41 Brilliant Reusable Products On Amazon That'll Last Forever

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by Julia O'Donnell
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Sometimes I fantasize about dropping everything, tossing my cell phone in a lake, and living alone in a tiny log cabin that I’ve built in the woods. In today’s high-speed world, there’s something appealing about a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Honestly, though, I should probably work on my farming skills before I take off for the wilderness. In the meantime, I love simplifying my life by finding useful products on Amazon that are eco-friendly and cut back on unnecessary waste.

It might seem counterintuitive to buy things when I’m trying to cut back on consumption and waste. However, like most of us, I have lots of everyday habits that create a ton of waste — and things I constantly purchase and replace without even thinking about it. In the long run, buying a longer-lasting, reusable version of those items is actually a better investment, both for my wallet and for the planet.

For example, every time I wash my face, I throw away several cotton balls. Until I found these washable, reusable makeup remover pads, that is. Same goes for these reusable K-cups, or these wool dryer balls. Products like these quickly end up paying for themselves, since unlike their single-use counterparts, I won't have to replace them anytime soon.

If you don’t have hours to spend scouring Amazon for the very best reusable, eco-friendly products out there, don't worry — I’ve got your back. Keep clicking to see all the best products that can be used over and over again.

The Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That Help Save The Earth

Not only do these reusable makeup remover pads create way less waste than single-use cotton ones, the company that makes them has promised to plant a new tree with every purchase. Each of the 14 microfiber pads has a black side and a white side — use the former to remove colorful or dark makeup without creating a stain, then the latter to apply toner, moisturizer, etc. To clean the pads, simply run through them through the washer and dryer inside the included reusable mesh laundry bag.

These Wool Dryer Balls That Soften Fabric Without Using Chemicals

These all-natural, reusable wool dryer balls naturally soften your laundry without using any chemicals or synthetics — meaning they're perfect for babies, people with sensitive skin, or anyone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint. Each dryer ball is made by hand using 100 percent natural New Zealand sheep's wool, and is a bit larger than a tennis ball. The balls help laundry dry more quickly (lowering your energy bill), and can be reused for up to 1,000 loads of laundry, which can take up to four years.

A Set Of Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

Seemingly out of nowhere, disposable plastic drinking straws have gone from ubiquitous to a bit taboo. If you're not ready to give up your straw habit, these reusable glass drinking straws are an eco-friendly alternative that won't litter our oceans with plastic. This set of four straws is made of durable, shatter-resistant glass, and come with their own little cleaning brush. They're BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly, and completely safe to use with both hot or cold beverages.

A Gorgeous Bamboo Cutlery Set You Can Take Anywhere

This set of reusable bamboo cutlery will go with you anywhere and everywhere — take it camping or to festivals, bring it to the office with your packed lunch, or stash it in your glove box so you can skip the plastic cutlery at the drive-through. The set includes a fork, serrated knife, chopsticks, spoon, straw and cleaning brush, all made of 100 percent ethically-sourced bamboo, and all contained in a cute travel pouch. They even throw in a bamboo charcoal toothbrush for good measure.

These Reusable Produce Bags To Replace Those Flimsy Plastic Ones From The Grocery Store

Many of us already own reusable grocery bags — but are you still using plastic at the grocery store to pick up your produce? If so, these reusable mesh produce bags are a convenient, easy way to make your grocery shopping more eco-friendly. Each bag is 12 by 14 inches — leaving enough room for bulky items like broccoli or lettuce. They're made of durable, machine-washable nylon mesh, with a drawstring at the top to hold them shut.

A Minimalist, Reusable Bento Box You'll Use Every Single Day

A great lunch box is an investment — after all, it's something you use almost every day. This sleek, minimalist bento box makes packing a lunch fun and easy. Its compact design includes a large bottom tray perfect for your main lunch, and a top tray with an adjustable divider to create compartments for snacks or side dishes. Attached to the lid, there's a little compartment to stash reusable chopsticks or cutlery, which are included. It's completely leak-proof, BPA-free, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

A Reusable Menstrual Cup That Amazon Reviewers Say Changed Their Lives

Not only do cotton pads or tampons create a ton of waste, their price can really add up over time. This reusable menstrual cup literally lasts for 10 years, and can be left in for up to twelve hours (it's four times more absorbent than a regular tampon). It's made of medical-grade silicone, and Amazon reviewers say it's super comfortable and easy to use. "Reduce waste, save money," one reviewer writes.

A Set Of Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Easily Stash In Your Purse

These collapsible, machine-washable grocery bags come attached to a small storage pouch and carabiner clip, making it easy to have them on hand. When they're stuffed inside their pouch, they're about the size of a deck of cards, yet they can carry up to 25 pounds. "When I go shopping I clip them to the outside of my purse and they're easily accessible for when I checkout," one satisfied Amazon reviewer reported.

A Set Of Resealable Storage Bags You Can Use For Years

These reusable silicone storage bags are an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to single-use storage bags. They're heat-resistant, durable, and easy to clean — just run them through the dishwasher. The set of four comes with two medium bags and two larger bags with a bag stand.

An Old-School Canvas Lunch Bag That Proves There's Beauty In Simplicity

This classic canvas lunch bag has a nostalgic, old-school feel in the best way possible. Simple and durable, it gets the job done without any extra bells or whistles. The bag is made of sturdy canvas with a special wax coating that makes it completely waterproof and stain-resistant. It's also made without any plastics or animal by-products. "This lunch bag is beautiful," one Amazon reviewer gushed. "I literally have had every single person at the office comment on how cool it is."

A Stylish Travel Coffee Mug That's Made Of Shatterproof Glass

There's something satisfying about this reusable coffee cup that's made of shatterproof, artisan-blown borosilicate glass — just by looking at it, you can definitely tell it's super high-quality. The cup is dishwasher-safe and it comes with a thermal silicone sleeve to keep your hands cool. The mug is safe to use with both hot and cold beverages. It comes in five sizes and nine colors.

A Set Of Stretchy Lids To Turn Any Bowl, Pot, Or Mug Into A Resealable Tupperware-Style Container

These ingenious stretchy silicone food lids are perfect for anyone who hates spending extra time cleaning up in the kitchen (so basically, anyone). They're made of stretchy, BPA-free silicone that adjusts to fit over a range of bowls, pans, mugs, and more — saving you the trouble of transferring leftovers into a separate container. The set comes with 13 lids of various sizes, and the lids are safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

These Reusable Cleaning Cloths To Replace Your Paper Towels

Each of these eco-friendly, reusable cleaning cloths is durable enough to replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels. Made of cotton and cellulose, they're completely biodegradable and are great for bathrooms, kitchens, dishes, and just about any other surface in your home. When they get dirty, simply toss them in the dishwasher or washing machine. "Anything you've ever used a paper towel for - these will do a better job," one happy Amazon reviewer gushed.

A Set Of Reusable Bags To Keep Your Snacks And Sandwiches Fresh

These printed reusable snack bags are not only super cute, but they have about a million practical uses. Use them for leftovers, when packing a lunch, or even to store cosmetics and other essentials when you're traveling. They're made with durable, double-layered, BPA-free polyester fabric, and can safely be cleaned in a washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher. The set comes with three bags: one large, one medium, and one small.

A Set Of Food Containers That's Completely Plastic-Free

If you're looking to avoid storing your food in plastic containers, these containers are perfect for you. The containers themselves are made with strong, durable glass that's oven-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. The air-tight lids are made with attractive, eco-friendly bamboo, and they can even double as sturdy cutting boards. This set for eight comes with containers in four different sizes, to fit a variety of types of food.

These Adorable Food Wraps You Can Use Instead Of Plastic Wrap

Obviously, these beeswax food wraps are super cute. More importantly, though, they're an effortless way to cut down on waste — because they're a reusable alternative to plastic food wrap. They're made with cotton fabric coated with ethically harvested, organic beeswax. Place the wrap over the dish you're covering, and the warmth from your hands softens the wax, creating a seal. "This product is amazing!!" one Amazon reviewer gushed. "I was skeptical of whether it would actually work and do the same as my cling wrap. But it does."

These Reusable Ice Packs That Are The Perfect Size To Fit In Your Lunch Box

These reusable ice packs will instantly expand your options when packing a lunch, because they'll keep perishable items cold without refrigeration for up to eight hours. Each of the four packs in the set is made of sturdy BPA-free vinyl with a unique print, and filled with non-toxic gel. Plus, the packs are only about 1-inch thick, small enough to fit in a fully packed lunch box.

These Reusable Air Fresheners That Actually Purify The Air

While most air fresheners simply mask odors by exuding fragrances, these reusable air fresheners actually remove foul odors like pet litter, sweat, and mildew from the air. They're made with activated bamboo charcoal, an all-natural air purifier that absorbs and removes odors without using chemicals. Plus, they can be reused for up to two years — once a month, place the air fresheners outside for a few hours, and the sun will remove excess moisture and naturally rejuvenate the charcoal.

A Pack Of Biodegradable Toothbrushes To Help Keep Our Landfills Clean

While regular plastic toothbrushes take hundreds of years to break down, these biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes can be fully composted in only six months. Keeping our landfills clean isn't the only reason to switch to a bamboo brush, though — bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial. This set of four bamboo toothbrushes have soft, BPA-free nylon bristles, and even their packaging is sustainable and plastic-free.

A Set Of Reusable, Refillable K-Cups Will Save You A Ton Of Money

Kuerig coffee makers are so convenient, but the cost of the single-use K-cups can add up quickly. These ingenious refillable, reusable K-cups will save you a ton of money, plus they're an easy way to reduce unnecessary waste. The cup is made with BPA-free plastic and stainless steel mesh — just fill it with your favorite ground coffee, then use it in any Kuerig-style coffee maker, just like you would use a disposable one. Afterwards, you can safely clean it in the dishwasher, or by simply rinsing it out.

The Anti-Microbial Sponges That Germaphobes Will Love

If you've ever worried about how much bacteria lives on everyday objects like your cell phone, toothbrush, or kitchen sink, these antimicrobial sponges are for you. They're made with a patented anti-microbial foam base that prevents foul-smelling bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing on the sponge. Above the foam base, there's a gentle-yet-effective scouring pad that won't hold onto food or germs. Plus, the sponges have a monogram that fades with use. When you no longer see the monogram, it's time to replace your sponge.

A Reusable, Erasable Notebook That Is Basically Magic

This erasable, reusable notebook gives you all the perks of writing or drawing in a regular notebook, without the inevitable pile of crumpled paper on the floor. Draw or write on the pages with the included pen — and when you're finished, you can upload your work to Cloud, your email, and more using an app. When you're ready to erase the page, simply wipe it clean with a damp towel. The future is now.

These Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads That Are Made With Bamboo

The inner layers of these reusable cloth menstrual pads are made with bamboo charcoal, a material known for its natural purifying, odor-absorbing properties. The outer shell is a laminated, waterproof layer to prevent leakage, and the inner shell is made with ultra-absorbent microfiber. The pads are also designed with snaps that attach around your underwear, ensuring they won't slip. They're available in three sizes to suit your flow: small, medium, or large.

These Adorable Squishy Food Pouches Will Help You Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

You don't have to be a baby to love these reusable squishy food pouches (although kids definitely love them). Eating foods like yogurt or thicker smoothies out of a pouch is simply more fun, especially when you're biking, camping, or in the car. Just use the resealable zipper to fill the pouch with your squishy food of choice, then drink from the straw at the top like it's a juice box. These pouches are BPA-free, and they're super easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

A Reusable Lint Roller That Becomes Sticky Again When You Wash It

When you have a pet, trying to avoid being constantly covered in hair can feel like an uphill battle. With this washable, reusable lint roller, you'll no longer find yourself purchasing a new lint roller every other day. Like magic, this lint roller's surface is endlessly sticky and ready to use — all you need to do is wash it with soap and water after each use. The set comes with four rollers, two large and two small.

These Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads You Can Use With Your Swiffer

Swiffer-style disposable mop heads can really add up in terms of price and environmental impact. These reusable, Swiffer-compatible microfiber mop heads will literally do the same thing as hundreds of disposable mop heads would — simply attach them on your Swiffer using their Velcro straps, then throw them into the washing machine to clean. They're made of polyester microfiber with tough scrubbing pads, and can be wet or dry for mopping or sweeping.

These Reusable Water Bottles That Look And Feel Like Single-Use Plastic Ones

If you're someone who loves a classic single-use plastic water bottle, these reusable water bottles are for you. Their size, shape, and look is just like a disposable bottle, but they're made of better-quality, more durable hard plastic you can wash and reuse over and over again. Plus, unlike a disposable bottle, these can be twisted open at the center, giving you a larger opening so you can add ice, fruit, and more.

These Durable Gallon-Sized Storage Bags You'll Use For Everything

There's no shortage of possible uses for these durable, reusable storage bags — store food in the freezer or refrigerator, protect cosmetics or toiletries when you're traveling, or keep chips, pasta, and other pantry items fresh. The gallon-sized bags are made of food-grade, BPA-free PEVA material, which looks and feels similar to a vinyl shower curtain. They're designed with a strong double-lock zipper to ensure they're completely air-tight.

A Set Of Reusable Bulk Bin Bags For Any Amount Of Bulk Food

One of the greatest things about buying food is bulk is that it doesn't come in a bunch of unnecessary packaging. With these reusable cloth bulk bin bags, you'll reduce your environmental footprint even more, since you'll never need those thin, flimsy plastic bags they provide at the store. These reusable bags are made with biodegradable cotton muslin that's been double-stitched for maximum durability. The set of six bags includes two large, two medium, and two small bulk bags, each with a sturdy adjustable drawstring.

A Soothing Gel Pack That Straps On So You Don't Have To Hold It

This nifty reusable gel pack is equally great for both hot and cold therapy. It's designed to put on your body using a sturdy Velcro strap, and you can place it just about anywhere: your back, neck, hip, thigh, ankle, and waist, for instance. It's 14 inches long and 6 inches wide, big enough to cover a fairly large injury or strain. "This is easy to adjust, provides plenty of cold, and totally stays put while I'm moving around," one satisfied Amazon reviewer reported.

An Innovative Infuser Bottle To Take Your Hydration Game To The Next Level

This genius infuser water bottle is designed to ensure you're getting as much flavor as possible out of your citrus, berries, and herbs. The bottle itself has an insulating sleeve, holds 24 ounces, and comes with a straw lid. Choose from two colors.

These Silicone Dishwashing Gloves So You'll Never Have To Touch A Slimy Sponge

These silicone scrubbing gloves not only protect your hands from chemicals, slime, and bacteria — they actually work as a super-effective replacement for a regular sponge or towel. The gloves are designed with silicone bristles that are surprisingly tough on even the stubbornest messes. They are waterproof and heat-resistant and come in gray or purple.

A Durable Silicone Scrubbing Brush To Clean Narrow Bottles

Silicone scrubbing brushes won't retain odors, stains, or germ — and this silicone bottle brush is the perfect size to clean tall, narrow bottles, glasses, jars, vases, and more. Its soft bristles are tough enough to remove baked-on gunk, yet won't scratch fragile glass or ceramic. The brush is 12.5 inches long, is made of BPA-free silicone, and is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

The Reusable Twist Ties That Have A Cult-Following On Amazon

These reusable twist ties prove that sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones. These nifty little ties have accumulated over 4,000 glowing five-star reviews on Amazon, and people have found about a million different ingenious and practical uses for them. The ties work like a regular twist tie — except the bendable wire core is much stronger — and they have a tough rubber exterior that's durable enough for outdoor use. "Where have these been all my life?" one Amazon reviewer gushed. "Seriously. These things are wildly useful."

The Super-Gentle Makeup Remover Cloths You Can Reuse Over And Over Again

These soft, plush microfiber makeup remover wipes will save you from spending a ton of money on makeup remover, cotton balls, or wipes. You can use them with your favorite cleanser or makeup remover, although reviewers were blown away by how effectively the soft microfibers removed dirt, grime, and makeup using nothing but warm water. When they get dirty, simply toss them in the wash. "I'm THRILLED with how well these work," one reviewer gushed. "I was so skeptical that just this and water could get my makeup off."

These Small Silicone Bottles That Are Perfect For Traveling

If you've ever wanted to scream as you struggle to salvage the last precious drops of conditioner from a travel-sized bottle made of hard plastic, these squeezable silicone travel bottles are for you. They're made of soft, flexible silicone with a patented design that makes it easy to squeeze out every last bit of soap or shampoo. The wide lid makes them super easy to fill and clean, and the 1.25-ounce size TSA-approved for your carry-on.

These Reusable Salad Dressing Containers Are The Perfect Alternative To Individual Dressing Packets

Say goodbye to soggy salads, dry sandwiches, and bland, sauce-free side dishes. These cute little reusable salad dressing containers make it easy to pack sauces and dressings to go, without the extra cost and waste that comes with individually-packaged products. Each of the four containers that come in the set can hold 1.18 ounces. The containers are made of BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic, and they're dishwasher- and microwave-safe (just make sure you take the lid off first).

These Fun Coconut Shell Bowls Will Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation

This fun set of bowls gives off some serious tropical vibes. They're made with nothing but coconuts, which local artisans collect, clean, sand, and polish with organic coconut oil until they're soft and smooth. Since the bowls are handmade and reflect the natural shapes of the coconuts they're made from, each one is completely unique. The set also comes with two unique spoons, which are hand-carved using palm wood from coconut trees. You'll keep these forever.

This Unique Gift Wrap With Metallic Pineapple And Cacti Designs

This unique wrapping paper makes pretty special gift all on its own. It features six sheets adorned with metallic gold foil cacti, pineapples, and unicorns for a fun, chic take on traditional gift wrap. The paper is also thick, durable, and won’t tear easily.

An Insulated Bamboo Tea Tumblr For Looseleaf Tea

If you drink a lot of tea, loose leaf tea is an eco-friendly alternative to individually-packaged paper tea bags. This insulated tea tumblr makes the transition easy — it's stylish, practical, and super easy to use. Just place loose tea leaves in the mesh cup, then add up to 18 ounces of hot water. The tumblr is made with stainless steel and all-natural bamboo, with a air-tight, leak-proof lid. Since it's insulated, the tumblr will keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours.

These Biodegradable Dish Scrubbers That Are Made From A Loofah Plant

These all-natural dish scrubbers are made by sewing together dried fiber from loofah, a plant people have been using to clean their homes and bodies for hundreds of years. The scrubbers, which come in a pack of three, are super dense and durable, and come with a little loop for hanging when they're not in use. The scrubbers can safely be sterilized by boiling them, and they're completely biodegradable, so when it's finally time to retire them, you can toss them in the compost instead of the trash.

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