50 Random But Brilliant Products That Are Suddenly Wildly Popular On Amazon

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a product popular? You’d think it would have to be a genius invention, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the best purchases are the ones that help make your life easier — sort of like all the brilliant Amazon products I’ve chosen for this list.

For example, instead of hunting around for a power brick the next time your phone needs power, just use the wall charger I made sure to include. Not only does it feature six regular outlets, but there are also two built-in USB ports — just for the sake of convenience. Or maybe you’re looking to cut down on the time it takes to do your hair? In that case, you’ll definitely want to check out the hot air brush I’ve added. Thousands of verified reviewers raved about how it dries, and styles your hair at the same time. But the best part? It even adds volume to flat, lifeless roots.

Does it pay to be popular? Not always. But when you're shopping through all of the absolute best products on Amazon, you can rest assured that the popular products aren't just loved by all — they can also help make your life easier, one purchase at a time.

A Game That Has Players Decode Hilarious Gibberish

Trying to spice up your party? Look no further than this fun game. The rules are simple: players decipher a series of nonsense gibberish words and phrases from one of three categories: party, kinky, or pop culture. It's great for anyone aged 17 or older, as the words can get hilariously naughty.

This Wall Charger With 2 Built-In USB Ports

Not only are there six outlets as well as two USB ports, but this wall charger also features a night light with a built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor. If you're tired of hunting around for a power brick when your smartphone needs power, this is the wall charger for you.

The Tile Tracker That Helps You Locate Misplaced Items

If you're constantly losing your keys, wallet, or anything else that makes you late in the morning, make sure to grab this tile tracker. Simply attach it to any item you commonly misplace, then push the button on the receiver when it goes missing — the tile will begin to emit a loud ring, allowing you to easily locate it.

A Plush Seat Cushion That Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

Take some of the pressure off your lower back with this supportive seat cushion. It's made from soft memory foam with a layer of cooling gel on the inside, and the non-slip bottom helps prevent it from sliding around on your chair. The ergonomic design helps keep your spine properly aligned while you sit, and it can even help alleviate pain from sciatica.

These Fillers That Stop Items From Falling Between Your Car Seats

Featured on Shark Tank, these gap fillers help prevent your keys, phones, loose change, and more from falling between the seats in your car. They're designed to easily fit around your seatbelt, plus they expand or contract to fit the gap so that they're compatible with most vehicles.

This Garbage Bin That Helps Your Car Stay Clean

Car seats and floors always seem to accumulate a ton of mess — so help keep your vehicle clean with this garbage bin. The strap is adjustable so that you can easily fit it around your center console, headrest, or even stick shift, and it also doubles as storage when it's not filled with trash.

The Hot Air Brush With Over 19,000 Positive Reviews

There's a reason why this hot air brush boasts more than 19,000 positive four- and five-star reviews — not only does it help save you time styling your hair, but it also adds volume to flat roots. There are three heat settings to choose from so that it's safe for all types of hair, plus the ceramic coating on the heating plates helps prevent damage.

A Finishing Stick That Helps Tame Frizz And Flyaways

Get flyaway hairs under control with this finishing stick. The formula isn't greasy like competing sticks, and it helps tame frizz without making your hair sticky or hard. It's suitable for any hair color, plus it even helps moisturize dry strands.

These Velvet Scrunchies That Elevate Any Hairstyle

Pull your hair back into an elegant bun or ponytail with these velvet scrunchies. Each order comes with 60 scrunchies in practically every single color under the sun, plus they won't tug on your strands like regular elastic ties.

The Shampoo Brush That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

Just add your favorite shampoo, and this brush will make quick work of cleansing away excess dirt, oil, and product residue from your hair. The silicone bristles are soft and gentle so you don't have to worry about irritation, plus they can even help stimulate blood flow in your scalp.

A Deodorant That's Formulated Without Any Aluminum

Concerned about the aluminum found in most deodorants? This deodorant is not only aluminum-free, but it's also vegan as well as safe for people with sensitive skin. It applies on your skin without feeling greasy, plus it's formulated without any synthetic fragrances.

The Collapsible Straw Made From Stainless Steel

These reusable metal straws aren't just better for the environment than plastic — they're also practical. They collapse down into a convenient carrying case when you're not using them, and each case comes with a carabiner clip so you can attach them to your keys or bag.

An Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bag Made From Silicone

Made from durable silicone that's naturally antibacterial, this food bag is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. It's reusable to help you save money over time, plus it creates an airtight seal that helps keep your meals fresh. Grab it in multiple colors, including pink, black, yellow, teal, and more.

These Food Wrappers Made From Organic Cotton

Designed with natural ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, and organic cotton, these food wrappers are reusable for up to one year. You can easily wash them in the sink if they get dirty, plus they're available in four cute prints: honeycomb, oceans, bees, and clovers.

A Weighted Blanket That Won't Leave You Overheated

Think of this weighted blanket as the hug you can give yourself whenever you're feeling stressed, tired, or just in need of complete relaxation. It's filled with weighted glass beads that stay evenly distributed throughout, and the breathable cotton fabric helps regulate your body temperature at night.

The Shower Head That Can Also Be Used As A Handheld

Worried about installing a shower head for the first time? Don't worry — this one doesn't require any tools for installation, and many Amazon reviewers wrote about how simple the process was. It's made from stainless steel that's rust-resistant, plus there are seven water settings to choose from: pulsating massage, hydro-mist, eco-rain, regular rain, massage, and water-saving.

This Polish That Breathes New Life Into Wood Furniture

Clean, condition, and prevent your wood furniture from drying out with this wood polish. It's formulated with protective carnauba as well as beeswax, and can be used on a variety of wood surfaces — everything from antique pieces, to the hardwood floors in your home.

A Kit That Turns Your Drill Into A Powerful Scrubber

Tackle stubborn dirt and grime with this kit that lets you turn your handheld drill into a high-power scrubber. Each kit comes with three brushes that you can use to clean grout, leather, glass, upholstery, and more, plus the bristles are made from tough nylon that won't fray easily.

An Apple-Certified Cable That Can Help You Save Money

Inferior lightning cables wind up fraying after just a few months, whereas this 6-foot cable is coated with braided nylon for added durability. You'll save money since you won't find yourself constantly purchasing replacement cables, plus it's available in three sizes and five colors including silver, red, and dark gray.

The Ice Ball Mold Made From Flexible Silicone

Regular ice cubes melt quickly and dilute your drinks, whereas the ice balls you can make with this mold melt extra-slowly. It's made from flexible silicone so that the balls are easy to pop out once frozen, and they're especially great for cocktails.

An Electric Milk Frother Made With Stainless Steel

Add deliciously frothed milk to coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate with this electric milk frother. The whisk is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the ergonomic design allows it to fit comfortably in both hands. It only requires two AA batteries, plus it runs at a near-silent level.

The Magnetic Wristband That Holds Screws And Nails

Keep all your nails, screws, bits, and more nearby while you're tackling DIY projects with this magnetic wristband. The fit is adjustable so that one size is made to fit most, plus it's made from super-durable nylon that's tear-resistant.

These Bear Claws That Extend To Scratch Your Itch

Made with telescopic handles, these bear claws help you reach every inch of your body so that you can always scratch that awkward itch. Each order comes with four colorful claws made from stainless steel, and the handles are coated with soft non-slip rubber.

An Exfoliating Washcloth That Gently Removes Dead Skin

Abrasive scrubbers can leave your skin feeling irritated, which is why these exfoliating washcloths are made from gentle (yet effective) viscose. They're great for removing dirt, oil, makeup, as well as dead skin flakes, plus they're also completely reusable.

These Hydrating Socks That Are Great For Cracked Heels

Pedicures can be incredibly expensive, whereas these moisturizing heel socks are a fraction of the cost. Each order comes with two pairs that are infused with hydrating gel, plus you can easily wear them to bed at night, or even at work during the day. They're available in 12 different colors, and one size is made to fit most.

This Drain Protector That Helps Keep Your Pipes Clear

Just insert it into your bathtub or shower drain, and this protector will collect any stray hairs that flow its way. It's an inexpensive way to help keep your pipes clear from blockage, plus the collected debris won't impede the flow of water down your drain.

A Night Light That Illuminates Your Toilet Bowl

Make it easier to find your way to the bathroom in the dark with this toilet bowl night light. The brightness is adjustable so you're not blinded when you enter the bathroom, and there are 16 LED colors to choose from, as well as a rotating carousel mode so that you can enjoy them all.

The Simple Tool That Cuts Bananas Into Even Slices

It can be difficult to slice your bananas into uniform pieces — unless you're using this dedicated banana slicer. It's great for fruit salads, snacks, or even cereal, plus there are no sharp edges so that kids can safely use it.

This Bedside Organizer For Remotes, Phones And More

If you like keeping glasses, remote controls, or even your favorite book near your bed, this bedside organizer is a must-have. There are two cloth pockets as well as four mesh pockets where you can easily store magazines, electronics, and more, plus it's available in 10 different colors to match your bedroom.

These Brushes That Reach Deep Into Awkward Spaces

This set of brushes is perfect for cleaning deep into grout, or even for reaching those awkward spaces in your shower door tracks. The smaller brush features a convenient wiper blade, plus the handles on both are non-slip to help you maintain a firm grasp while you clean.

A Gadget That Takes The Work Out Of Peeling Eggs

Simply put your hard boiled egg into this egg peeler, add water, then shake — the peel will fall right off after about 12 shakes, leaving you with delicious egg. You can also use this peeler to store spices when it's not filled with water, and it's particularly great for anyone with limited mobility in their hands.

The Polish Holder That Lets You Do Your Nails Anywhere

Give yourself a manicure anywhere — even while you're traveling — with this wearable nail polish holder. It's works perfectly anytime you don't have a table to rest your polish bottle on, and it's made from soft silicone that fits comfortably on your fingers.

This Tea Tree Oil Scrub That Helps Your Skin Glow

Not only is it formulated with tea tree oil, Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, and jojoba oil, but this body and foot scrub is also chock-full of hydrating antioxidants like vitamin E. It's great for helping to brighten your complexion as well as cleanse away toxins from your pores, and it can even help mitigate irritation from insect bites and acne flare-ups.

These Night Lights Made From Real Himalayan Salt

If you've always wanted a Himalayan salt lamp, but don't have the space for it, try this night light version. The plugs rotate 360 degrees so that they can fit into awkward outlets, plus they're an easy way to add a calming ambiance to any room.

The Tool That Gets Your Cast Iron Pans Extra-Clean

Cleaning a cast iron pan can be tricky — the wrong products can ruin its surface. This cast iron cleaner, on the other hand, is completely chemical-free as well as super-effective on stubborn grease and grime. You can also use it to clean pizza stones, baking sheets, cauldrons, hibachi grills, and more, plus it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

A Deodorant Made From 100% Natural Mineral Salts

If you have sensitive skin that easily dries out, give this natural deodorant a try. It's formulated without any synthetic fragrances, plus it's completely hypoallergenic. Unlike regular deodorants, this one is made from 100% natural mineral salts without any aluminum, and it won't leave any stains on your clothes.

This Tripod That's Designed To Hold Your Smartphone

Don't race against a timer when you're taking pictures — just use this smartphone tripod. It comes with a remote that lets you take photos from up to 30 feet away, and the flexible tripod legs can be adjusted to balance on uneven surfaces.

An Orthopedic Pillow That Helps Keep Your Spine Aligned

Made with plush memory foam that won't fall flat over time, this orthopedic leg pillow is an easy way to help keep your spine and hips properly aligned while you sleep. Unlike other memory foam pillows, this one is ventilated in order to prevent you from overheating at night, plus it can even help alleviate pain from sciatica.

The Splatter Guard That Helps Keep Your Counters Clean

Made from heat-resistant silicone that won't melt when exposed to high temperatures, this splatter guard helps keep your counters clean from splattering oil and grease. It's completely BPA-free, plus it's designed to fit any 10-inch pan.

This Charcoal Powder That Helps Whiten Your Teeth

If the bleach found in common whitening solutions leaves your gums feeling irritated, try using this whitening powder instead. It's formulated with eco-friendly coconut charcoal powder, and each jar has enough that it lasts for a few months. But the best part? Most Amazon reviewers were able to see results after just one use.

These Soft Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

Relax while you listen to music, podcasts, or even soothing nature sounds with these Bluetooth sleep headphones. The battery lasts for up to 10 hours when fully charged, and they're filled with premium memory foam that contours to the shape of your face for added comfort.

The Holder That Lets You Rest Drinks On Your Couch

Avoid leaving water stains on your coffee table — just put your drinks in this convenient sofa drink holder. It's made from durable, non-slip silicone that won't slide off the side of your couch, plus it's large enough that it can easily fit mugs, tumblers, and more.

These Molds That Help You Make Uniform Pancakes

Use them to make perfectly uniform pancakes, or use these ring molds to make eggs, fritters, breakfast sandwiches, and more. They're heat-resistant so that you can place them directly into your hot pans without having to worry about them melting, plus each order also comes with a spatula and silicone brush.

A Moisturizing Serum Made From Sweet Almond Oil

If your skin leans toward the dry side, make sure to grab this hydrating serum. It's made from 100% pure sweet almond oil that won't clog your pores, plus it absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residues. There are zero synthetic fragrances in the formula, and many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it also works great for removing makeup.

A Convenient Hub With 4 Extra USB Ports

Most computers only feature one or two USB ports, so give yourself another four ports to work with by using this USB hub. The switches above each port allow you to "disconnect" your devices without having to unplug them, plus its compact size allows it to easily fit into laptop bags, drawers, and more.

This Massage Hook You Can Use All Over Your Body

Weighing less than 1 pound, this handheld massager is lightweight enough that you can use it all over your body with ease. The knobs target the trigger points in your muscles to help alleviate pain and soreness, plus it's completely BPA-free. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "my favorite part is that this came with step-by-step pictured instructions! Very easy for me to understand, operate, and refer back to."

An Electric Vegetable Peeler That Helps Save You Time

Peeling vegetables isn't a quick process, so save yourself some time by using this electric vegetable peeler. It works with zucchini, eggplant, and more, plus the non-slip base keeps it stable while it peels. Each order comes with two spare blades, and it only takes about 10 seconds for it to peel a potato.

These Spiral Hair Ties That Won't Crimp Your Strands

Unlike regular elastic hair ties, these smooth coil ties glide in and out of your hair without creating any knots or crimps in your strands. Each order comes with eight ties in varying brunette shades to match your hair, plus they're even waterproof — no more of that funky wet hair tie feeling on your wrist after a shower.

The Backup Camera That Helps Keep You Safe

Not sure how much space you have? This backup camera can help you see what's behind you so that parallel parking is a breeze. It's made with eight LED lights that allow you to see in the dark, plus it's completely waterproof so that you don't have to worry about it getting splashed on rainy days.

This Detangling Brush That's Safe For Wet Or Dry Hair

It doesn't matter whether your hair is wet or dry — this brush can help untangle knots. It works by gently separating the hairs in the knot so that they unravel with ease, and it's safe to use on all types of hair. Many Amazon reviewers even wrote about how it's great for kids, as it detangles without any pain.

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