44 Of The Coolest Products On Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

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Whenever I'm about a week away from having to pay my credit card bill, I usually check to see what the current balance is (morbid curiosity). If it happens to be lower than I expected, I can spend a little extra on surprisingly useful Amazon products that I can get decent use out of.

Who could say no to a pair of super-cute oven mitts shaped like bear paws or a portable infusion smoker that you can use on meats and cocktails? Not only are these some of the most genius products on Amazon, but they're the kind of impulse buys that you won't regret.

Lifestyle — 44 Of The Coolest Products On Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

1. A Rinse-Out Lamellar That Leaves Your Hair Silkier

While this lamellar treatment may look like just water, it actually turns into a nourishing foam when coming in contact with wet hair. The moisturizing amino acids target damaged areas of hair and form thin layers of protection (lamellas) to smooth each strand without weighing them down. Massaging it in for just eight seconds will leave you with visibly more shiny and healthy-looking hair.

2. An Eyebrow Pen That Creates Life-Like Hair Strokes

This eyebrow pen, unlike most on the market, has a unique tip design made with three ridges to replicate the look of real hair strokes. From this, the gel tint is released and applied in a more natural-looking way. The long-lasting formula won’t smudge or fade throughout the day — even when sweating in the hot sun. For help creating shape, this kit comes with three eyebrow stencils and a razor to clean up any strays.

3. An Ergonomic Neck Pillow That's Filled With Memory Foam

This ergonomic neck support pillow is made with ultra-soft memory foam and has a sloped structure that helps give your head more support. Meanwhile, the side cutouts create a perfect place to rest your top arm so it doesn't awkwardly press your shoulder in front of you while you sleep.

4. A Supremely Relieving Compression Sock That Treats Foot Pain

If your feet often get swollen or sore, these immensely helpful compression socks alleviate some of your pain. The lightweight foot wrap, which is specifically designed to treat things like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, and other ailments, features a separate strap that encircles your leg and offers fully adjustable compression. Wear it in the evenings after work or around the house, and watch how your stress begins to melt away.

5. The Face Mask That Shrinks And Clears Pores At The Same Time

Clay masks are a classic solution when it comes to absorbing excess oil from skin, and the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is loaded with it. "Where pore strips have failed in the past, this stuff excels," one Amazon reviewer raved. "My pores around those hard to reach spots get cleaned out and my skin feels so much cleaner and tighter." And as an added bonus, the carbonation provides a light tingling on your skin, so you can truly feel every pore getting cleansed and refreshed.

6. This Hanging Organizer That Can Hold 24 Pairs Of Leggings

This hanging organizer can be placed over any door or hung on a closet rod to give you 24 additional storage spaces. Each clear compartment can be used to store leggings, shirts, scarves, and so much more. The high-quality nylon material is sure to handle any weight you place on it. Grab it now to completely transform your closet and create more space.

7. This Brush That Works In Wet Or Dry Hair

Get the tangles out of wet hair without pulling or breaking. Or brush your hair when it’s dry and get a great scalp massage. The flexible and gentle bristles on this detangling brush won’t pull or tear your hair when you brush it in either case. They just glide through, remove tangles, put things in order, and feel great against your head.

8. A Bizarre-But-Brilliant Way To Make Loads Of Ice Cubes At Once

Perfect for anyone whose freezer lacks an ice maker, the silicone ice cube maker is easy to use: simply fill the outer chamber with water, put it in the freezer, lift up the inner cylinder, and squeeze out all the ice cubes into the bucket. When you're done making ice in this food-grade silicone gadget, you can use it for storage. It even comes with a lid.

9. These Trim-To-Fit Mats To Keep Your Fridge Shelves Clean

If you’re sick of taking everything out to clean your fridge shelves, these waterproof liners are a genius (and low-cost) solution. Simply place them on your fridge shelves and in the drawers. Once they get messy, pull the liners out for a quick clean. The set comes with nine liners that are trimmable for a perfect fit.

10. A Balance Board That Gives You A Full-Body Workout

Why shell out for expensive and bulky exercise equipment when you can get an effective full-body workout from this URBNFit Balance Board? Terrific for balance training because it helps boost coordination, posture, and core strength, this offers a sturdy wood design with an anti-skid top, so you can do stretches of all kinds, especially those targeting your back and sides.

11. A Lipstick That Changes Depending On Your Lip Temperature

Formulated with jojoba seed oil as well as vitamin E to help keep your lips moisturized, this jelly flower lipstick changes color depending on what temperature your lips are, so you'll be wearing an exclusive lip color whenever you put it on. The pack comes with six lip glosses that double as hydrating balms and look so cute on your vanity.

12. The Slushie Maker That Works In As Little As Seven Minutes

Simply freeze the inner core of the Zoku slush and shake maker for eight hours or more, put it back inside the cup, then pour in your ingredients and watch as it all freezes into slush in seven minutes or less. No electricity or other bulky equipment required, this slushie maker can make two 8-ounce slushies before you need to freeze the core again. And if slushies aren't your thing, fear not — it comes with a recipe idea book and can be used to make everything from milkshakes to piña coladas.

13. A Mineral Sunscreen Stick With Tons Of Five-Star Ratings

Protect your skin with this 100% mineral sunscreen stick by CeraVe. Made with hyaluronic acid and three essential ceramides, it glides on easily, so you can shield your face, neck, and ears from both UVA and UVB rays. The best part? The water-resistant formula is lightweight and dries clear.

14. This Memory Foam Pillow That Suits Every Kind Of Sleeper

No matter if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, this memory foam pillow will take you straight to dreamland. It’s designed to stay cool and breathable, helping to regulate your body’s temperature throughout the night, and the shredded memory foam interior maintains a bouncy texture that won’t compress over time. And, best of all, the pillow is machine-washable so as to keep dust and allergies at bay.

15. The Car Air Purifier That Requires Zero Maintenance

Whereas many air purifiers require you to either clean dirty filters or pay for expensive refills, this car air purifier requires no filters and almost no maintenance. It reduces smells by generating negative oxygen ions — and it even has built-in dual USB ports so you can charge your devices and use the air purifier at the same time.

16. These Oven Gloves That Give Your Hands Freedom To Move

Unlike old-school oven mitts, these 5-fingered oven gloves give you greater dexterity when you're maneuvering around the grill or taking cookies out of the oven. (In other words, fewer spills.) They're thick, lightweight, flexible, and heat-resistant up to an impressive 932 degrees. They're insulated with M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID fabric that won't catch fire or melt. And if you get a little barbecue sauce on them? You can throw them in the washer.

17. This Yummy Sugar Scrub That Smooths & Softens Lips

Made with cane sugar, kukui oil, and shea butter, this lip scrub helps exfoliate, moisturize, and soften your lips. It’s gentle enough to use daily and makes your lip products go on so much smoother. “A little goes a long way,” wrote one reviewer, adding, “I’m able to use it on my painfully dry, cracked lips & it never burns, just does a great job exfoliating & moisturizing.”

18. These Packing Cubes That Make Traveling So Much Easier

Grab a set of these packing cubes to squeeze more in your suitcase or backpack — they’ll keep everything organized, too. The set comes with four cubes in various sizes, as well as a drawstring bag for separating out dirty laundry. Each one is made from sturdy nylon with a breathable mesh panel. The set is available in several colors within the listing.

19. A Facial Mask Made Out Of Snail Mucin That's Great For Your Skin

Rubbing snail slime on your face may sound unusual, but their mucin actually works like magic on your skin. This particular snail regeneration facial mask features 7,000 PPM secretion filtrate which is significantly more than the standard 1,000 to 5,000 that you find in most snail-based facial products. The paraben-free solution mixes the soft mucin with natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to enrich your skin, free up blemishes, and leave it feeling soft and silky.

20. This Best-Selling Vehicle Organizer With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

With a near-perfect star rating on Amazon after 65,000-plus reviews, this multi-compartment organizer is essential for keeping items organized and secure in your vehicle. It’s made from a durable material that’s waterproof and it has steel-tipped straps to secure it. The collapsible design means you can resize the organizer to fit in cars, SUVs, and trucks of any size.

21. This $10 Kabuki Brush With 29,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Made from synthetic fibers that are as soft as real hair, this kabuki brush has a dense, flat head, making it perfect for applying and blending all types of makeup — including liquid, powder, and creams. Amazon reviewers confirm that the brush doesn’t shed, even with repeated use.

22. A Dish Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Don’t have a ton of space to work with in your kitchen? Then throw out that bulky dish rack in favor of this over-the-sink version. Its rungs are made from tough stainless steel that can hold up against heavy pieces of cookware — and since they’re also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.

23. These Clips For A Secure Duvet Or Comforter

Pop these round plastic clips onto your duvet or comforter to stop your insert from sliding around. Each one is two pieces that clip onto the four corners of your duvet without damaging it. There are 20 pieces, so you can use them on multiple beds and have backups if you lose one.

24. A Gel Face Mask You Can Wear At Your Desk

Mid-work headaches are real, and this gel facial mask is a fix that won’t make you abandon your desk for your bed. You can freeze it or microwave it before simply securing the adjustable straps on your head. So, you can keep typing while the temperature-retaining beads help your skin and that afternoon headache.

25. This Microwave-Safe Dish Made For Warming Up Tortillas

Don’t settle for cold, hard tortillas when you can have soft and warm ones in just seconds with this tortilla warmer. The two-piece design keeps tortillas from drying out in the microwave and keeps them warm for use under the loose-fitting lid. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning when finished and comes in five colors to choose from, including oat, red, and terra cotta.

26. The Hair Mask That Uses Argan Oil To Condition Your Locks

If you're looking to smooth dry or frizzy hair, this hair mask will do it quickly. In just 10 to 15 minutes, this steam mask helps revitalize hair by using a two-step process to help lock-in moisture: first, a deep conditioning treatment, and then a cap that activates the capsicum extract in the conditioning formula to create heat that helps condition your hair even further.

27. This Coffee Mug Holder That Keeps Morning Supplies Organized

Streamline your morning routine with this coffee mug holder that has all your supplies at the ready. It’s constructed of metal, can hang up to six mugs, and holds an ample amount of pods in the bottom basket. Small feet on the bottom keep the rack stable and a handle on the top makes it easy to carry around if needed.

28. The Cleansing Stick That Uses Charcoal To Clear Your Pores

Charcoal has been used as a way to hydrate and purify skin for centuries, so it makes sense that you'd want a cleansing stick with charcoal in it. Not only is the 23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar's main ingredient charcoal, but it's even simpler to use than a bar of soap — just rub it right on a damp face and it foams right up. "I have naturally dry skin but I do get breakouts on occasion," one Amazon reviewer gushes. "I love using this product to spot treat my breakouts or to do my t-zone when it's feeling oily. It really helps to draw out the redness and inflammation in problem areas."

29. A Silicone Lid That Lets You Save Canned Food For Later

Be pleasantly surprised by these who-knew-they-existed can lids that pop on your open pet food, yogurt, or even soda cans, making it easy to save them for later. The covers are made of non-toxic, BPA-free silicone and are flexible enough to fit snugly over nearly any can. They’re also reusable, as well as safe to send through the microwave and dishwasher.

30. This Relaxing Pillow Mist Made With Essential Oils

This pillow mist uses natural essential oils like lavender and amber for a soothing scent that can be sprayed on your sheets and throw blankets as well. The plant-based formula is made without any parabens and phosphates and won’t irritate the skin. Instead, it’ll relax the senses and help you get a better night’s sleep.

31. An Electric Whisk Takes Morning Coffee To The Next Level

Tired of drinking the same cup of Joe every morning? Then this electric whisk is more than worth a look. It’s great for whipping up milk into a delicious froth — and since it runs at an ultra-silent level, there’s no need to worry about disturbing your neighbors if you use it at the office. Just supply two of your own AA batteries and it’s ready to work.

32. The Back Scrubber That Reaches To Exfoliate Your Entire Back

Whereas other back scrubbers make you reach and bend in awkward angles to reach every spot on your back, the AQUIS exfoliating back scrubber is long and has handles on both ends so that you can stretch it across your body and leave no spot unscrubbed. There are even two sides to better suit your needs: one with a textured, loofah-like surface that deeply exfoliates and the other with a soft microfiber surface for massaging and nurturing skin.

33. The Shot Glasses Made Out Of Pure Himalayan Salt

Carved from high-quality, food-grade Himalayan pink salt, The Spice Lab Himalayan salt shot glasses naturally add a pinch of salty taste to any liquor you pour in, whether it's tequila or bourbon. Each shot glass is made of 100% pure Himalayan salt, and since salt is a naturally antibacterial mineral all you need to do to keep them clean is give them a quick wipe after use — no dishwasher necessary!

34. This Rose Gold Eyelash Curler That Won’t Pinch Or Pull

Curl your lashes without painful pulling and pinching with this rose gold curler that’s curved to fit the shape of your eye. A thick pad on the inside helps protect lashes, and the stainless steel construction provides a strong and sturdy feel. You’ll get two extra pad refills and a satin pouch to keep it all in, and there are three additional colors to choose from, too.

35. An Adhesive Tape That Helps Keep Rugs From Curling

Curled rugs are a recipe for trips and falls, which is why it’s never a bad idea to keep this double-sided tape on hand. Not only does it help hold rugs down flat, but it’s also suitable for use on nearly any surface — from concrete to carpet. And unlike some kinds of tape, this one won’t leave behind sticky residues upon removal.

36. This Strip Of Lights For A Dramatic Glow Behind Your TV

With an adhesive backing and a USB plug that goes directly into the back of your TV, these LED lights are a fun and easy way to add a little drama to your entertainment center. The added light may even help the colors on your screen look brighter and more vivid. They’re also great for putting under your kitchen cabinets for some cool accent lighting.

37. An Electric Cleaner That Refreshes Your Makeup Brushes

Make quick work of an otherwise tedious task with this spinning handle attachment that whirls makeup brushes through a cleaning solution for a quick and efficient wash. The kit comes with eight brush adapters to accommodate most handle sizes, plus a cleaning bowl and a stand to keep the attachments in.

38. This Phone Holder That Sits Neatly In Your Car’s Cup Holder

If you want to keep the clean, clutter-free look of your dashboard while still being able to keep an eye on your phone, consider this phone stand that sits neatly in your car’s cup holder. A gooseneck arm and a rotating base allow you to set your phone at the perfect angle, while the adjustable base will fit snugly in most car cup holders.

39. These Best-Selling Silicone Baking Mats With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

With a near-perfect star rating on Amazon after 99,000-plus reviews, these silicone mats are a must-have for baking — they eliminate the need for cooking sprays, foil, and parchment paper. They’re nonstick and oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and they easily wipe clean with just soap and water.

40. A Set Of Microwavable Sleeves To Protect Your Hands From Hot Bowls

Whether you’re heating up leftovers or making a yummy bowl of soup, these bowl huggers will help protect your hands from hot dishes. They can also be used to protect your countertop from hot pots or to keep your hands warm when eating ice cream. The soft microfiber material can be machine-washed when dirty, and the huggers come in six colors to choose from.

41. These Hydrocolloid Patches That Help Blemishes Heal Quickly

These acne patches feature hydrocolloid dressing that draws out impurities, flattening your blemishes within just a few hours. They’re also suitable for use on all types of skin, and features a translucent, matte finish that you can easily blend under makeup for a subtle daytime look.

42. An Organizer That Helps Keep Your Handbags And Purses Looking Neat

Take that pile of handbags from your floor and give them new life by storing them in this purse organizer that hangs from your closet rod. It’s made of durable non-woven fabric and can hold up to eight total handbags ranging from small to large. Transparent plastic slots allow you to easily see what’s stored where and the whole thing can be effortlessly folded up when not in use.

43. An Ironing Mat For When You Don’t Feel Like Pulling Out The Entire Board

When you only need to iron one thing or you find yourself with a wrinkled top while traveling, use this portable ironing mat to quickly set up shop on top of your dryer, dresser, or floor. The thick mat is heat-resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, measures 18 by 31 inches, and folds up for easy storage.

44. This Portable Neck Fan With 24,000+ 5-Star Reviews

The design of this portable fan is pure genius — when worn around your neck, the 78 built-in air outlets will keep you supremely cool, even during the hot, humid days of summer. It operates quietly and will run up to 16 hours on a single charge (it’s rechargeable via USB).