45 Clever Things People Use Everyday & Wish They'd Bought Sooner

You’ll be reaching for these products often.

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Giving into impulse purchases is fun, but most of my spur-of-the-moment buys are random tchotchkes that wind up collecting dust in a corner somewhere. That's why instead of clicking “Buy Now” on every cool little thing I find, I've decided to stick to the clever Amazon products I know I'll use every day.

Not only are these products useful, but you'll find yourself reaching for them often. There's a dish-drying rack that rolls out over your sink to help save counter space, as well as a smart water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated. Why not add a few to your cart while you're here?

A Batter Dispenser That Makes The Perfect Pancakes

Pancakes, cupcakes, brownies, waffles — you name it, and this batter dispenser can load up your pans with hardly any mess. Able to hold up to 4 cups, the quick-release button on the handle makes it easy to start and stop your pour. Plus, the entire container is BPA-free.

The Bluetooth Headphones You Can Comfortably Sleep In

It's hard to get comfortable when you're trying to sleep in a regular pair of headphones, so why not give these Bluetooth ones a try? The fabric band that they're built into feels soft against your ears, and you can even wear it to keep them warm while running outdoors.

A Pair Of Brushes That Remove Stubborn Lint From Your Dryer

If your lint trap is overflowing with fluff, these brushes are perfect for cleaning them out. They're flexible enough that you can bend and twist them into awkward corners, and the shaft is made from durable stainless steel that won't snap under pressure.

The Dish-Drying Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Most dish racks are big and bulky, whereas this one rolls out over your sink to help save you counter space. It's also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can use it as a trivet, and there are three different sizes to choose from depending on how large your sink is.

A Wireless Charger That's Compact And Portable

Not only is it compatible with all types of smartphones, but this wireless charger is also super-slim so that it takes up hardly any space in your bag. The LED indicator lights let you know when your phone is ready — and depending on how thick your phone case is, you likely don't even need to take it off.

A Body Brush That Helps Exfoliate And Massage Your Skin

With soft, sturdy bristles and massage nodes throughout the surface, this brush is great for exfoliating all over your body. You can use it wet or dry (depending on what feels best to you), and the canvas strap helps you maintain a firm grip if you use it in the shower.

This Mandoline Slicer That Comes With 5 Interchangeable Blades

With five different blades that let you cut, grate, shred, and more, this mandoline slicer is perfect for home cooks and professional chefs alike. It's made from durable ABS plastic that's completely BPA-free, and the knob on the side even lets you adjust how thick your sliced ingredients come out.

An Eyelash Curler That Won’t Pinch Your Lids

Applying fake lashes can take some practice — instead, give your natural lashes a boost with this curler. It’s ergonomically designed to deliver uniform pressure all around your lid, ensuring that each lash gets a much-needed boost. Each order also includes two replacement lash pads.

The Digital Meat Thermometer That’s Easy To Read

With its large, backlit LCD screen, you shouldn’t have any trouble reading this meat thermometer when grilling outside at night. It only takes a few short seconds to get an accurate temperature — and the waterproof design means you can safely rinse it off under running water once you’ve finished cooking.

A Body Balm That Helps Prevent Uncomfortable Chafing

Just apply this anti-chafe, plant-derived balm to any spot on your body where your clothes rub against your skin, and it'll help prevent irritation. Unlike other balms, this one won't leave any greasy residues on your skin, nor will it clog your pores.

This Closet Rod You Can Add To Any Door

Need a little extra space to hang some clothes? Just add this over-the-door closet rod to any room in your house. It's sturdy enough that it can hold up to 35 pounds, and one reviewer put it best: "This product is holding around 35 hangers for me, and still I could add more. [...] I was able to thin out my tiny closet and find garments that had been 'missing' for a while and thought lost."

A Set Of Tiered Shelves That'll Help Get You Organized

Put these tiered shelves under your bathroom sink or in your kitchen cabinets for an easy way to organize all your stuff. The drawers glide out with hardly any effort, and the metal construction can handle the occasional drop or bump. Grab it in three finishes: silver, bronze, or white.

A Motion-Detecting Wall Lamp That's Super Easy To Install

Unlike other wall lamps that require you to wire them into the wall, this one comes with sticky adhesive that lets you hang it up without any mounting required. It only requires four AA batteries to run, and the built-in motion sensor helps preserve the battery life.

This Hair Brush That Melts Away Knots & Tangles

Available in eight colors, this hair brush is made with cone-tipped bristles that gently separate your strands to melt away knots. It's designed for all types of hair, and the handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands. "I use this brush daily and it is by far my favorite I have ever owned in all of my many years of hair brushing," one reviewer raved.

A Makeup Organizer That Comes In A Variety Of Colors

Add a splash of color to your vanity with this transparent makeup organizer. It's available in pink, purple, teal, and more — and it's large enough to hold even the biggest collection of palettes and polishes. Plus, it's versatile enough that you can also use it for jewelry.

The Sleek Rocker Blade Made From Sharp Stainless Steel

Whether you’re chopping up veggies or slicing pizza, this rocker blade is a smart pick. The blade is made from sharp stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, while its ergonomic design allows it to smoothly pivot back and forth. Each order also includes a protective sheath for storage.

A Charging Station Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Instead of letting your devices sit around in a jumbled mess while they're charging, just keep them on this charging station. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo, and there's even a stand where you can hang your smart watch. Each order also comes with shortened lightning and micro-USB cables to help keep everything looking neat.

This Vibrating Roller Made From Chic Rose Quartz

Not only is it made from gorgeous rose quartz stone, but this vibrating facial roller can also help reduce unwanted puffiness all over your face. It only requires one AA battery, and each order comes with a relaxing under-eye press.

An Eyebrow Groomer That Can Replace Painful Tweezers

Tired of plucking away at unwanted eyebrow hairs? Then it might be time to give this painless hair remover a try. This device shaves your hair at the base rather than pulling at it, and it's gentle enough to use between wax or threading appointments.

The Storage Containers That Are Perfect For Blankets And Sheets

Made from non-woven fabric, these storage containers are perfect for blankets, sheets, or even seasonal clothing. The zippers are made from durable stainless steel, and the transparent window on the front of each one lets you see what's inside without having to unpack everything.

This Batter Dispenser That Help Prevent Mess

Spooning batter from bowl to pan can be incredibly messy, unless you have this dispenser. Simply pull on the trigger handle, and the spout at the bottom will open up so that you can add your batter to pans, cupcake sheets, and more — all without any drips or spills. Plus, the measurement markings along the side help you keep track of how much batter you’ve used.

A Toilet Bowl Night Light With 16 Colors To Choose From

Tired of walking into bright overhead lights when you use the bathroom in the middle of the night? Then let this toilet bowl night light guide your way through the room. It's motion-activated, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to two months. Plus, the brightness is even adjustable. Choose from 16 different LED colors or use the rotating carousel mode to enjoy them all.

The Tourmaline Hair Dryer That Helps Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Not only does the tourmaline technology used to make this hair dryer help tame frizz, but it also infuses shine into dull, lifeless hair. Each order comes with a diffuser as well as a concentrator attachment, and there are three heat settings to choose from depending on your hair type.

A Popcorn Popper That's Seriously Easy To Use

In my opinion, few foods are as delicious as a bowl of freshly-popped popcorn, so why not pop some kernels using this bowl? Not only does it take up less space than a bulky air popper, but it also features stay-cool handles on either side so that you have somewhere safe to grip when removing it from the microwave. Choose from 14 colors.

This LED Light That Adds Color To Your Sink Faucet

Made from durable ABS material, this LED light is made with a temperature sensor so that it changes colors depending on whether your sink water is hot, cold, or in the middle. It's compatible with most faucets, and there's no electricity required — your water pressure is enough to power it.

A Doorbell With A Wireless Range Of Over 1,000 Feet

Searching for ways to add a doorbell to your front door? Look no further than this wireless option that has a range of more than 1,000 feet. The volume is adjustable up to four levels, and it's completely waterproof (so you don't have to worry about rain). Grab it in six colors, including beige, black, grey, and more.

The LED Television Backlight That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Sitting in the dark staring at a bright television screen can put strain on your eyes, making this LED backlight a smart investment. Each order includes 3M adhesive so that you can press it right into place — and since it plugs into your television’s USB port, there’s no need to hide any unsightly dangling wires.

A Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror With 2- & 3-Times Magnification

Not only does this tri-fold makeup mirror have a large backlit center panel, but it also features a side mirror that’s been split into two halves with two- and three-times magnification. And unlike some backlit mirrors, this one can be powered via USB, or using two AAA batteries (which are not included).

These LED Light Bars That You Can Install Nearly Anywhere

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these LED light bars, as they deliver hours’ worth of light using three AA batteries (which are not included). A built-in motion sensor also prevents them from turning on when no one is around — and each order comes with screws as well as adhesive for easy installation.

A Document Bag That's Fireproof And Water-Resistant

If you have important. documents you can't lose, be sure to keep them in this bag. It's fireproof as well as water-resistant, and the zipper closure prevents your papers from sliding out. Use it for passports, deeds, certificates, and more.

The Elastic Shoelaces That You'll Never Have To Tie

If you're tired of constantly tying your shoes, these no-tie laces will be right up your alley. The elastic on the inside keeps pressure on your feet so that the fit doesn't get loose, and the reflective pattern helps keep you within view when visibility is poor.

A Universal Kitchen Knife Rack Made With Bamboo

Looking for an easy way to store all of your kitchen knives? Here's a simple solution: Add this universal knife block to your counter and start storing your cooking must-haves. The bamboo block has two openings, both of which are filled with tons of tiny rods that help keep your knives in place while they aren't being used.

This Shelf That Adds Storage Above Your Outlets

Don't let your phone sit on the ground while it's charging — just place it on this socket shelf. It adds six outlets as well as two USB ports to any wall outlet, which means you can use it to charge multiple devices at one time. You can keep it next to your bed for some extra storage space.

A Silk Pillowcase That's Gentler On Your Hair Than Cotton

Regular cotton absorbs more moisture than silk, which means these silk pillowcases will prevent unwanted frizz every morning. They're breathable as well as hypoallergenic, and the wrinkle-resistant fabric helps them stay looking like new — even if you forget to make your bed in the morning. Grab them in more than 10 colors in standard through king sizes.

The Cooling Mattress Pad Cover That Keeps You Chilly At Night

Not only is this mattress pad made with a cooling technology that allows it to dry faster than cotton, but it also helps wick away moisture if you tend to sweat at night. The top features soft, brushed microfiber that feels plush against your skin — and the pocket is extra-deep to accommodate tall mattresses.

A Board That Takes The Work Out Of Folding Shirts

Sure, folding shirts isn't that hard — but if you want all of your garments to be completely uniform, you're gonna wanna grab this folding board. It works with shirts, pants, blouses, and more. Choose from two colors: black or white.

These Under-The-Bed Storage Bags With Sturdy, Reinforced Handles

Seasonal bedding, towels, clothes — these storage bags are great for stashing away all sorts of items to help open up some space in your closet. Their low profile makes it easy to slide them underneath your bed, while the reinforced handles are designed to last. Plus, the zippered mesh top lets you see what’s inside without having to unpack everything.

A Hydrating Cuticle Oil That Won’t Leave Skin Greasy

Don’t pick away at flaking cuticles — instead, give them a much-needed dose of hydration with this cuticle oil. Its lightweight texture allows it to absorb quickly into skin without leaving you feeling greasy. You’ll also find a variety of nourishing ingredients listed on the back, including moisturizing sunflower oil and vitamin E.

The Flameless Lighter That's Made With A Flexible Gooseneck

Since it has a flexible gooseneck, you can bend and twist this flameless lighter into all sorts of different directions when igniting your grill, or even your candles. The battery is rechargeable so you don't have to worry about buying any refills, and the flammable plasma arch is even windproof as well as splash-proof.

This Bath Soak Made From Natural Coconut Milk

Add this soak to your bathwater, and it'll help moisturize your skin so that it's left feeling soft and smooth. The formula is 100% vegan, and the coconut in the formula is chock-full of antioxidants. The coconut scent is refreshing without being overpowering, and one reviewer wrote that "it makes the water silky soft and there is no drying effect on the skin."

A Cut-Resistant Glove That Helps Protect You Against Nicks

If you have a habit of nicking yourself in the kitchen, consider putting on this glove when preparing meals. It’s made from tough, cut-resistant material that’s four times stronger than leather. And since it’s 100% food-safe, there’s no need to worry about it affecting the flavor of your meals.

The Velvet Hangers That Won't Let Your Garments Slide Off

Tired of seeing your spaghetti strap tanks slide off your hangers? Then try switching over to these velvet-coated ones. Each order comes with 100 (though you can also grab them in packs of 30 and 50), and they're sturdy enough that they're able to hold up to 10 pounds each.

A Wood Cleaner That Won't Leave Streaks Behind

Furniture, cabinets, doors — you name it, and this cleaner can get your wooden surfaces looking almost-new. It easily powers through dirt, oil, spills, and more, and the streak-free formula won't leave any funky residues behind.

This Box That Keeps Your Cables Neat And Tidy

If the back of your entertainment system or desk is a mess of jumbled wires, try using this cable management box to sort everything out. Each order comes with cable clips, one cable sleeve, as well as six cable ties. Plus, the box itself is large enough to fit wires and a power strip.

The Conditioner That Deposits Color Into Your Hair

Looking to change up your hairstyle without heading to the salon? This conditioner from Keracolor deposits color into your strands while simultaneously cleansing away dirt and grime. It works best with hair that's already been colored, many reviewers still found success as long as their hair was already a lighter shade of blonde.

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