60 Cheap Things That'll Make You LOVE Staying Home

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Even if you love hitting the town a few nights a week, there's something to be said about having a relaxing night at home. But there is an art to spending the evening inside, and you have to buy the right stuff to make sure it's as cozy of an experience as can be. Luckily, there are tons of products on Amazon that'll make you love staying home.

It doesn't matter what sort of taste you have, as I've made sure to grab a little something for everybody in this list. Looking for a spa-like evening without paying spa prices? Then you'll definitely want to check out the nourishing hair serum I've included. Not only does it help infuse shine, but you only need to keep it in your hair for eight seconds in order for it to work.

Or maybe you're looking forward to baking this evening. In that case, make sure to take a look at the adjustable cake mold I've included. The stainless steel metal shouldn't warp in the oven, and it works just as well making cheesecake as it does for biscuits.

With so many brilliant products available right at your fingertips, Amazon makes it easier than ever to stay home for the night — without getting bored. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

The Serum That Nourishes Dry Hair In Just 8 Seconds

There's a reason this serum is called the 8-Second Wonder Water. Not only does it nourish dry hair quickly, but the amino acids also help smooth unwanted frizz. It's made without any parabens or silicones, and it has over 10,000 five-star ratings.

These Luxe Scented Candles Made With Soy Wax

Made from eco-friendly soy wax, these elegant candles produce minimal soot as it burns. It's also vegan as well as paraben- and cruelty-free. Plus, each burns for up to 50 hours. Choose from six scent combos.

This Gadget That Stirs The Pot For You While You Cook

Whether you're making gravy, porridge, or anything in-between, this automatic stirrer can help. Simply place it in your pot, then adjust the speed up to three levels depending on what you're making. And since the legs are removable, it's also easy to clean.

A Simple Cheese Slicer Made With Stainless Steel

The stainless steel blade on this slicer easily cuts through cheese, yet it's dull enough that it shouldn't pierce skin. The dial on the side lets you adjust how thick your slices are, and many reviewers raved about how even they come out.

The Ice Cream Maker That's Seriously Easy To Use

There are no confusing buttons to worry about when you're using this ice cream maker. Simply pour your pre-mixed ingredients onto the freezer pan, than stir them around with the spatulas. In just a few minutes it'll solidify into ice cream — and it's even large enough to make two servings at a time.

A Handy Condiment Fork That Attaches To Your Jars

Don't waste a clean utensil when you're in the mood for a pickle; just attach this fork to the side of any snack jar. The band wraps around the top to keep it in place, and the caddy catches any drips that fall off the fork.

This Steamer For Spa-Worthy Facials Right At Home

If you're hoping for a spa-worthy facial at home, you can try opening your pores with this facial steamer. It comes with stainless steel blackhead-removing tools to use after you've steamed your complexion (if that's what you're trying to accomplish). Plus, the steamer is large enough to work for up to 30 continuous minutes.

A Vitamin C-Infused Shower Head That Filters Out Chlorine

This filtering shower head connects to your shower without any tools necessary, while the vitamin-C filter removes up to 99.9% of lead, chlorine, iron, and more as water runs through it. Plus, it even has a light lemon scent that turns any bathroom into a spa.

The Foot-Peeling Liquid That Reviewers Adore

This foot-peeling liquid helps remove all that peeling skin without any abrasion, unlike standard foot files. Once your feet have finished the exfoliation process, you'll be left with ultra-soft skin — and the potent formula can even help remove tough calluses.

A High-Pressure Steam Cleaner For Tidying Up The House

Not only does this high-powered steamer power through messes, but it doesn't require any cleaning chemicals to get your home sparkling, either. It takes less than one minute to heat up, and each order also comes with a variety of attachments (including a grout brush).

This Brush That Helps Treat Inevitable Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are oftentimes inevitable, but this brush makes them easy to exfoliate. Gently massage it into your skin to treat those forming ingrown hairs — or even just to give yourself a massage. The handle on the back helps you maintain a firm grip if you use it in the shower, and many reviewers raved about how it was gentle on their sensitive skin.

A Pack Of Liners That Help Your Fridge Stay Clean

Looking for easy ways to prevent messes? Put these liners down onto your refrigerator shelves. They're waterproof and mildew-proof, making them perfect for spills — and their grippy exterior keeps your produce from sliding off. Plus, you can even use them as placemats in a pinch.

The Power Strip That's Sleek & Subtle

Most power strips are made with a bulky plug that sticks out of the wall like a sore thumb — but not this one. Not only does the plug lay flat against the wall, but it also blends effortlessly into your outlet plate so that it's hardly noticeable.

A Dish-Drying Rack That Rolls Up When You’re Done

Don't have enough space for a bulky dish rack? Roll this one out over the unused space above your sink. Any drips will fall into your sink basin, so there's no need to clean a messy drip tray — and you can even use it as a trivet since it's heat-resistant.

This Veggie Chopper That Comes With 4 Blades

Cutting up vegetables quickly grows tedious, so save yourself some time with this chopper. Each order comes with four interchangeable blades so that you can chop, dice, and julienne everything from red peppers to blue cheese. Plus, it's also completely BPA-free.

A Vibrating Skin Spatula That Helps Clear Out Your Pores

By producing high-frequency vibrations, this skin spatula can help dislodge stubborn debris from pores and according to users, it really, really works. “My nose has been riddled with blackheads and half of them are gone after just one use,” one fan wrote.

The Hot Tool That Gives You Bouncy, Beachy Waves

You don't need to spend a day at the ocean to get gorgeously wavy hair — just use this deep waver. The barrels are coated with tourmaline ceramic to help infuse shine while reducing unwanted frizz, and the adjustable heat — which reaches up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit — makes it suitable for all types of hair.

A Pair Of Chopsticks That Look Like Lightsabers

Turn any plain meal into a Jedi battle with these LED chopsticks. Not only do they light up like the real lightsabers you've seen in the movies, but batteries come included with each order — and many reviewers also raved about how they're "easy to hold."

These Knives That Help You Spread Butter Easier

Cold butter doesn't spread well, which is why these butter knives feature small holes running along the backside of the blade. When dragged over butter, the holes will curl it up into small, easily-spreadable bits — and each one is also made from sleek stainless steel.

A Shower Caddy That Mounts Without Any Drilling

There's no need to break out a power drill if you want to hang up this shower caddy — just use the included waterproof adhesive to mount it to your shower wall. It's made from rustproof stainless steel, and the deep shelves give you ample space for bottles of nearly any shape or size.

The Adjustable Cake Mold Made From Stainless Steel

Whether you're baking cheesecake, mousse, or even biscuits, this adjustable cake mold can help make sure it comes out beautifully. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won't deform in high temperatures, and many reviewers wrote about how it "works well."

A Mat That Helps Keep Your Legs From Growing Fatigued

If you find yourself standing at the kitchen counter for long periods of time, a anti-fatigue mat like this one is a must-have. Not only does it cushion your legs to help prevent soreness, but the faux leather top is also puncture-resistant. Plus, the nonslip bottom helps keep it from shifting around.

This Shelf That Fits Around Your Sink's Plumbing

Most shelves won't fit underneath sinks — but these ones are designed with a gap in the center so that they fit around your plumbing. The sides are expandable so that they'll fit nearly any cabinet, while each shelf panel is made from tough steel.

A Pore Vacuum That Sucks Out Unwanted Blackheads

Removing blackheads is difficult, but this pore vacuum is a fraction of the price that visiting a dermatologist would cost. The suction power is adjustable up to five levels, and each order comes with four interchangeable vacuum heads.

The Pads That Help Eliminate Unwanted Ingrown Hairs

Formulated with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and camphor oil, these pads can help eliminate unwanted bumps caused by ingrown hairs. They can be used around sensitive areas (including your face), while even cooling down irritated skin after waxing.

A Set Of Shower Steamers That Release Soothing Oils

Prefer taking showers over baths? Throw one of these steamer pucks in with you, and it'll release soothing essential oils (like a bath bomb, but for your shower). It dissolves without leaving behind any residues, and the eucalyptus and menthol essential oils will even help clear your sinuses.

This Weighted Blanket That's Filled With Glass Beads

Unlike some weighted blankets, this one comes in so many different weights (from 3 to 30 pounds). It's lined with 100% cotton that's breathable, while the box stitching ensures that the glass bead filling stays distributed evenly throughout. It's suggested that you hand-wash and hang-dry this blanket, but you can also line it with a duvet cover.

A Pair Of Soft Headphones You Can Sleep In

Most headphones aren't comfortable to sleep in, but these soft band headphones won't cramp against your ears. The rechargeable battery plays music for up to 10 hours — and since it connects via Bluetooth, there are zero cables to get tangled up in. Choose from nine colors.

The Fabric Shaver That Breathes Life Into Fraying Garments

Whether you have a fraying sofa or a piling sweater, this fabric shaver can help give both a refresh. The stainless steel blades quickly trim away any excess fuzz, while the cyclone vacuum suctions it away so that there's no need to follow up with a lint roller.

These Night Lights With Built-In Motion Sensors

These night lights won't accidentally waste electricity, as each one features a built-in motion sensor that prevents them from turning on when no one's around. The LED bulbs are also energy-efficient, and many reviewers raved about how they're perfect for helping guide your way in the middle of the night.

A Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar That Helps Your Meal Stay Warm

With vacuum-insulated walls that can keep hot food warm for up to five hours, this food jar is a massive upgrade from plain paper bags. It's made from tough stainless steel that's not only rust- and shatter-resistant, but it also won't leave behind any metallic flavors in your meal.

This Reusable Notebook That Lets You Upload Notes Online

You can finally stop buying wasteful paper notebooks; switch over to this reusable one instead. The pages easily wipe clean using the included microfiber cloth, and it's compatible with any pen or marker in the Pilot Frixion line (one pen comes included). Plus, you can even upload your written notes to platforms like iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, and more.

The Trivia Game That Gets The Party Started

Looking for some easy ice breakers during your next party? Just whip out this trivia game. Each box comes with more than 400 questions that are suitable for players 14 years old and up, but they're still difficult enough that they'll have you saying "I should have known that" when you get one wrong.

These Seriously Popular Sheets Made From Soft Microfiber

You can never have too many sets of sheets in your closet — and these ones come in dozens of gorgeous. colors. They're made from soft microfiber that's stain- and fade-resistant, while the extra-deep pocket can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep. They also have over 155,000 popular ratings, which is seriously impressive.

These Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

Got a cabinet that's overflowing with mismatched lids? You might want to consider downsizing to these silicone ones. They stretch to fit containers of nearly any shape or size, and you can even use them to save halved citrus for later. Plus, each one is made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone.

An Electric Callus Remover

Give yourself a salon-worthy pedicure in the comfort of your own home with this callus remover. It has a corded electric design, so it always operates at full strength, and you never have to worry about replacing or recharging the batteries. Popular on Amazon, it has an overall rating of 4.5 stars from over 1,500 shoppers who say it makes their feet super smooth.

The Drain Cover That Lets You Take Deeper Baths

The overflow drain on your tub will always prevent you from adding those last few inches of water — unless you pop this cover on top of it. Suction cups on the back help it stay in place while you soak, and the small opening on the top prevents your tub from overflowing should it get too deep.

A Pack Of Silicone Tea Bag Holders Shaped Like Cute Snails

Tired of losing your tea bag? Put one of these cute snails on the rim of your mug, then wrap the string around so that it doesn't sink away. Each one is made from durable silicone, and one reviewer even raved, "There were enough in the package I could use some to accessorize some plant pots as well!"

This Miniature Humidifier You Can Take With You

Unlike most humidifiers, this one is powered via USB so that you can use it at your desktop, on your nightstand, and everywhere in-between. The water reservoir is large enough to provide up to 18 hours of steam — and the one-button control makes it almost too easy to use.

These Markers That Help You Hide Scuffs & Scratches

Having your wooden furniture professionally restore can be expensive — so in the meantime, you can hide those scratches and scuffs with this repair kit. Each order comes with six markers and seven crayons in wood-friendly tones, including maple, oak, walnut, and others. Plus, the ink and wax shouldn't wear away over time.

The Remote-Controlled LED Candles That Flicker Like Real Fire

Unlike some LED candles, these ones flicker so that they look like real flames — and they're so energy-efficient that one set of batteries can last for more than 300 hours. Each order comes one small, medium, and large candle, as well as a remote so that you can control them from afar.

A Mini Bag Sealer That Helps Snacks Stay Fresh

Clipping snack bags doesn't do a great job of keeping the air out — so cinch them shut using this sealer instead. It's designed to work on freezer bags, foil bags, and more, while the airtight seal helps keep your snacks fresh.

This Cover That Adds Privacy To Your Webcam

You can ensure that your webcam is off and closed post-video call with this webcam cover. The ultra-slim profile won't affect your laptop's ability to fold shut, and it'll even work with some tablets and smartphones. Simply slide it to the left when you're ready to make a video call, then slide it back when finished for some extra privacy.

A Bar Of Oatmeal Soap That Has A Sponge Built Into It

Sometimes, rubbing yourself down with a bar of soap doesn't do a great job exfoliating your skin, which is why this one has a sponge built into it. The oatmeal-based formula is meant to help moisturize and soften your skin as you scrub, and one person wrote that it's a "miracle soap."

The Beauty Sponge That Gets The Tight Spots Around Your Face

The creases in your nose can make it difficult for most blenders to distribute foundation evenly — but not this one. The hard edge along the top makes it easier to get into those tight spaces around your nose and eyes, while the round bottom is great for buffing your cheeks.

An Eyeshadow Primer Made With Pearl Powder

Whether you're looking for a way to keep your eyeshadow looking great all night or testing some new makeup looks in preparation for a different night out, Search no further than this primer. It dries within seconds, giving you a matte surface to work with. And unlike some primers, this one contains pearl powder to help brighten your skin.

This Kitten Gadget That Instantly Turns Veggies Into Strips

This genius food chopper is ideal for making perfect hand-cut french fries or carrot sticks, but there are also a ton of other ways you can use this kitchen tool to help cut down on your prep time. The stainless steel blade is rust-resistant, and this gadget is backed by more than 2,000 perfect five-star reviews.

A Phone Mount That Attaches To Your Computer Monitor

Made with four strong magnets, this clamp securely attaches to your computer monitor so that you have a convenient place to keep your phone. It's designed to work with any type of smartphone — and if your monitor isn't magnetic, each order also comes with adhesive.

These Cables With Interchangeable Connectors In 4 Lengths

Whether your device uses a Lightning, Micro-USB, or type-C USB input, you can use these cables. The connector ports are interchangeable, allowing you to use them with a variety of devices — and the cords come in a variety of lengths so you’ll be able to charge comfortably from bed, the couch, or wherever else you are.

A Card Game That'll Help You Switch Up Your Daily Routines

If you feel like you've settled into too much of a routine with your partner or BFF, this card game can spice things up. Each card features a direction that the other person needs to complete — like "take this card and give me your meal." But unlike many regular card games, you hand these to each other throughout the day so that there's also an element of surprise.

The Silicone Scrubber That Also Massages Your Face

With four different cleansing modes to choose from, this face scrubber makes it easy to get nearly every pore on your face clean. The silicone bristles are gentle on sensitive skin, and can even help stimulate collagen production. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it's "worth the money."

A Bath Pillow That Keeps Your Head & Shoulders Supported

Not all bath pillows are the same. This one features two panels so that both your head and shoulders are supported while you soak. Four suction cups on the back keep it in place, while the breathable mesh cover allows it to dry quickly once you're done.

This Stand That Holds Utensils While You're Cooking

Need somewhere to rest the dirty utensils while you're cooking? This stand is the perfect solution. It's so sturdy that you can also rest pot lids against it, while the lipped edges prevent food from dripping onto your counters. Choose from two colors: white or black.

A Board That Helps You Fold Your Clothes Uniformly

Your shelves can look just as organized as the ones at the store if you use this board to fold your clothes. It'll fold shirts, towels, pants, or nearly any other garment in just a few seconds. Plus, it'll make laundry day a bit less daunting.

The Tenderizer That Helps Meat Absorb Marinades

Made with 48 sharp stainless steel needles, this tenderizer helps break down the connective tissues in meat so that you're left with a soft, succulent cut of beef. It can also help marinades penetrate quicker — and the ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortable in both hands.

A Memory Foam Pillow That You Can Twist Into Any Position

Twist, fold, and squish this pillow into whatever position it takes for you to be comfortable. It's perfect for everything from casual naps around the house to traveling — and the snap closure even allows you to attach it to your carry-on bag.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest That’s Surprisingly Versatile

Not only can you use this foot rest while sitting, you can also flip it over if you’d like to rock your feet back and fort or slip it under your legs for a comfy lift while sitting on the couch or in bed. It features a nonslip bottom, and the memory foam has customers writing, “The foam is comfortable as it is firm and molds to my feet.”

A Tap-Activated Lamp That Looks Like The Actual Moon

With craters, curves, and mountains all over, this tap-activated lamp is designed to look like the actual moon. The battery is rechargeable via USB, and can last for up to eight hours when fully powered. It also lets you choose between three light temperatures: warm white, cool white, or yellow.

This Pasta Maker That Can Also Roll Out Dough

Adjust the dial on the side of this pasta maker, and you'll be able to roll out extra-thin angel hair as well as thicker pie crusts. It's made from high-quality stainless steel that's resistant to rust — and one reviewer even wrote that "it was very easy to set up."

A Set Of Beads That Clean Awkward Containers

Vases, carafes, hard-to-wash containers — these beads can clean nearly any kind of glassware no matter how oddly-shaped it is. Simply pour the beads inside with a little soap and water, then swish them around. They'll gently etch away any stubborn bits of grime as they move, all without leaving behind scratches.

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