a salad on the move.

The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Sheets For Your Makeup Brushes

If you're looking for a new, eco-friendly way to clean your makeup brushes, give these cleaning sheets a try. They're easy to use: Simply place a sheet into the included container above the silicone base, add water, and stir your brush around as impurities wash away. This best-selling product has over 19,000 reviews and an impressive 4.7-star rating.

These Slip-Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts

Whether you’re cooking or baking, you’ll want to have these oven mitts handy; they’re made from heat-resistant silicone that’s covered with non-skid grips to help prevent any slipping. They also feature a 13.7-inch length to help protect your forearms from burns, if you’re using them at the grill. Not only are they protective, they’re machine washable, if things get really crazy in the kitchen.

A Shaving Cream That'll Help Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of Dry Skin, Cuts, And Rashes

If you have gentle or sensitive skin, having this shaving cream on hand can be an excellent way to protect yourself from irritation. This cream helps to dramatically reduce the risk of dry skin, nicks, rashes, ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps. Rich in nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil, this is the moisturizing cream you need to keep your skin smooth shave after shave.

The Dividers That Help Organize Your Closet Shelves

Your closet shelf — more often than not, it can be a haphazard mess of half-folded sweaters and purses piled awkwardly on top of each other. These shelf dividers make it easy to turn that space into storage that actually makes sense. Made from fabric suspended on a durable wire frame, each divider slides onto the closet shelf, where it creates a “bookend,” so you can neatly stack clothing and store handbags upright.

A Detangling Brush That Massages As It Works

Trying to detangle a mess of knots is no way to start the day. With this eco-friendly detangling brush you can work your way through all the tangles without the “ouch” factor. It’s designed to work on a range of hair types and can be used on extensions, too. The best part is that while it brushes it also provides a scalp massage for a healthy, happy head of hair. Not surprisingly, this effective brush has amassed more than 27,000 perfect ratings. Choose from 11 colors.

An Gel Face Mask & Jade Roller Set For The Ultimate At-Home Facial

Aside from making your face feel amazingly relaxed, this gel face mask and jade roller set can help reduce puffiness and increase glowiness. Just store the mask in your fridge or freezer and when it’s time to use it, gently press it on your face — and kick back and relax. Then use the pure jade roller to apply your go-to skincare products for the most radiant complexion. Shoppers also report that heating the gel mask provides amazing relief for sinus pressure.

A Waterproof Dog Blanket With Two Cozy Textures

Treat your furry friend to the ultimate lounging setup with this dual-sided waterproof pet blanket. On one side is cozy sherpa, on the other is a softer than soft flannel lining. Tucked in between is a waterproof layer that can quickly absorb any leaks to protect your couch, bed, car seat, or floor. As one fan noted, “It's incredibly cozy, and the waterproof feature is no joke – it keeps everything else dry. Plus, it's easy to clean, and the size is perfect. I'm in love with this find!”

An Ultra-Soft Makeup Remover Cloth That'll Help You Get Cleaner Pores

Remove cosmetics quick, easy, and without any chemicals using a brilliant makeup remover cloth that needs no cleanser to work. Designed to wipe away dirt and oil just like an eraser, it's amazingly soft on sensitive skin and is made with a unique cloth fiber that only needs a little warm water to activate. Whether you want to get rid of eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, or the grime from the day, it's safer and gentler than other towels out there.

The Mini Flat Iron That's Gentle On Hair, But Still Delivers Results

Get silky smooth hair with this mini flat iron, which heats up fast and is able to conduct high heat while also resisting corrosion. It has a dual-voltage design, comes with a portable travel bag, and is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. It also won't strip hair of its natural nutrients, but instead can help it to look shinier and sleeker than ever.

The Replenishing Lip Balm That Helps Repair Dry, Cracked Lips

If you struggle with dry, chapped lips, a nourishing lip balm is a must-have. Made to help keep lips moisturized for up to eight hours, this version creates an ultra-flexible barrier to treat cracked lips and keep them feeling protected for longer. Because the two main active ingredients in this balm are lubricating shea butter and dimethicone — which slows down the evaporation of water from the top layers of skin — this balm can be a real weapon against lip damage.

This Motion Sensor Light Bulb That's Great For A Variety Of Settings

This motion-sensor detecting light bulb is more sensitive than an infrared sensor and can penetrate walls, glass, and, more to detect the motion occurring within 13 to 19 feet. Once on, it will stay lit for up to 40 to 60 seconds and turns on in the dark and dusk when motion is detected. This 5W bulb is a great investment for interiors and exteriors, and can be a great deterrent for break-ins, too.

A Hand Grip Strengthener That'll Help Boost Forearm Strength

Perfect for athletes and musicians, this hand grip strengthener can be a great option for building finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength and resiliency. It offers easily adjustable resistance up to 70 pounds, and is built to fit small or large hand sizes. This strengthener comes with anti-slip handles, and reviewers say it's comfortable and very effective.

An All-Natural Coffee Scrub

Shoppers can’t stop buying this skin-smoothing body scrub. Affordable and natural, it’s made from ingredients like coffee, Dead Sea salt, shea butter, and coconut oil that work to smooth and moisturize the skin. “Such a great scrub,” one reviewer praised, “buying it again for sure. Love the smell and how soft it leaves your skin”.

An Antiperspirant Lotion That Helps Sweaty Hands

Constantly wiping your hands on your pants and clothing is not an effective solution to sweaty hands — this antiperspirant hand lotion, on the other hand, starts working immediately and reaches full effect after four weeks of consistent use. This 100 percent non-irritating lotion absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue, and is a solution to manage excessive sweating. And in the event it doesn't work for you, they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

A Grout Pen That Makes Even The Dingiest Tile Look New Again

If you want a quick bathroom or kitchen update without having to shell out the big bucks for new tile, you need this best-selling grout pen in your life. Backed by more than 14,000 perfect five-star ratings, this affordable grout-restoring pen provides up to 150 feet of coverage. The water-based formula is fast-drying and super easy to apply, according to shoppers.

This Microwavable Bacon Tray For When You Want To Avoid Splatters

Crispy bacon is just a microwave away with this BPA-free plastic bacon tray. Designed to hold four to five strips of bacon at a time, it comes with raised ridges that elevate bacon and help distribute heat more evenly. Fat also drips away in this tray, so you're bound to have tastier and less greasy bacon. Just plop it into the microwave for a minute per strip of bacon, and they should emerge tasty and delicious.

A Revitalizing Hair Oil That Has An Enriching Effect On Skin

Great to restore hair and nourish skin, this powerful oil is made with hydrating argan. Apply on damp hair after shampooing or conditioning to smooth frizz and hydrate dry scalp or massage on your skin to nourish and revitalize skin.

A Lighted Makeup Mirror That's Perfect For Midday Touch-Ups

This light-up makeup mirror is a little beauty accessory that you'll be thankful you have around. Built with eight LED lights, it has a touch switch in the center that turns on its lights so that you can apply your makeup anywhere you go. The mirror conveniently folds in half and can fit in your purse, bag, or pocket.

This Facial Toner That's Made With Witch Hazel And Fragrant Rose Water

Formulated to both cleanse and hydrate, this soothing facial mist skin toner will give your skin a healthy glow. It's made with a refreshing combination of witch hazel, aloe vera, vitamin E, and rose petal water, offering a sweet-smelling solution that's made without alcohol and is 100 percent paraben-free.

This Electric Scrubber Brush That Comes With Multiple Cleaning Attachments

Give any surface or item a deep clean with this electric spinning brush that rotates 360 degrees. It comes with five different cleaning attachments, including a classic sponge and a nylon brush, and since it’s rechargeable, it’s totally cordless. You can use it to do the dishes, clean the bathroom, or for pretty much any other scrubbing related task imaginable.

A Roll-Up Mat That Saves Your Puzzles In Progress

More than 10,000 shoppers have given this handy roll-up puzzle mat a five-star rating for its useful storage. To use, simply spread out the felt mat before you start a puzzle. Then, when you’re ready to store it, inflate the tube, roll up the mat, and use the included elastic bands to add more secure hold. Place the entire thing in the included storage pouch until you’re ready to get your puzzle on again.

A Lotion That's Like Adding A Second Skin To Your Hands And Body

Applying this thick hand cream is a great way to protect your skin if you're regularly exposed to harsh chemicals or wash your hands a lot. It works by bonding to the outer layer of skin cells, boosting skin's ability to retain natural oils and moisture. At the same time, it helps to protect from irritants, harsh soaps, and common household cleaning products that could be damaging.

This Flat-Top Kabuki Brush For Flawless Foundation

Get a flawless finish when you apply foundation, powders, or sunscreen to your face with this flat-top Kabuki foundation brush that has a dense, flat head of ultra-soft synthetic fibers. It’s excellent for blending and leaves no streaks or brush lines. “A lush and plush brush for use with blush,” said one reviewer. “It gets into nooks around the nose and eyes and doesn’t pull the skin like bare hands will. Love it!!”

A Pack Of Wood Markers For Making Scuffed Furniture Look Brand New

Nearly 20,000 shoppers have awarded this furniture repair pen kit a positive rating on Amazon. The set comes with six markers and six wax sticks in various shades of wood, from rich mahogany to warm oak. The touch-up tools glide over any scratches or nicks to instantly camouflage wear and tear. In fact, they’re so effective that many reviewers noted that you couldn’t even tell where the initial damage was. You even get a sharpener with your order.

A Set Of Flexible Cutting Mats In Cute Colors

Perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium, eacb of the cutting mats in this surprisingly inexpensive set are made of flexible, 1-inch thin plastic, in a 15 x 12-inch design that’s large enough to handle larger chopping jobs without taking up too much cupboard space. A non-slip textured grip helps avoid slipping, and each set includes 3 cute colors.

These Colorful Fridge Mats That Make Your Fridge Pretty & Easy To Clean

Dress up your fridge interior so that when you gaze in there on a snack hunt it will gaze back looking beautiful and appealing. These refrigerator liners are easy to clean, too. If something spills or gets sticky in there, just pull out the mat, wash it, and put it back. Over 11,000 people give these five stars.

These Unique Eye Patches That Are Made From Gold And Snail Slime

Want firmer skin around your eyes, or just need something that'll help add a healthy glow to the area? These eye patches, which are made with gold and snail slime extract, can penetrate into skin rapidly and help to make your skin firmer and more luminous. Just cleanse and use a toner before applying one of these patches, then leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes before removing. Within a week, you should start to see incredible results for your skin.

This Organic Face Serum Packed With Hyaluronic Acid

Your face will feel refreshed when you start using this organic hyaluronic acid serum with the rest of your skincare products. You’ll get up to 16 hours of hydration so your skin will look plump and dewy all day long. All of the ingredients used to formulate this serum are vegan-friendly, too.

This Heatless Curling Rod With Matching Accessories To Secure It

This heatless curling set comes with all of the cozy, silky accessories you’ll need to create breezy curls. You get the soft curling rod as well as scrunchies and a claw clip to keep everything in place — and they’re all adorable and matching, of course.

The Tool That Makes Mashing & Mixing So Easy

Make fast mashed potatoes without hurting your hands. Break up ground beef in the pan with ease. And mix your chicken salad faster with this masher that makes fast work of these common kitchen tasks. The five blades are so much better than a fork for this work that you will wonder why you didn’t acquire this sooner. It comes in two colors.

A 6-Pack Of Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

If you love the idea of bath bombs but are exclusively a “showerer,” than you’ll love this six-pack of aromatherapy shower steamers from Cleverfy. Offered in essential oil-infused scents from refreshing menthol and eucalyptus to soothing vanilla, these small but long-lasting discs can be placed in the shower (out of direct water flow) for an at-home spa session.

The Rug Grippers That Prevent Sliding & Curling

One small annoyance that’s actually easy to fix? An area rug that slides around or has corners that curl up — just use these rug grippers. Safe to use on hardwood, tile, and concrete, they attach to the underside of your rug, tacking it down to the floor. The grippers are washable and reusable, so you can revive them if they lose their stickiness — or transfer them to another rug.

An Eyelash Comb For Separated Lashes

If you love a separated and defined eyelash look, this comb is for you. Only $5, the fine stainless steel prongs allow you to remove clumps after mascara application, and it even comes with a sanitary cap which allows you to store it in your makeup bag without worry about contamination.

This Nourishing Korean Lip Oil

Treat your chapped, dry lips to this hydrating lip oil from a K-beauty brand known for its research-driven ingredients. With apple seed oil and mint, your lips will look plump and feel moisturized. The soft, pointed applicator glides on easy, and delivers a silky, cooling finish that’s not sticky or goopy. Choose from a variety of flavors and pack sizes.

These Laundry Bags That Keep Delicates Safe

Tuck your expensive and delicate underwear, bras, and clothing items safely into these mesh laundry bags when you put them in the wash and keep them safe from catching on zippers, buckles, and other hazards. The mesh lets the soap and water through and the sturdy zippers lock so they won’t open while in the wash.

This Face-Illuminating Makeup Primer

“This is my favorite primer!”one shopper raved about this Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later face primer, “It goes on so smooth and makes your skin glow. In the summer I use this instead of foundation. Highly recommend!” Safe for every skin type, this primer is weightless, non-greasy, and will help create a smooth canvas to create your favorite makeup looks, while imparting a fresh, lit-from-within finish.

These Colored Pens With Super Fine Tips That Won't Dry Out

These fine-point colored pens are the perfect journaling tool. They're made with 0.38-millimeters tips and clean, acid-free ink that writes clearly and won't run or bleed. "I LOVE them for school work," wrote one reviewer. "Have made my life so much easier and prettier! They glide much easier than regular pens. I also love that they seem to never dry out."

This Chic Mango Wood Diffuser With Minimalist Paper Reeds

This essential oil diffuser has an adorable geometric design made of mango wood, so it will look like a chic decor piece no matter where you place it. It has a soothing lavender tea and honey scent, and you can easily refill the minimalist paper reeds anytime this clever fragrance starts to lose its scent.

These Fillable Paint Pens So You Can Touch Up With Ease

If you have scratches or dings on your walls, forego needing to drag out the big can of paint and oversize brush. These refillable paint pens let you pour just a bit of your wall color inside — keeping it viable for over seven years — while the flexible brush tips make it easy to touch up just the spot that’s needed.

These Cinch Straps For Keeping Cables & Cords So Tidy

Take that jumble of chaotic cords and make it downright soothing with this collection of hook-and-loop cinch straps. This is a 20-pack, and not only do they keep your cords in an easy-to-manage state that prevents snarling, but easy write-on labels are included so you can know in an instant if you’re grabbing the iPhone charger or Micro-USB.

This Razor Bump Preventer

This roll-on razor bump solution is a low-effort way to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, whether they’re caused by shaving, waxing, or laser removal. The cooling formula is made with glycolic and salicylic acids, which provide a gentle exfoliation that helps keep hairs from getting trapped under the skin. The addition of camphor and vitamin E delivers a boost of soothing moisture.

These Colorful Makeup Sponges With A 4.5-Star Overall Rating

Despite the low price, this five-pack of makeup sponges has earned an impressive 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon because of the quality of the plush material. One shopper wrote, “Good and plump, nice and squishy, soft on the skin. Highly recommend and I will be ordering more.”

This Hyaluronic Acid Serum That Has Reviewers Raving

You may not expect to find a quality hyaluronic serum for less than $15, but this QRxLabs version that also features vitamin B5 has reviewers raving. “My skin was highly irritated, so I purchased this serum to help with healing and moisturizing. It has done wonders for my skin. It has helped to heal the dryness, redness, and roughness,” wrote one fan.

A Hair Primer That Adds Shine & Heat Protection

A primer for your face and now... a primer for your hair? Yes, and it’s surprisingly helpful, working to smooth, polish, and protect against heat damage before you start styling. The K-beauty formula is derived from herbal extracts and has a light, silky texture and leaves behind a fresh fragrance.

This Popular Knife Sharpener That’s So Budget Friendly

If you find it’s been a bit tricker to chop up food lately, there’s a good chance your knives need a once-over in this knife sharpener. Boasting 60,000 five-star ratings, the two-stage sharpener features a slot for reviving dull edges and a slot for bringing them to a fine precision edge. The angular design lets you use your kitchen counter as leverage.

A Solid Shampoo Bar Made With Nourishing Castor Oil

This pH-balanced solid shampoo bar is infused with castor oil, a moisturizing ingredient that promotes circulation to create a better environment for hair growth. This gentle formula is also free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. Plus, the bar lets you do away with plastic packaging, making it an eco-friendly choice — and it doesn’t hurt that it looks like a mini piece of modern art.

The Stickers That Dim Electronic Lights

If the illumination from your digital alarm clock, internet router, or any other device keeps you up at night, check out these LED-blocking stickers. These transparent stickers dim bright lights, but still let you see whatever you need to see — e.g., what time it is. The set comes with two sheets packed with dozens of stickers, all of which can be trimmed to size.

The Nail Polish Bottle Holder That Eliminates Spills & Helps You Get Every Last Drop

Home manicure enthusiasts, give yourself the gift of this nail polish holder. It securely grips the bottle, eliminating the risk of it tipping over and spilling, while holding it at an angle — that means you can get every last drop of lacquer. It’s angle adjustable and fits nail polish bottles of most sizes.

A 2-Pack Of Makeup Sponge Holders That Help Keep Germs Away

Your makeup sponges help you achieve flawless foundation, but storing them improperly — or not letting them dry — is a recipe for germ growth. Enter these holders that solve both problems. They keep your sponges up and away from potentially dirty countertops and makeup bags, while the vented design lets moisture evaporate quickly.

These Dip Clips That Attach To Your Car’s Air Vents

Chicken nugget and fry aficionados, rejoice: These dipping clips secure to your car’s air vents, giving you a steady place for ketchup and sauces. It’s compatible with ramekins from most major fast food places, and if your sauce comes in a packet, no need to fret — just pour the contents into one of the reusable ramekins.

A Detangling Brush Designed Not To Tug

If you dread detangling your hair, you’ll be happy to learn of the existence of this brush. It features flexible cone-shaped bristles that gently separate hair sideways instead of tugging at them harshly. The result? Less discomfort. Plus, the oversized, ergonomic handle is easy to hold.

This Natural Deodorant Made With Activated Charcoal & Cocoa Butter

If you’re looking to make the switch to natural deodorant, this formula by PiperWai is a great place to start. It’s packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter that melt into your skin, while activated charcoal works to neutralize any sweaty smells. The best part? It’s designed to not stain clothes.

A Water Bottle With Time Markings, Blender Ball & Infuser

Need a little help in the hydration department? This water bottle is for you. Not only does it have measurement and time markings down the side to keep you on track, but it comes with an infusing screen for adding fruit (hello, flavor), as well as a blending ball for making shakes on the go. Plus, it’s double-wall insulated to keep water cool and has a soft rubber finish.

A Silicone Brush That Gently Exfoliates Your Skin

For under $10, this exfoliating brush makes an amazing addition to your self-care routine. Use it wet or dry to remove dead skin and help unclog pores, boost circulation, and reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The silicone bristles are firm yet flexible, exfoliating your skin as you gently brush.

A Clever Handle For Lifting & Lowering The Toilet Seat

Lift and lower the toilet seat without actually having to touch it thanks to the clever Lifty Loo. The toilet seat handle easily attaches using self-adhesive, giving everyone in the household a more hygienic way to adjust the seat. It fits on almost any toilet and comes with two types of adhesive to suit your seat.

These Space-Saving Hangers That Are Closet Game-Changers

If your closet is cluttered you’ll never be able to see everything you own. Enter, these genius hangers that each hold five items where your standard hanger only holds one. This is a foolproof way to free up more space in your closet or even to lay out your outfits for the week.

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