39 Clever Gifts On Amazon For Dads Who Are Hard To Buy For

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Having trouble buying gifts for the men in your life? This can be a notoriously difficult task sometimes — particularly when those men are your dad. Finding gifts for Father’s Day or other dad-related occasions (i.e. birthdays, the holidays, and more) has to be one of the worst ways to spend an afternoon. (I mean, I’m sure things like root canals or stubbing your toe is worse, it’s just hard to imagine when you’re in the throes of dad-related gift planning).

There are a lot of reasons why shopping for your dad (or father figure, or grandpa, or uncle, or just somebody you really love) is so tricky. Despite what so many gift guides want you to believe, guys aren't all the same. Sure, some dudes might appreciate a high-end sandalwood scented candle or a pair of cashmere dress socks, but others might want something a little more functional than fancy.

It’s a difficult endeavor, I know, and you’re a brave person for taking it on. To help you out, I’ve gathered a list of gifts for dads that just about any guy (or any person, because these gifts can be enjoyed by all — so why not get all your shopping out of the way?). Check them out and be prepared to be their favorite daughter.

A Small Bluetooth Sound Bar That Offers Big Sound

Turn your dad’s living room into a movie theater with this 16-inch sound bar. This Bluetooth-enabled speaker offers crystal clear, amplified sound, and the audio can be adjusted to three different modes with the remote. This sleek, slim sound bar isn’t just great for TV use — it’s small enough to use for laptops, making this great for gamer dads.

A Convenient Case That Stores & Tests Your Batteries

This durable plastic battery organizer and tester can hold up to 93 batteries, including AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, D, and flat batteries. In addition to helping your dad clean up his junk drawer and throw out that dusty plastic bag that was holding batteries of questionable age, this organizer has a clever battery tester, so dad will know whether his batteries are still good. This organizer can be stored in a drawer or mounted on the wall, another handy feature that helped it gain over 12,000 five-star reviews.

A Powerful Mineral Clay Mask That's Full Of Vitamins And Antioxidants

Made with a detoxifying blend of kaolin clay, aloe vera, grape seed oil, sea kelp, and spirulina, this facial mask for men hydrates the skin while lifting dirt and other impurities from deep inside their pores. It's full of highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourishes the complexion while preventing blemishes and breakouts. The versatile mask can be used on normal, sensitive, oily, dry, acne-prone, and combination skin types.

An Ultra-Handy Multi-Tool That Features Nine Separate Uses

This ridiculously convenient multi-tool pen is designed to perform just about any handy work your dad might come up with. The nine-in-one gadget features three rulers, two screwdrivers, a pen, a stylus, and a built-in level. The heavy-weight, six-sided barrel is sturdy and strong, allowing the pen to write smoothly on paper while the stylus scribbles and draws effortlessly on touchscreen devices.

A Set Of Ice Cold Whiskey Stones To Keep Their Drinks Chilled

If your dad is into scotch or other fine spirits, they will adore this set of premium grade whiskey stones. The hand-crafted rocks, which are made from pure soapstone, are made to go in a tumbler to keep their drinks cold without ice melting and diluting the beverage. Keep them in the freezer and when it's time to pour a cold drink, add them to the glass to keep it chilled. The stones are dishwasher-safe and infinitely reusable.

A Genius Cooling Band That Prevents Them From Overheating On Hot, Sticky Days

Designed with 12 different ways to wear it in mind, this super versatile cooling band will keep anyone from overheating on hot summer days. To use it, just soak the band in cold water, wring it out, and give a quick snap to activate the cooling effect. It can be worn as a neckband, headband, face cover, hair cover, ninja mask, balaclava, or numerous other variations. The hands-free band is ideal for jogging or exercising, yard work, outdoor concerts, beer tastings, amusement parks, picnics, or other hot-weather activities where it's easy to overheat.

A 12-Piece Knife Set That Includes Cutting Mats And A Sharpener

Prepare for your dad to morph into a culinary wizard with this comprehensive knife set that includes a chef's knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, veggie peeler, sharpener, kitchen shears (with a built-in nutcracker), and four different cutting mats. The knives showcase razor-sharp blades made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that won't tarnish with exposure to moisture, oils, and food acids.

A Brilliant Back Scratcher With A Double-Sided Spike Pad

With double-sided spikes and 44-inch straps, this super effective back scratcher lets your dad access those hard-to-reach spots on their back without asking for assistance. The wide scratching surface features gentle nubs on one side and tougher, more aggressive spikes on the other, allowing them to customize the gadget to the intensity of the itch and how sensitive skin is. "Relief AT LAST!" said one happy Amazon customer. "This thing is the best device I've ever found to scratch my back."

A Reversible Cast Iron Griddle That You Can Grill On All Year Long

If your dad loves to grill but isn’t the sort to trek out in the snow to make burgers, this reversible cast iron griddle will give him the gift of charred food all year long. This pre-seasoned cast iron griddle can be used on gas stoves or on the grill, and it’s long enough to be used on two stove burners at once. One side has ridged lines, which are great for searing steaks, while the other is a smooth cast iron surface for pancakes, eggs, or anything else. Raised lines on each side keep grease on the griddle, and this kit even comes with scrapers for keeping your cast iron clean.

A Stainless Steel Beer Mug That Keeps Drinks Icy Cold

With stainless steel beer mug, dad’s drink will stay cold and refreshing. (And it can be used to keep hot drinks warm, too.) The insulated mug has a 16.9-ounce capacity and comes with an airtight lid to help prevent leaks. Plus, the mug is dishwasher safe and you can keep it in the freezer so it’s always ice cold when you need it.

A Pair Of Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds That Connect Around The Neck When Not In Use

These wireless earbuds feature supreme sound quality and a super-fast Bluetooth connection. They are fully sweatproof — allowing anyone to wear them while exercising or working out — and the unique magnetic design lets the earpieces attach to one another like a necklace when not in use. The all-in-one kit comes with five pairs of ear tips in different sizes, a charging cable, a chic leatherette carrying case, and more.

A Fantastically Relaxing Massage Glove That Has Rotating Metal Balls

Constructed with nine rolling metals balls that rotate 360-degrees, this palm-shaped massage glove relieves aches, pains, and general stress from the muscles. The hand-held design makes it easy to use and ultra-versatile, suitable for use on the head, face, neck, back, chest, belly, legs, feet, and other sore muscle zones. On top of that, the massage glove improves circulation and reduces tension.

A Beard Grooming Kit With An Innovative Straightening Tool

For anyone who prefers to straighten their facial hair, this beard grooming kit is sure to come in handy. Constructed with ceramic bristles and three heat settings, the innovative straightening comb can heat up in under a minute, but its easy-to-use design protects skin from getting too hot. The star of the show is the straightening tool, which you can even use on your (head) hair — but as a bonus, it comes with a sleek, dual-sided wooden comb, too.

A Handy Magnetic BBQ Light That Lets Them Keep Grilling After Dark

If your dad is a bonafide grill master, he'll be obsessed with this magnetic barbecue light that allows them to keep the steaks and hamburger patties cooking long after the sun goes down. Featuring six super bright LED lights and a bendy steel neck, they can twist the light to any angle and fully illuminate the grill. The handy light, which is battery-operated and fully portable, comes in a durable plastic case with thick double foam inside.

A Portable Blender They Can Make All Their Favorite Beverages In

Perfect for making blended drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, marinades, and more, this personal blender has a 175-watt motor that absolutely pulverizes ice, fruits, and vegetables. It has a portable blending cup that they can pull right off and take to work — no extra dishes required. It'll fit into most car cupholders, too.

A High-Performance Workout Top That's Moisture-Wicking But Also Stylish

With a chic, athletic fit, this machine-washable T-shirt is made with moisture-wicking fabric and a reflective logo that's perfect for exercising while also remaining stylish. The flexible, tech-stretch material is quick-drying, so if your dad is one of those guys who drips with sweat every time they work out, it won't be uncomfortable. Plus, it has built-in UPF sun protection to prevent them from burning on hot summer days.

A Handy Device To Hang Your Echo Dot On The Wall

Forget long, cumbersome cords — this awesome smart speaker mount allows your dad to play music with the simple sound of their voice. Connect it to any Echo Dot or another round, mini-sized voice assistant, and plug it into the wall: no more messy cables stretching across the kitchen counter. The mount hangs neatly from the outlet, facing outward and projecting more volume. It also has a tailored design to make the hook portion fit more snugly and prevent the device from falling.

A Set Of Fun Beard Balms

Give dad’s facial hair a hand with this duo of nourishing beard balms. With a sandalwood and orange scent, it conditions while it grooms with natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

An Ultra-Durable Bamboo Cutting Board That Looks Good In The Kitchen

With an attractive two-tone design, this bamboo cutting board provides a thick, durable space for cutting meat or chopping veggies that also looks amazing sitting on the countertop. Its crack-free design ensures the board won't splinter, and its antimicrobial material prevents bacteria from getting trapped in the grains. On top of that, it has a convenient juice groove around the edge to catch liquids, and smooth corners to prevent scratching.

A Vintage Leather Holder For Headphones

Stash their headphones in this classy leather earbuds holder. The vintage-style headphone wrap is ridiculously easy to use: Just wind the cord around the middle and use the strap to keep everything in place. No more tangled cables or annoying cords, and you can choose from five different colors.

These Little Water-Resistant Cubes For Fire Pits & Camping

Whether your dad's a full-on Bear Grylls survivalist type or someone who wants to be able to start up their fire pit with ease, these fire starter cubes are just the ticket. They made with a water-resistant blend of wool and wax, so you can light them even when it’s damp. Plus, they come in packs of 160 cubes and are made to last as long as 10 minutes each, which should be plenty of time to get those logs lit.

A USB Hub That Transfers Data In Seconds

Compatible with MacBooks, PCs, and more, this USB hub plugs into your computer and lets you sync data from up to four devices using one USB port. It allows you to transfer data in seconds — even an HD movie will sync quickly, making this a great gift for media-savvy dads. An adjustable 2-foot cable is included too.

A Squatty Potty That's Made With A Fancy Teak Finish

Just when you thought the Squatty Potty couldn't get any more amazing, they go and make one out of teak. This awesome bathroom accessory, which lifts your knees above your hips to help you poop faster and more effortlessly, is typically made of white plastic. However, this one is constructed from plywood and coated with a classy teak finish, making it look as good as it makes you feel.

A French Press Coffee Maker That's Also A Travel Cup

Make a strong cup of coffee and keep it piping hot all day long with this mega convenient travel mug. The vacuum-insulated cup, which is 33 percent thicker and 20 percent heavier than your typical mugs, keeps java hot 60 minutes longer than a regular glass. It has a spring-loaded, double-screen filter to ensure that coffee grinds don't end up in their teeth, and a cool-touch handle so they doesn't burn their fingers.

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That's Perfect For BBQs And Camping Trips

With a sleek design, this fantastically portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect accessory for barbecues, potlucks, cookouts, camping, and other outdoor excursions. It delivers crisp sound and also has a built-in, color-changing LED light for even more of a party vibe. Plus, the water-resistant speaker offers up to 30 hours of playtime on one charge.

A New Version Of The Classic 'Settlers Of Catan' Board Game

If your dad loves playing games, there's no better way to scratch that itch than with a few rounds of Settlers of Catan. The beloved board game — which has recently been rebranded as "Catan" — is a long-time favorite among geeks and non-geeks alike. To play, you trade and barter goods to acquire settlements, sort of like a primitive-era Monopoly. The new version of the game, which won a "Game of the Century" award, has updated graphics, new cards, and an expanded rulebook. "Beware!" warned one Amazon user. "Don't try this unless you plan on getting addicted."

A Handy Little Iron That Fits In A Suitcase

If your dad travels at all for work, this portable iron will make their life wonderfully easy. With three heat settings and an ergonomic design, the super compact iron can tackle collars, cuffs, and creases, smoothing out wrinkles in button-down shirts and making them look crisp. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up, and the dual-voltage design makes it ideal for travel.

A Basketball-Themed Mug With A Hoop They Can Dunk Food In To

If this basketball-shaped mug doesn't say "dad," then nothing does. Designed with a special hoop for slam dunking marshmallows or other beverage accouterments, the ceramic cup can be used for hot cocoa, crackers and soup, cookies and milk, cereal, or ice cream toppings. The large mug can hold up to 16 ounces and the whole thing — including the hoop — is fully dishwasher-safe.

A Cooling Pillow Pad That Keeps Your Dad's Head Nice And Comfortable

This wonderful cooling pad is designed for people who tend to get hot and sweaty when they sleep. The soft pad is pressure activated, so it doesn’t require any water and it doesn’t need to be kept in the freezer between uses. It’s also a superb antidote to headaches, migraines, neck pains, fevers, and other ailments.

A Motorized Tie Rack That Rotates Slowly Through All The Options

Built with a strong motor and multi-directional carousel, this automated tie rack offers a moving display to help your dad pick out ties and keep them organized. The rack — which can be easily operated with the push of a button — stores up to 70 pieces of neckwear. Its carousel rotates slowly, offering a simple way to view the ties, and it comes with a heavy duty-clamp to attach to any closet rod.

A Set Of High-End Whiskey Glasses That Regulate The Temperature Of The Spirits

These sophisticated whiskey glasses are crafted by master glassblowers, creating an attractive design that perfectly maintains the temperature of the beverage. Unlike crystal whiskey glasses which typically contain lead, this glassware set is made from lead-free, ultra-clarity glass. The glasses feel smooth to drink from, and each one has a mouth large enough to accommodate standard whiskey stones.

A Pair Of Genius Shoelaces That Convert Sneakers To Slip-Ons

These tie-free shoelaces make it easier to run or get to the gym — they offer an instant way to lace up your sneakers, forgoing all excuses. The cool gadgets can be used with any tennis shoes, converting them from lace-ups to easy slip-ons. On top of making it faster to tie shoes, the lock laces feature a comfort stretch fit that makes them fit better, too.

A Useful Range Extender That Expands WiFi To Smart Home Devices

If your dad has an Amazon Echo, Galaxy S7, TP-Link Smart Plugs, or other streaming and smart home devices, this awesome range extender will extend WiFi to the device. The simple-to-use electronic plugs into the wall with zero installation or hassle — just use its signal indicator to determine the best location with and stick it in the wall.

A Convenient Popcorn Maker That’s Made For Movie Night

If your dad is a “popcorn and movie night” kind of guy, this cool contraption will fill them with joy. The modern popcorn maker allows you to skip the single-use packets and features a heat-resistant, shatter-resistant, and BPA-free silicone construction with handles on the side and a removable lid. It has a capacity of 15 cups of popcorn — enough for the family if your dad is willing to share. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and collapsible to make cleaning and storage easier.

A Brilliant Miniature Surge Protector That Is Portable Enough For Travel

With three AC outlets, this mini surge protector is lightweight and portable enough to be tossed in your laptop bag or luggage. It has a 360-degree rotating plug that can charge devices in small spaces. Plus, the two USB ports provide an AMP of shared power each, for maximum convenience and super fast charging.

A Nifty Cleaning Tool That’ll Remove Decals On Cars & Beyond

For a gadget that’s sure to delight, this handy little tool gets rid of those annoying vinyl decals, stickers, and more. Plus, it’s designed not to hurt delicate paint surfaces. “Bought this to remove adhesive residue on body side moulding. Saved me hours using this and it didn’t damage the vehicle surface,” one fan wrote

An Ultra-Convenient Tie Case To Use When Traveling Or At The Gym

Another sensational gift for dads who travel, this portable tie case stores up to four ties, along with a handful of other accessories. The convenient case showcases flexible straps that hold the items snugly in place and a soft, cushioned lining that keeps the ties from getting wrinkled. They can store things like cuff links and tie clips in the handy mesh pouch, and the case has a full zip-around exterior to keep everything protected.

A Packable Hammock With 30,000+ Five-Star Reviews

If leisure if a way of life for you dad (or he’d just like it to be), give this portable hammock a swing. Use it with two trees or a dedicated stand, either way, it comes with all the equipment you need to be set up and relaxing in minutes. Choose from a wide range of color combos and with more than 30,000 five-star reviews backing it up, you know it’s a well-loved pick. As one fan wrote: “It is super lightweight and easy to setup. There are 2 straps which go around the tree and you simply hook the caribaner to the straps. The hammock itself is very comfortable and stable. Overall, I would highly recommend this hammock.”

The Burger Press That Makes Perfect Patties

The only thing better than hamburgers is instant hamburgers. This magical burger press, which creates perfectly even, easy-to-cook hamburgers in literal seconds, is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum. It helps craft art-worthy patties that won't fall apart and look as beautiful as they taste. Best of all, they can customize both weight and thickness, offering versatility at every cookout — they're even great for stuffed burgers as well.

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