55 Things On Amazon That'll Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Items that’ll make you think, “I’m so glad I have this.”

by Cliché Wynter
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While spending my hard-earned cash on new products, I like to make sure I'm getting my money's worth. Sometimes, that means buying an item that I'll use over and over again — and other times, it means splurging on something nice that'll last me a while. Thankfully, there are tons of products that'll give you a bang for your buck on Amazon, and I've rounded my favorites up for you.

Take these memory foam slippers, for example. They're the ultimate in soft and cozy comfort, and the nonslip rubbers soles mean they can be worn both indoors and out. (Plus, they're available in 10 colors.) This bamboo bathtub caddy is another treat-yourself option that you're sure to get a ton of use out of. The extendable and waterproof tray has compartments for a glass of wine, phone, body wash, and more — and after a long day, there really isn't a better way to unwind.

I've rounded up plenty more products that have so much to offer — and with that, happy shopping.

This Unique Cosmetics Case That Reviewers Love

This barrel makeup bag features interior mesh pockets, elastic bands, and a drawstring closure to keep cosmetics secure on the go. Available in four shades, it's padded and easy to clean — i.e., the perfect travel companion.

These Cellulose Dishcloths That Make Cleaning A Breeze

Ditch your paper towels and sponges and opt for these cellulose dishcloths instead. They absorb more than 20 times their weight in water, allowing you to scrub away stubborn dirt and grime. Plus, they won't scratch nonstick cookware, and each one is even biodegradable.

This Massage Roller That Feels So Good On Tired Feet

Relieve sore, tired feet with this foot roller that has notches along the foam cylinder that mimic a masseuse's fingers. It's durable and comes in regular and extra-density options.

A Stainless Steel Tumbler That Helps Drinks Stay Cold

Not only is this tumbler made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but it also features double-wall insulation that helps keep cold drinks chilled for hours. The tapered base also means it can fit inside of most cupholders — and each order even comes with a straw included. Choose from 16 colors, as well as two sizes: 30 or 40 ounces.

A Laundry Detergent Station That Prevents Drips

If you can't find the perfect place for your detergent, try out this laundry soap station. It elevates the detergent jug to keep the space organized, while protecting your shelves from drips and spills while pouring.

These Shields That Help Protect Furniture From Scratching Cats

Rambunctious cat always scratching up your furniture? Try installing these shields. Installation is a total breeze — just peel off the adhesive backing, then press them right into place wherever your cat likes to scratch. And since they’re transparent, they easily blend into your upholstery for a seamless look.

This BPA-Free Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This cold brew coffee maker is another fan favorite that'll be a hit with any coffee aficionado. With an airtight lid and fine mesh filter, the compact pitcher can make up to 4 cups of delicious brew at once, and it's dishwasher-safe.

The Speaker Bar That Clamps To Your Monitor

Don’t be fooled by its compact size — this speaker bar can still produce incredibly loud, crisp sound even though it takes up hardly any space on your desk. It’s designed to clamp onto monitors 1-inch thick or thinner, and if yours is too big? Simply place it upright on your desk instead. There’s also no need to download any software, as it’s ready to work right out of the box.

These Toothbrushes Made With Charcoal-Infused Bristles

With bamboo handles that are 100% natural, these toothbrushes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic options. The bristles are infused with charcoal to help detoxify the spaces between your teeth, and each one is also completely BPA-free.

A Pair Of Cloud Slides That Are Unbelievably Comfy

Stay comfy and stylish in these trendy cloud slides. Designed with thick EVA foam footbeds that help cushion your feet with every step, the house shoes can be worn indoors and outdoors, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

  • Available sizes: Women's 4 - 16, Men's 3 - 14
  • Available colors: 16
The Dividers That Help Keep Drawers Organized

Utensils, socks, office supplies — these drawer dividers can be used to keep all sorts of items organized. Grippy rubber ends help keep them from shifting out of place every time you open and close your drawers, while a spring-loaded tip expands out from 17 to 22 inches, making them suitable for most drawers. Choose from three finishes: white, natural, or grey.

These Hair Catchers That Help Keep Your Pipes Clear

A visit from the plumber can set you back hundreds of dollars, so why not save some money by placing these hair catchers on top of your drains? Strong waterproof adhesive on the back of each one helps keep them firmly in place — and once clogged with hair, simply throw it out and put a fresh one down.

An Ultrasonic Cleaner That Restores The Sparkle To Your Jewelry

Bring dull gems back to life with this jewelry cleaner that utilizes ultrasonic waves to remove dirt and grime from jewelry, eyeglasses, utensils, and more.

This Bath Pillow That Lets You Soak In Total Comfort

The hard back of your tub is rarely ever comfortable — that’s why I’m a big fan of this bath pillow. Strong suction cups on the back work to keep it from shifting out of place, while air-mesh technology allows it to dry quickly, helping keep it fresh and mildew-free. Plus, its elongated design helps keep your head and shoulders comfortable.

A Foot File That Leaves Feet Silky Smooth

Over 36,000 reviewers have made this foot file a part of their at-home pedicure routine, and it's earned an impressively high 4.7-star rating. The lightweight tool can be used to help remedy dry, calloused skin and cracked heels, leaving you with silky smooth feet.

The Pump That Keeps Opened Wine Fresh For Up To 10 Days

If you can't quite finish that bottle of pinot noir in one night, use this pump and wine saver stopper to keep it fresh for up to 10 days. It's easy to use, fits most standard wine bottles, and comes with an airtight stopper.

These No-Tie Shoelaces That Are A Game Changer For Sneakers

The perfect footwear upgrade, these no-tie shoelaces transform any pair of kicks into slip-ons with their cinch-and-go design. They come in several colors, and since they're adjustable, you can always get a snug but comfortable fit.

  • Available colors combinations: 7
This Handy 3-Piece Water Bottle Cleaning Set

One reviewer praised this water bottle cleaning set for "reaching all places," and indeed it does, thanks to its three perfectly designed brushes: one for the bottle, one for the lid, and one for the straw. It's highly rated, boasting 6,000 reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating.

A Bamboo Bathtub Caddy That Expands For All Your Essentials

Anyone who needs a break from stress will enjoy a long soak with this bamboo bathtub caddy. The waterproof tray expands to fit most standard bathtubs and it has compartments for your beverage, book, phone, soap, and more.

The Professional Lens Kit For Your Camera Phone

If you've got an aspiring photographer on your list, check out this phone camera lens kit. It includes 9 lenses — each offering a different visual effect — and a clamp that attaches directly to the phone. The result? Stunning images you won't believe were shot on a phone.

These Shower Shelves That Help Minimize Clutter

If your shower or tub walls are filled with bottles, consider organizing all that clutter with these sleek shelves. They’re made from tough stainless steel, making them just as rustproof as they are scratch-resistant — and the included adhesive can even support up to 40 pounds. The best part? Each order includes three smaller shelves that are great for washcloths, soap bars, or even toothbrushes.

The Telescopic Duster That Can Reach Tall Ceiling Fans

With a telescopic handle that can extend out to 47 inches, this duster makes it easier than ever to get those ceiling fan blades clean. Its large microfiber head latches onto dust, trapping it within its fibers until you’re ready to shake them loose over a trashcan — and you can even toss it in the wash when it finally gets too dirty to use.

These Moisturizing Spa Socks Infused With Vitamin E

If you can't make it to the salon to get a pedicure, these moisturizing socks are the next best thing. They're infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E to help repair cracked heels and leave you with soft feet.

  • Available colors: 3
This Heat-Resistant Silicone Handle Holder For Your Cast Iron Skillet

Slip this silicone hot handle holder onto your cast iron skillet to keep hands protected while you cook. Available in six bright colors, the dishwasher-safe holder is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and fits skillets sized 10.25 inches and up. Hot tip: Get an affordable and highly-rated cast iron skillet to go with it.

This Vegetable Chopper That Can Save You *So* Much Time Preparing Meals

Onions, cheese, eggs — this vegetable chopper can handle all sorts of ingredients. It comes with eight interchangeable blades so that you can slice, julienne, grate, and shred your ingredients. And since the blades are made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them rusting over time.

A Small Motion Sensor Light You Can Place Anywhere In Your Home

This tiny motion sensor light will help illuminate any dark corners of your home, and can even help you find the door lock when you're fumbling in the dark. It utilizes four LED bulbs, one AA battery (not included), and can be placed in your kitchen, stairway, bathroom, or above the lock of your door.

The Spray That Eliminates Stubborn Pet Odors

Not only is this professional-strength spray tough enough to handle stubborn pet odors, but the potent formula can also help get rid of stains. It’s suitable for use on nearly any surface — from carpet to clothes — and since it’s made without any chlorine, there’s no need to worry about it bleaching your fabrics.

This Fridge Deodorizer That Absorbs Unwanted Odors

Pop this adorable deodorizer into your fridge to help neutralize odors. There are no gels or beads required — simply fill it up with baking soda, and it’ll immediately start working. Plus, the compact size means it’ll take up hardly any space inside your fridge.

This Cloth That Lets You Wipe Away Water Marks

Whether your wooden surfaces have marks from water, alcohol, or heat, this cloth can help you wipe them away with a few gentle swipes. It’s gentle enough that it wont strip away the finish, yet tough enough that you can also use it to get rid of permanent marker, latex paint, and more. But if you need proof? Many reviewers even wrote about how it “works like a charm.”

These Bins That Can Help You Organize Messy Refrigerators

Letting produce spoil in the back of your fridge is an easy way to waste money, so why not get organized with help from these bins? They’re made from tough shatterproof plastic, with handles on the front and back of each so that you can easily pull them out when you need something. Plus, each set includes two special bins: one specifically made for eggs, and a second that can hold up to nine standard-sized drink cans.

The LED Puck Lights That You Can Install Nearly Anywhere

Hallways, closets, workbenches — these LED puck lights can be installed practically anywhere. There’s no complicated wiring required, as each one is powered using just three AA batteries (which are not included). Simply use the included adhesive to stick them right into place, or use the provided screws for a more secure mount.

A Touch-Sensor Lamp With A Bluetooth Speaker

Set the tone for the night with this touch-sensor bedside lamp that turns on just by placing your finger on top. The dimmable lamp also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and you can choose between six LED lights for a totally customizable evening.

The Flexible Dish Squeegee That Cleans Stuck-On Food

Get your plates sparkling clean with the help of this dish squeegee by OXO. It gives you a firm grip, and the soft, curved edge scrapes away excess and stuck-on food from plates and bowls with ease.

A Curtain Of String Lights That Will Magically Transform Your Space

These curtain string lights will add a soft twinkle to bedroom or living room windows, and they can also be hung outside for a splash of light in the darkness. The 9 by 10-foot curtain is powered by USB and features eight lighting modes and two brightness levels. Choose from four options: white, warm white, yellow, and multi-color.

The Putty That Helps You Repair Small Drywall Holes

Trying to get your full security deposit back? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this drywall putty. Simply rub it over the hole in question, then brush away any excess — it’s that easy. And unlike some types of putty, this one is formulated so that it won’t shrink or crack over time.

A Shower Filter That Softens Water To Soothe Skin & Prevent Hair Damage

Not only does this 15-stage chrome shower filter remove impurities and eliminate odors, but it softens your water as well, which can help prevent breakouts, dryness, and brittle hair. It's compatible with most shower heads, and one reviewer wrote, "This was super easy to install! Not only are my hair and skin softer than they have ever been , but I gave my dog a bath and I can't believe how soft and fluffy he is."

The Affordable 3-In-1 Vacuum With 25,000 Reviews

With more than 25,000 reviews, this lightweight stick vacuum has a lot going for it: The swiveling head is easy to maneuver, and it transforms from an upright vacuum to a stair vacuum to a hand vacuum, allowing you to properly clean every space in your home — and it's incredibly wallet-friendly too.

An Ultra-Quiet Essential Oil Diffuser For A Spa-Like Aromatherapy Session

Minimal and modern, this essential oil diffuser operates silently to fill the air with calming aromatherapy scents. It boasts a classic woodgrain finish, three timer settings, two mist levels, and an auto-shutoff function for safety. Pick up an affordable set of organic essential oils while you're at it.

The Paint Pen That Breathes New Life Into Tired Grout

When no amount of scrubbing will get your grout sparkling clean, consider painting over it with this pen. There’s enough paint inside to cover up to 150 feet of grout — and the water-based formula makes it safe to use around kids as well as pets. Plus, the narrow applicator tip makes it easy to color inside of your grout lines.

A Roll Of Tape That Helps Keep Rugs From Curling

Curled rug edges can lead to trips and falls — but that’s only part of the reason this roll of tape is such a smart buy. Not only does it help keep your rugs flat, but if you ever decide to move your rug? You can easily peel it off your floors without having to worry about it leaving behind any sticky residues. Use it on hardwood, concrete, carpet, and more.

The Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

This waterproof, motion-activated toilet night light emits a soft glow whenever you enter your bathroom. The battery-operated device hooks onto the side of the toilet and features 16 color options and five brightness settings.

A Lightweight Blanket That Can Help You Cool Down

Hot sleepers can appreciate this throw blanket, as it’s made with special Japanese cooling fibers that work to absorb body heat while you’re relaxing underneath it. Unlike some cooling blankets, this one is double-sided — and it even comes in eight different colors so that you can easily match it to your current bedding.

These Double-Sided Sponges That Can Tackle Stubborn Grime

Unlike the sponges that you’ve probably been using, these ones are double-sided: one side features soft microfiber, while the other is more comparable to a tough scouring pad. The result? They’re versatile enough to tackle nonstick cookware, tough stainless steel pans, and everything in between. Plus, you can even toss them into the washer and dryer for a quick clean once dirty.

A Collapsible Popcorn Popper That Takes Up Minimal Storage Space

This microwave popcorn popper will be your best friend come movie night, and since it collapses to half its size, it takes up minimal kitchen storage space. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe container can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn and comes in 15 colors.

A Box Of Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Made from plant-based ingredients that are vegan and compostable, these bar are a travel-friendly alternative to liquid soaps. Each order comes with three shampoo, as well as two conditioner bars — and reviewers even raved about how they "smell great."

A Set Of Markers & Crayons That Can Help Repair Wood Furniture

If your wooden furniture is looking a little worse for wear, this set of heavy-duty markers and crayons can help you get it looking good as new. All you have to do is color in the scratches — no sanding, priming, or staining required. Each order comes with six wood-friendly colors, ranging from classic black to light maple.

These Cloths That Erase Makeup Using Just Water

Even if you're wearing waterproof mascara, these cloths can still easily wipe it away using nothing other than plain water. Each order comes with two cloths, as well as six hair ties. And since they're reusable for up to 1,000 washes, they're also an eco-friendly alternative to disposable towelettes.

A Super-Compact Portable Charger

Weighing in at just under 7 ounces, this portable charger is incredibly compact, so it won't take up too much room in your backpack, purse, or glove compartment. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it's reviewer-approved, with more than 3,500 five-star reviews.

The Vacuum Attachment That Helps You Clean Out Your Lint Trap

A clogged lint trap can force your dryer to work harder than it needs to, which can result in a higher-than-usual energy bill — so grab this vacuum attachment. It reaches deep into your lint trap, sucking out all the stray bits of lint that have escaped down into your machine. And since it’s designed to work with nearly any vacuum, there’s no need to cross-reference your machine with a list of compatible models.

A Reading Light That Loops Around The Neck

This neck light fits right around your neck and features flexible arms that let you aim the beam where you need it most. It's lightweight and rechargeable and boasts multiple lighting modes that you can adjust to your needs.

An Exfoliating Body Brush That Prevents Razor Bumps

This exfoliating brush is designed with an ergonomic handle and flexible bristles that work to gently cleanse and smooth the skin. Even better, using it regularly can help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

The Car Phone Mount With A Telescopic Arm

The iOttie car phone mount is designed with a telescopic arm, so you can bring it closer to for easy navigation. It suctions securely to the dash or windshield, and the magnetic tab at the base helps corral cords.

These Liners That Help Your Oven Stay Clean

The bottom of your oven doesn't have to be littered with crumbs — just use these liners to help keep it clean. They're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while the nonstick surface allows for easy cleaning. Plus, you can even trim them to fit if necessary.

The Bluetooth Headphones That You Can Comfortably Wear To Bed

Not only can the rechargeable battery inside of these Bluetooth headphones last for up to 10 hours, but the speakers are also ultra-slim, allowing you to lie comfortably on your side as you drift off to sleep. You can also pull the band down over your eyes to help block out light — and since it’s made from moisture-wicking material, you can even wear while exercising without having to worry about any sweat-induced damage.

The Acne Patches With Over 29,000 Reviews

Reviewers have lauded these pimple patches as "miracle workers" that offer relief to breakouts and irritated skin. The vegan and cruelty-free patches are made with tea tree and calendula oil, which work together to soothe skin and help heal zits faster.

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