55 Cheap Things So Cool You'll Wish You Owned Them Sooner

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"Cheap" isn't what it used to be. When I was a kid, having something that was cheap meant it was flimsy or not worth your money. But now, buying something cheap just means you're getting a great deal. Luckily for both of us, Amazon has tons of cheap things that are genuinely useful — so useful, in fact, that you'll wish you owned them sooner.

Got a phone that's running out of memory? You'll definitely want to check out the flash drive specially made for smartphones. Not only will it work with Androids and iPhones, but it even features a fingerprint scanner to help keep your files safe. Or, if you're always rushing out the door in the morning, make sure to take a look at the trifold mirror for your sun visor. Installation is a breeze using the Velcro straps, while the three panels let you see yourself from multiple angles. As for me, I'm in love with the cooling blanket because it really does help keep me from sweating through the night.

So what are you waiting for? These products are so cool you'll wish you owned them sooner — and because "cheap" is the key word here, nearly every item I've selected is priced at $30 or less.

The Door Stopper That Alerts You When Someone Walks In

Place the tip of this door stopper underneath your front door — and if anyone tries to enter, it'll let out a loud ring once the door engages the ramp. Each one only requires a single 9-volt battery, and the volume is adjustable up to three levels (depending on how much the door opens).

A Pair Of Stylish Hangers For Your Car's Headrests

Not only do these hangers feature stylish bedazzles on the ends, but they're also specially designed for your car. They hook onto your headrests, and they're an easy way to keep your grocery bags or purses from spilling over while driving.

This Slow-Feeder Mat That Can Help Soothe Anxious Dogs

Place a dollop of peanut butter inside this slow-feeder mat to give your dog a tasty treat that they can't immediately gobble down. It's made from 100% food-grade silicone that's BPA-free — and it can even help dogs relax during bath time (or even while clipping nails).

These Dispensers That Are Perfect For Dry Ingredients

Cereal, nuts, trail mix, candy — these dispensers are perfect for all of them and more. Each portion-controlled twist gives you 1 ounce's worth of what's inside, while the containers help keep your ingredients fresh for up to 34 days. Plus, they're even shatterproof, as well as scratch-resistant.

The Flash Drive Made For Your Smartphone

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can use this flash drive to keep a backup of your photos and videos. It features 128 gigabytes' worth of storage, while the thumbprint scanner helps keep your files protected. Choose from a variety of fun colors, including pink, green, light blue, and others.

A Magnetic Key Holder You Can Mount Practically Anywhere

Since this key holder comes with ultra-sticky adhesive, there's no need to drill into your walls when you're figuring out where to mount it. Three magnets on the inside keep your keys from shaking loose, and each one is so strong that it can hold nearly half of a pound.

This Kit That Lets You Weld Anything

Got a broken "something" that you haven't given up on? Whether it’s made of wood, steel, plastic, or a different material, this kit can help you weld the broken pieces back together. The included built-in UV light helps harden the bonding liquid into place, and the bond is 100% waterproof as well as heat resistant.

A Rear-View Mirror With A Wider Field Of View

Unlike some rear view mirrors, this one gives you an increased field of view to help you see into your blind spot. It's designed to fit most vehicles — and the adjustable buckles on the back make installation a breeze. "Fits great, seems sturdy and solid," wrote one reviewer. "Just enough room to deploy sun visors, great FOV, no rattling when driving over bumps."

The Toothbrushes With Seriously Soft Bristles

If your gums are extra-sensitive, you might want to consider toothbrushes made with softer bristles (like these ones). Each brush head features more than 20,000 fine bristles that reach deep between your teeth, and reviewers raved about how they're "super-soft."

An Outlet Shelf That Can Support Up To 5 Pounds

Need somewhere to keep your Alexa or Google home? This outlet shelf makes the perfect home. It's super sturdy, can hold up to 5 pounds, and it even comes with easy installation hardware and instructions. You can also install it facing up or down, and the design has built-in cord storage.

This Ice Cream Maker That Does The Work For You

Unlike some ice cream makers, this one from DASH does all the churning for you. Simply chill the cooling bowl overnight, add your favorite ingredients, then sit back and relax as the built-in mixer whips up a delicious batch of ice cream — about 30 minutes.

A Folding Mirror For Doing Makeup In The Car

Attach this trifold mirror to your car's sun visor, and it'll give you two extra angles to work with when doing your makeup. The Velcro straps on the back make installation simple — and they're designed to work universally with any sun visor.

The Soap Sheets That Are Perfect For Traveling

Ever get caught in a bathroom without any soap? Just pull out one of these soap sheets. Each order comes with 300 total sheets in three scents: tea tree, sweet orange, and lavender. The packaging is biodegradable, and they work especially well when camping.

A Dry-Erase Sticker You Can Put Nearly Anywhere

Refrigerators, desks, walls, doors — when it comes to placing this dry-erase sticker, your options are almost endless. Not only is it completely transparent, but the high-quality adhesive backing even lets you reposition it without damaging your surfaces. The best part? Each order also comes with three markers.

These Velvet Scrunchies With Secret Zipper Pockets

Made from soft velvet, each one of these scrunchies feature a secret pocket where you can stash money, hair pins, and more. The elastic band on the inside of each one is durable, and they're available in dozens of colors to suit any style.

A Roller Stamp That Helps Conceal Sensitive Information

Keep bills and other sensitive documents illegible upon disposal with this roller stamp. Each order comes with six ink refills included, and the ink dries quickly to help prevent smudges. Plus, it's way more affordable than buying a bulky paper shredder.

The Portable Charger With A Built-In Lightning Connector

If your phone battery is constantly running low, you might want to consider keeping a portable battery with you. This one features a built-in lightning connector so that you don't need a separate the charging cable — and it's about the size of a lipstick tube, so it won't take up much space in your bag.

A Night Cream Made With Soothing Melatonin

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or your skin is dry, this night cream can help. It's made with a soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, melatonin, and more to help regulate your sleeping patterns — and it can even help ease the effects of jet lag.

This LED Bulb That Eliminates Pesky Insects

Unlike potentially harmful sprays or aerosols, this LED bulb eliminates pesky insects using the power of electricity. The soft white light is perfect for patios, while the bulb itself is designed to work for up to 13 years. Plus, each order comes with an extender to help the bulb fit into nearly any housing.

A Board That Tells You If The Dog's Been Fed

Has anyone fed the dog yet? Check this slider board to find out. It's made from tough ABS plastic that'll last for years to come, and no batteries are required. Plus, each order comes with adhesive so you can mount it nearly anywhere.

The Magnet That Tells You If The Dishes Are Dirty

My boyfriend was always in the habit of mixing dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher — until I bought this magnet. It'll stick to any metal-faced washer. But if your machine isn't magnetic, don't worry; each order also comes with adhesive so that you can still use it.

A Pair Of Ankle Boots That Are Waterproof

With rubber soles and a slight platform for height, these ankle boots are a cute addition to any outfit — and they're even waterproof in case you get caught in the rain. The EVA foam insoles help absorb shock, while the matte finish gives them a timeless look.

  • Available sizes: 4 — 12
This Stopper That Helps Your Champagne Stay Bubbly

Instead of letting champagne go to waste after pouring a few glasses, use this stopper to keep it bubbly for later. Not only does it create an airtight seal, but it's also designed to fit most bottles. And since it's made from stainless steel, it's even rust-resistant.

A Bathtub Tray Made From Sleek Bamboo

Turn any soak into a spa-like experience with this caddy tray. It's made from sleek, water-resistant bamboo — and the arms extend so that it'll fit nearly any tub. There are also built-in slots for book, a wine glass, and more.

The Flameless Lighter That Won't Extinguish In The Wind

Not only is this lighter windproof, but it's also powered by a rechargeable battery to help you save money on costly replacements. You can use it more than 600 times when fully charged, and the flexible neck makes it easy to light oddly shaped candles.

A Drain Cover That Lets You Take Deeper Baths

Pop this cover on top of your overflow drain, and it'll let you add inches to your bathwater. The suction cups on the back keep it in place, and it's designed so that it'll fit over most drains. Choose from four colors: clear, aqua, gray, or white.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Casts A Relaxing Glow

Made from real salt mined from the Himalayas, this lamp casts soothing ambient light wherever you put it. The base is made from real wood — not plastic — and it's even resistant to shrinkage and termites. Many reviewers also wrote about how they loved its "soft glow."

A Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers Made With Soft Memory Foam

Step off of those cold floors and into these cozy slippers. They're made with faux fur to help keep you warm, while the memory foam insoles contour to the shape of your feet for utmost comfort. They even have rubber outsoles which make it possible to walk around outside — even after it rains.

  • Available sizes: 4.5 — 10.5
The Phone Mount That'll Work With Practically Any Phone

Unlike some phone mounts, this one attaches to your dashboard — not your air vents. Not only does the sticky gel pad help keep it from shaking, but the telescopic arm lets you adjust how far away your phone is. The best part? It's designed to work with nearly any type of smartphone.

A Hair Mask That's Overflowing With Positive Reviews

With more than 1,700 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that reviewers are more than thrilled with this nourishing hair mask. It has a slight grapefruit scent that's refreshing without being too strong — and reviewers raved about how it left their hair feeling "smooth and silky."

This Ring Light With A Built-In Smartphone Mount

Whereas some ring lights are clip-ons, this one features a convenient tripod mount that lets you use your phone hands-free. The brightness is adjustable up to 10 levels, and it even features three lighting modes: white, warm yellow, or warm white.

These Organizers That Fit Into Car Seat Gaps

Tired of losing items down the gap between your car seats? Place one of these organizers inside. Not only will it prevent things from falling, but it'll also help you organize all your small items. Choose from three finishes: black, gray, or black with a stylish red stitching.

The Tool That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Hair

Keep this discreet hair remover in your bag, and it'll be ready to go for any emergency midday touch-ups. The hypoallergenic blades painlessly trim away unwanted peach fuzz, and it's gentle enough for everyday use. Plus, one AA battery comes included.

A Cordless Jump Rope That Shouldn't Trip You Up

You don't have to trip yourself up jumping rope — just upgrade to this cordless version. The rubber balls at the ends of the shortened cables provide just enough weight so that it feels like you're skipping a real rope — and the handles even help absorb sweat to help your hands stay dry.

These Reusable Shopping Bags That Can Hold Up To 50 Pounds

Don't worry about stuffing these grocery bags full — each one is made from rip-stop polyester that can support up to 50 pounds. They work great as tote bags for picnics or trips to the beach, while the extra-long straps allow you to carry them on your shoulder instead of in your hand.

A Sugar Scrub Made With Gentle Shea Butter

Shea butter, avocado oil, orange oil — this scrub is made with so much more than just sugar. While the sugar is great for exfoliation, the extra ingredients work to hydrate dry, parched skin back to a radiant glow. Plus, one customer wrote, “It smells so great.”

The Hot Tool That Delivers Bouncy, Beachy Waves

You don't have to spend a day at the beach to get gorgeously wavy hair — just use this hot waver. The tourmaline ceramic plates help smooth unwanted frizz and infuse shine, while the adjustable heat makes it suitable for all types of hair.

A Food Chopper Made With Stainless Steel Blades

Cutting up veggies quickly becomes tedious, whereas this chopper makes quick work of dicing, chopping, and cubing ingredients. Each order comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades that easily pierce through everything from vegetables to cheese, and many reviewers loved how it's "easy to use."

These Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

Tired of digging through all your mismatched plasticware lids? It might be time to downsize to this versatile set. Each lid is made from flexible silicone that allows you to stretch them over containers of nearly any shape or size — and they even create an airtight seal to help your foods stay fresh.

A Strip Light Kit That's Easy To Install

There's no drilling or mounting necessary when you're installing this strip light kit. The lights have an adhesive backing that lets you stick them nearly anywhere — and they work just as great behind your television as they do underneath your cabinets. Plus, each order comes with a remote so you can control them from afar.

The Touch Lamp With 13 Colors To Pick From

With 13 different colors to choose from, this touch lamp is perfect for setting the mood in any room. It's small enough to fit on cramped nightstands, while the included remote lets you make adjustments without having to get up. And if you're a light sleeper, the brightness is adjustable up to five levels.

A Smart Plug That Won't Block The Second Outlet

Some smart plugs will block the second outlet — but not these rectangular ones. Not only are they compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but they also let you control your devices using voice commands. And if you'd like your lights to be on when you come home, you can also use the downloadable app to set your own custom schedules.

This Blanket That Helps Cool Down Hot Sleepers

I bought this cooling blanket as a last-ditch attempt to sleep through the night without sweating — and to my shock, it really works. The fibers genuinely feel cool to the touch, and I can even feel them siphoning away my body heat while I'm lying down. I have it in light blue, but it also comes in beige, green, pink, and other light colors.

A Pack Of Tea Bag Holders That Look Like Cute Snails

Don't let your tea bag sink to the bottom of your mug — wrap the string around one of these cute snails to keep it in place. Each one is made from durable silicone, while many reviewers fell in love with how "adorable" they look.

The Cuticle Oil Infused With Real Flowers

Dry, cracked cuticles are no match for this hydrating oil. It's infused with real flowers to give it an invigorating, refreshing scent — and the round glass bottle gives it a distinguished look that stands out on your shelves.

A 50-Pack Of Disposable Face Masks For Less Than $15

When all your reusable face masks are in the wash, you'll be glad you grabbed this 50-pack of disposable ones. The three-layer fabric helps keep you protected, all while the elastic ear loops fit comfortably. The pack currently has over 29,000 five-star ratings.

These Hangers That Help Free Up Some Closet Space

Got a closet that's overflowing with hangers? These space-saving ones can help tidy things up. Each one can hold up to five hangers, which means the entire set can accommodate 50. And if it turns out you have more room than you thought, you have the option of hanging them horizontally as well as vertically.

A Journal With Enough Space For 5 Years' Worth Of Entries

With a high-quality canvas cloth case, this journal is a stylish place for your to jot down your thoughts, wishes, dreams, or even daily events. There's enough space for up to five years' worth of entries, and reviewers adored how it's "excellent quality."

The Buckle Sandals With Flexible EVA Soles

Some buckle sandals are very inflexible, making them difficult to walk in — that's why this pair is made with soft EVA insoles. They help absorb shock as you move, while the contoured footbed molds to the shape of your foot over time.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 10
A Double-Sided Cooling Pillow Filled With Memory Foam

This double-sided pillow has a machine-washable cover that’s double-sided; one side is lined with a material that feels like silk to help keep you cool throughout the night. The entire pillow is filled with memory foam that’s adjustable, and it’s available in different sizes.

This Milk Frother That Every Coffee Enthusiast Needs

If your morning cup of joe has grown a little tired, you can easily switch things up using this milk frother. The motor is so powerful that it can also whip up egg whites, smoothies, and more; all it requires are two AA batteries (which aren't included).

A Pair Of Bike Shorts That Won't Stretch Transparent

Some shorts will become see-through if you bend over, whereas this pair is made with heavier fabric to maintain your privacy. The soft cotton-spandex blend moves with you as you exercise — and they're even available in two colors: black or grey.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
The Hoop Earrings Plated With 14-Karat Gold

Stylish jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, and this pair of hoops is proof. They're plated with real 14-karat gold, while the hypoallergenic insides are nickel- and lead-free. Choose from three shades to match any outfit: rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

A Spray That Helps Insulate Your Hair Against Humidity

Give your hair a few spritzes of this dream coat spray the next time it's humid outside. The heat-activated formula will help protect your strands from moisture in the air while simultaneously fighting unwanted frizz — and it'll even leave your hair looking shiny through up to three shampoos.

This Silicone Scrubber With 4 Facial-Cleansing Modes

If you're looking to give your complexion an extra-deep clean, search no further than this scrubber. The silicone bristles are gentle on sensitive skin, and they can even help stimulate blood circulation. Plus, there are even four cleansing modes to choose from: gentle, pulsating, massage, or deep.

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