50 Bougie Things Under $35 On Amazon People Call Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year

Bougie on a budget.

Written by Alexandra Elizabeth
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Let’s face it: There’s no shortage of items out there that can give your life that fancy little upgrade you didn’t know it needed. But with such a vast selection available, how are you supposed to choose? One way is to sift through other people’s favorite purchases of the year to determine what’s actually worth the hype. And thankfully, the list below will let you do exactly that.

So whether you’re looking for luxe, hydrating skincare, high-end upgrades for your bathroom, or kitchen items that make a big impact with just a little cash, you’ll find something here that pleases your inner aesthetic. And best of all, they’re all just $35 or below. So go ahead and fill your cart up with these items that got glowing reviews from tons of shoppers.

The Bartending Set That Nestles Into A Chic Wooden Stand

Snag this bartender kit that makes serving up expertly crafted cocktails a breeze. It comes with a muddler, shaker, tongs, and more, plus recipe cards for perfect drinks every time.

One Glowing Review: “The fit and finish is beautiful, the stand is perfect. I'm a very happy customer who is now stocking his liquor cabinet with all of the assorted ‘extras’ to make some very nice cocktails of every flavor.”

  • Available colors: 3
This 2-In-1 Bottle Opener That Comes With A Bonus Stopper

Open every bottle with ease using this wine opener and stopper. It features a chic chrome and black matte finish and even boasts a beer bottle opener on top, plus a stopper to keep wine fresh after opening.

One Glowing Review: “This is truly an excellent corkscrew ... I wanted something sturdy and easy to use [that] would lift out the cork with no mess. This totally fits the bill.”

A Handy Food Scale You Can Hang Up Out Of Sight

This kitchen scale does it all. Not only does it easily display measurements in grams, ounces, or pounds, but it can determine precise weights by subtracting the weight of the container, too. Plus, it features a hook on the back so you can hang it up for easy storage.

One Glowing Review: “This scale is a fantastic addition to our kitchen. It is clean, attractive and easy to use!”

This Lightweight Umbrella That Won’t Invert In Bad Weather

Few things are worse than getting soaked because of a flimsy umbrella, so grab this windproof umbrella with a vented double canopy design that won’t turn inside out in gusty weather. It’s lightweight, too, weighing just 1.2 pounds.

One Glowing Review: “Great umbrella and folds down nicely considering the size of the coverage.”

  • Available colors: 9
A Cloth That Wipes Away Even Waterproof Makeup

Cut down on your single-use wipes with this makeup eraser cloth. This polyester cloth works by using multiple tiny fibers to wick away makeup, including waterproof makeup. All you need to do is add warm water. Just toss it in the washing machine to clean.

One Glowing Review: “I LOVE this product! ... Look no further, this is THE BEST option for makeup removal!”

  • Available colors: 14
The Velvet-Lined Hangers That Will Save You So Much Closet Space

These hangers have tons of features that make them one of the best finds of the year. Because they’re ultra-slim, they take up less space than traditional hangers, allowing you to store more. The velvet coating creates a gentle nonslip surface for clothes, and the notched shoulders perfectly cradle garment straps.

One Glowing Review: “I love these hangers! Great price, well made, slim fit. Just perfect. And your clothes won't fall off!”

  • Available colors: 6
This Cozy Blanket You’ll Want To Cuddle Up With Every Night

Curl up with this affordable sherpa blanket that features both a sherpa side and a velvet-like side for reversible comfort. It comes in multiple sizes and colors and is even machine washable, too.

One Glowing Review: “I have bought many blankets before, but when I tell you NONE have been this soft! It was plush and comfortable on both sides and I highly recommend getting this blanket.”

  • Available colors: 9
An Automatic Dispenser For Mess-Free Soap Application

Keep your bathroom or kitchen cleaner with this automatic soap dispenser. It uses motion-sensing technology to deliver a pre-measured amount of soap or sanitizer and won’t drip after use. All it takes to power are four AA batteries.

One Glowing Review: “Easy to install, comes with everything you need. Works great.”

  • Available colors: 4
These Super Smooth Pillowcases Made From Bamboo

Upgrade your nighttime routine with these pillowcases. Because they’re made from bamboo, they can help wick away moisture to stay dry and also reduce dragging and tugging on skin as you sleep. They come two to a pack.

One Glowing Review: “I am SO GLAD I discovered Hotel Sheets Direct's bamboo sheets and pillowcases! I only wish I'd found them much sooner in my life. They are high quality, they're some of the most affordable 100% bamboo bedding available, and they really do keep you cooler!”

  • Available colors: 10
The Makeup Mirror With 3 Different Levels Of Magnification

Get up close and personal for expert makeup application with this vanity mirror. It has adjustable LED lights with different warmth levels, three levels of magnification, and even a swiveling base. Power it with batteries or USB cable.

One Glowing Review: “No image distortion and the lights are PERFECT for makeup application! It's compact ... and a great size to see every detail on my face. Great value mirror!”

An Affordable Derma Roller You Can Use At Home

Give yourself a luxe beauty treatment at home with this derma roller. It uses titanium micro needles to exfoliate, which helps brighten dull skin. It can even help your skin absorb facial products more efficiently.

One Glowing Review: “High quality product, easy to use and worth the purchase. Have used three times within the first week and already noticing a difference in my skin’s texture and appearance.”

This Hyrdating Scrub With Lots Of Natural Ingredients

Indulge in this Himalayan salt scrub for soft, exfoliated skin. It uses ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil to leave skin looking bright and moisturized. Better yet, it’s cruelty free, too.

One Glowing Review: “This is my second time buying. I love this stuff! It’s my first experience with a scrub and it always makes me feel so good and soft! Love this product.”

A Pouring Set That Can Make Your Wine Taste Better

This aerator pourer is a wine lover’s dream. The holes in the spout help spread out the wine into multiple streams, allowing more oxygen to infuse the wine and improve its taste. It also comes with a wine stopper to lock in freshness.

One Glowing Review: “This aerator is the real deal. Nicely made, and it provides a noticeable difference in the way that our wine tastes. We were pleasantly surprised.”

  • Available colors: 2
This Rich Balm That Soothes & Protects Lips

Level up your lip care this year with this therapy lip balm. It uses ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E to leave lips feeling soft and soothed. It even includes SPF 25 so you can be sure your lips are safe from sun damage, too.

One Glowing Review: “Amazing! I was so shocked at how well this lip balm healed my horrendously chapped, mouth breathing lips in one night. Please just buy this, it’s great.”

The Hand-Held Exfoliating Brush With Lots Of Uses

Say goodbye to dry skin with this exfoliating brush. It features an ergonomic grip for easy use and massages skin while brushing away dry skin cells. It also helps prevent shaving bumps and razor burn.

One Glowing Review: “I get super itchy in the cold months of winter, and this thing helps SO MUCH. I use it in the shower everyday, and I have sensitive, prone-to-eczema skin.”

  • Available colors: 2
A 14-Piece Set Of Makeup Brushes That Covers All Your Bases

Load up on this massive 14-piece set of makeup brushes that fulfill just about every need. It includes large brushes for blush or foundation, smaller brushes for shadow, angled brushes, round brushes, spoolie brushes for brows, and more. The synthetic bristles are precise and super soft.

One Glowing Review: “These brushes are perfect for anybody wanting to wear makeup; they're soft, effective, easy to clean, and they even come with a pamphlet saying what each brush does!”

This Spinning Storage Tray That Keeps All Your Products On Hand

Get your beauty and skincare products sorted with this rotating makeup organizer. It features multiple levels and heights of trays to tuck away brushes, creams and more, all while spinning to provide you easy access to each item. It’s easy to disassemble and wash, too.

One Glowing Review: “I needed something to organize my bathroom counter because it was just too much stuff on it and this was the perfect organizer to do the job!”

  • Available colors: 7
The Rain Shower Head That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Upgrade your shower experience with this rainfall shower head. It’s made from rust-proof chrome and provides a high pressure flow for a luxurious shower every time. It swivels, too, so you can get the perfect angle.

One Glowing Review: “This shower head ticks all the boxes I was looking for: steady stream of water with even nozzles (so you don't have a blank space in the middle of the water stream), tilting options, gallons per minute options, and SUPER easy to install.”

  • Available colors: 15
The Nonslip Brush That Helps You Moisturize Hard-To-Reach Places

If you’re struggling to moisturize your back or other hard-to-reach spots, get your hands on this lotion applicator. It comes with a nonslip handle and even includes three extra replacement foam pads that moisturize without absorbing too much extra product.

One Glowing Review: “I have used this back lotion applicator for a while now and really love it. It is easy to apply lotion because of the slight angle of the handle. The pad spreads the lotion easily and is easy to clean.”

  • Available colors: 2
A Grippy Bath Mat With A Natural Pebble Look

Make your bathtub safer and more comfortable with this textured pebble bath mat. It’s made from PVC and adheres to your tub with suction cups. You can even trim it to any length or shape for a custom look.

One Glowing Review: “I love this mat because unlike some others I've tried, this one stays put. It's comfortable to stand on. And it's easy to clean.”

  • Available colors: 11
This Chic-Looking Decanter That Comes With Bonus Wine Glasses

Nab this decanter set that comes with four stemmed wine glasses to elevate your wine-drinking experience. Pouring your bottle into this decanter can help bring out the wine’s subtle flavors, plus, the spout is designed to help avoid drips.

One Glowing Review: “Was looking for a new addition to my little bar cart that would amp up our wine nights. Not only is the look very classy, but the decanter is easy to hold and very firm to the touch.”

The Stones That Chill Your Drinks Without Watering Them Down

This handsome set of whiskey stones is the key to a cold spirit that retains all its flavor. Made from granite, these stones are stored in the freezer and help chill drinks without melting like traditional ice cubes. Plus, they come in this attractive wooden tray.

One Glowing Review: “I have used these so many times I can’t even count. I drink slow and the ice cubes always water down my drink. Not anymore. I have also used it in my wine glass and found they work there too.”

A Set Of Luxe Looking Curtains That Help You Sleep Better

Excess light bleeding into a bedroom can impact your sleep, so shut it out with these blackout curtains. Thanks to the sturdy polyester material, they can even help keep your space climate controlled by keeping heat or air conditioning in. They come with tie backs for easy opening and closing.

One Glowing Review: “I have bought from big named stores but nothing was as heavy and good quality as these curtains. They darkened the room and were so thick. Best purchase!”

  • Available colors: 19
This Faux Marble Contact Paper That Makes Surfaces Look More High End

Elevate the surfaces in your space with this marble finish contact paper. It couldn’t be easier to use: just peel and stick for a glossy finish that protects counter tops and adds an element of style for a bargain.

One Glowing Review: “Friends and family stood within a foot of it and thought it was real marble. Leftover scrap was used to line drawer on my vanity. It was easy to work with. I highly recommend this product.”

A Sleek Bamboo Cutting Board With Useful Features

If you’re searching for cooking tools that look nice in your kitchen without sacrificing practicality, look no further than this bamboo cutting board. It features a juice groove to prevent spill over, a sturdy base, and handles for easy maneuvering.

One Glowing Review: “I’ve never been more pleased with a cutting board! And the price is fabulous!”

The Handy Magnetic Knife Stand That Keeps Blades Tidy

This minimalist knife holder uses magnets to keep your utensils suspended and easy to grab. Made from durable bamboo, this rack can also help keep knives sharper, as they’re not banging around unprotected in a drawer. It even has a nonslip bottom.

One Glowing Review: “I love this product! It makes your knife access so much easier than a knife block. Easier to clean than a knife block and far more sanitary.”

An Attractive Utensil Holder That Works With Your Decor

With this kitchen utensil holder, you don’t have to choose between style and function. Outwardly, you’ll see a trendy hammered copper exterior while the inside is lined with easy-to-clean stainless steel.

One Glowing Review: “Very happy with this product! ... Grateful for the wide diameter since it allows me to place all kinds of utensils together and still remove the one I need at any given moment without a struggle. Plus it looks very pretty in my kitchen.”

This Magnetic Towel Holder You Can Put Anywhere

You won’t get stuck in a kitchen rut with this magnetic paper towel holder since you can move it around wherever you please, be it to a stainless steel appliance or your car when you’re out camping. You can align it vertically or horizontally, too.

One Glowing Review: “A must have. This paper towel holder is amazing! ... The magnets are amazing and leave no scratching on the surface it is attached to. You will not regret this purchase!”

A Cozy Pillow That Makes Bathtime Feel Luxurious

Level up your bath routine with this bath pillow. It’s made from comfortable, breathable mesh, and stays securely in place on your tub with suction cups. The interior is made of supportive foam to ensure a spa-like experience.

One Glowing Review: “It's extremely comfortable, sticks very well, moves around easily when there is water on it, and is perfect for giving me that extra reach to the end of my tub. Bath lovers — this is my favorite new item!”

The Professional Quality Nail Drill For Aspiring Manicurists

Upgrade your home manicure capabilities with this electric nail drill. Its small size makes it super portable, and it comes with bits for cuticles, polishing, shortening, and more. It works with both acrylic and natural nails and comes with 56 sanding bands.

One Glowing Review: “This nail drill is such a great drill. It’s really powerful and long lasting. I already had it for three months and it still works. The drill bits are great too.”

  • Available colors: 4
This Compact Razor That Makes Hair Removal Pain Free

This hair remover is ultra-compact and goes wherever you do for painless grooming. It features rotating blades that are covered by a gold-plated plate, ensuring that it can be used even on sensitive areas like the face. Just apply pressure and rotate it in a circular motion to use.

One Glowing Review: “Such a great tool to have with you on the go. It safely removes all the hair -— no stinging or burning after ... Doesn’t ruin makeup. It’s a solid go to.”

  • Available colors: 6
A Pair Of Shampoo Brushes That Deliver A Deep Clean

These silicone brushes are a versatile shower tool with lots of benefits. With their easy-to-grip handles and flexible bristles, you can use them to work shampoo into a richer lather, exfoliate the scalp and reduce dandruff, and increase blood flow to the scalp which can help with hair growth.

One Glowing Review: “Love these. Bought these products for dry scalp and product build up and they work amazing! They are super comfy and easy to hold in my small hands and I get a good deep clean on my scalp without much effort.”

  • Available colors: 6
The Flexible Mat That Makes Cleaning Brushes A Breeze

Say goodbye to dirty beauty tools with this makeup brush cleaning mat. Made from flexible silicone, it comes with suction cups to adhere in any convenient spot, like directly into the sink. It has varying size nubs for rinsing, deep cleaning, and more.

One Glowing Review: “This thing totally cleaned my brushes. I cleaned about 4-5 at a time and in about a minute. It even cleaned my kabuki brush and makeup sponges real well.”

  • Available colors: 3
A High Tech Brush Cleaner That Washes & Dries

Get a high-powered clean with this electric makeup brush cleaner. It comes with a handle and attachments that fit most brushes to spin it around in the included washing bowl. Just activate the spin function without cleaning solution to dry.

One Glowing Review: “Best invention ever! This thing is so cool! I had been struggling to figure out how to thoroughly clean my makeup brushes ... It's satisfyingly fun!”

These Luxe-Looking Holders That Turn Your Makeup Sponges Into Art

Why toss your beauty sponges into a dirty makeup case when you can display them in these blender holders? Not only do they look chic, but the open wire design allows for optimal ventilation so they can easily dry after washing.

One Glowing Review: “These have been great! ... The metal is nice, along with design, and the color was perfect for my other rose gold accessories. I feel more confident about letting my sponge air dry now, too.”

  • Available colors: 3
A Set Of Reusable Pads That Can Help Cut Down On Cotton Ball Use

Be a friend to the environment with these makeup remover pads. You get 16 per pack and they’re made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend. Just toss them in the washing machine and you can reuse them again and again.

One Glowing Review: “Love love love these! These are not scratchy or rough, they are really soft. ... The laundry bag that comes with them is an added bonus that is appreciated because it gets them clean without having them all over your washer and lost.”

  • Available colors: 9
The Hair Wraps That Dry Your Hair In A Flash

No need to damage your locks by rubbing them with a towel when you can simply cover your hair in a microfiber wrap. Microfiber is more absorbent than other towels, and it even comes with a button and loop closure to keep it secure while in use. It’s received an impressive 4.6-star review after over 50,000 users have weighed in.

One Glowing Review: “[...] My hair has had a lot of breakage recently and one of the things recommended to me was a microfiber hair drying towel instead of making a turban with a regular bath towel. I won’t ever go back to drying my hair with a regular towel! My daughter has long, naturally curly hair and this towel does a great job drying her hair and seems to make it even curlier. [...]”

  • Available colors: 14
This Milk Forther For Barista-Level Coffee At Home

Make your morning coffee fancier with this compact milk frother. It’s made from food-safe stainless steel and powers up with just the push of a button to deliver foam for lattes and more. It takes just two AA batteries to run.

One Glowing Review: “Absolutely amazing! The colors are exactly as advertised. Also, it legit makes real life foam! It makes my coffee beverages from home taste just like Starbucks!”

  • Available colors: 12
An Aromatic Pillow Spray To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

Why settle for normal bedding when you can upgrade your evenings with this pillow mist? Simply lightly spritz your linens and you’ll be left with a calming lavender scent. It’s made from natural ingredients and doesn’t include harsh chemicals.

One Glowing Review: “I absolutely love this spray. The lavender smell is not too overwhelming and it smells amazing. There are notes of mint and vanilla along with the lavender. It’s a very calming a good smelling scent.”

This Under Cabinet Lighting That Adds Serious Wow Factor

If you want your space to look professionally lit, try this under-cabinet lighting kit. It comes with nearly 10 feet of stick-on LED light strips that can be powered with the included remote to adjust the brightness and more. Just plug in the adapter and you’re good to go.

One Glowing Review: “This is one of those items that you didn’t know you needed until you got it. We put ours under the kitchen cabinet and absolutely love them.”

  • Available colors: 3
The Charming Bistro Lights That Run On Solar Power

Make your backyard look like a European cafe with these string lights. They run on solar power and are great for outdoor use because they’re waterproof, too, with an IP65 rating. They even have eight different modes, including twinkling, flashing, and more.

One Glowing Review: “These lights are exactly what I'd hoped they would be ... I've had them up since July, so through the heat of Indiana summers and they've survived a blizzard. I love that they're solar and come on automatically at night.”

  • Available colors: 8
A Pair Of Smart Bulbs With 16 Million Colors

There are endless customizable options with these LED smart bulbs that boast millions of colors. They pair with assistants like Alexa without a hub to offer you voice control, so you can dim them or set a timer with ease.

One Glowing Review: “I use it with Google Home and it made my life so so so much easier. There's a party mode that matches whatever song is playing, and it lets you schedule when and how fast you want them to turn on in the morning so that you can wake up easier.”

This Chic Jade Roller That Can Help With Muscle Relaxation

This sturdy jade roller and gua sha set is easy to use and won’t squeak as you roll it thanks to a rubber stopper. There are lots of potential benefits, too, like increased blood circulation. Plus, it has over 31,000 five-star ratings.

One Glowing Review: “I am so impressed by the quality of these tools right out of the box. The facial tool glides so smoothly and doesn't make any squeaky noise like a cheap one.”

  • Available colors: 3
The Affordable UV Lamp For Perfefct Gel Manicures

Cut down on trips to the nail salon with this UV nail lamp you can use with any gel polish. It comes with an LCD digital timer screen and even an option for a low heat mode. The automatic LED sensors are an added bonus, too.

One Glowing Review: “The lamp works great, you don't have to push any of the buttons. The sensors see your hand and starts counting.”

A Streamlined Oil Dispenser To Class Up Your Kitchen

Not only does this oil and vinegar dispenser look chic, it’s also incredibly convenient. It’s made from shatter-poof, tinted glass to protect your products and the spout at the top helps to prevent drips. It’s dishwasher safe, too.

One Glowing Review: “Always keep it next to my stove so I can use it when I cook. The pour is perfect, not too fast and not too slow.”

The Clever Purse Insert That Keeps Your Bags Organized

Stop searching through your messy bags and use this purse organizer insert instead so you’ll have everything on hand and easy to spot. It features both interior and exterior pockets, plus a zippered pouch, so you’ll have a place for everything. Grab one in five different sizes.

One Glowing Review: “It fits perfectly! Inside I have my wallet, calendar, a make up bag, hand sanitizer and a mask .... They all fit wonderfully. If I didn’t have an organizer in there, everything would be in a pile in the middle of the bag and it would be difficult to find things when you need them.”

  • Available colors: 16
This Fancy Shower Shelf That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

Ditch the plastic shower caddies and get this shelf organizer instead. Made from sleek stainless steel that won’t rust, it doesn’t require drills to mount and instead just uses strong adhesive. There are hooks for razors and more, too.

One Glowing Review: “I’ve had this shower caddy for 2.5 years and it has held up with no issues. We keep 5-7 various bottles on the caddy. It is very strong ... I highly recommend.”

  • Available colors: 2
A Minimalist Candle With A Scent That Really Lasts

If you’re tired of candles with mild, subtle aromas, try this highly scented candle that comes with a chic high contrast label. It uses a 100% cotton wick and burns for 45 hours. Snag them in tons of scents like Gardenia, Jasmine & Lily, and more.

One Glowing Review: “Loves these candles. I’ve bought so many recently. They last a very long time for the size. All of the scents I’ve bought smell amazing.”

This Set Of Silicone Kitchen Tools That Includes Every Utensil You Need

If you’re looking to stock up on the most useful kitchen tools in one order, you can’t go wrong with this cooking utensil set. Not only does it come with tons of items like a whisk, strainer, brush, spatula, and more, there’s also a convenient storage canister included as well.

One Glowing Review: “I was pretty skeptical when I bought this – no way these could be decent for the money! They are fantastic. I cook on a gas stove that gets really hot. Nothing has melted or warped. Additionally, they clean really well. I usually pop them in the top drawer of the dishwasher and they always come out spotless afterwards.”

  • Available colors: 6
The Fuzziest Slippers That Feel Like Clouds For Your Feet

Upgrade your at-home loungewear with these faux fur slippers. They’re made with high density memory foam, providing both cushiony softness and plenty of support. Plus, the soles are nonslip, too.

One Glowing Review: “Very comfortable sole and the rubber bottom gives good grip. ... Makes me feel very fancy for lounging around the apartment.”

  • Available colors: 8