These Plus-Size Fashion Influencers Will Take Your Fall Fashion To New Heights

By Marie Southard Ospina

When it comes to finding fall fashion inspiration as a plus-size woman or femme, mainstream media very rarely has our backs. (The same is true at any time of year, actually.) Trend reports often focus on the best places to shop "it" looks, so long as you're thin. With the exception of one or two notably inclusive runway shows per season, fashion weeks do little to show us what certain styles might look like on visibly fat bodies. Hitting up the local mall in the hopes of walking out with something chic when you're above a size 16 remains pretty unlikely, too.

Thankfully, the social media age has brought us countless plus-size influencers who create their own content. They encourage us to experiment with our styles, teach us where to shop brilliant looks in size fat, and help us remember our worth in a world that far too often tries to tell us we have none. Oftentimes, they do this by putting together ensembles that many of us have been conditioned to believe are "off limits" for people of size; ensembles we're told couldn't possibly "flatter" large bodies.

In truth, many sartorial lovers turn to clothing as a means of self-expression — but when you exist in a plus-size figure, the majority of the mainstream fashion industry suggests (through its lack of inclusive designs and disregard for the majority of women) that you don't deserve that form of self-expression. The below 37 influencers prove that this couldn't be further from the truth. Let their words and #OOTDs inspire you this season and beyond.

Stephanie Yeboah
nerdabouttown on Instagram

The coolest Nerd About Town, Stephanie Yeboah knows how to wear a jumpsuit. One-pieces are a great transitional item to rock in the early days of fall when you need to let go of shorts, but aren't quite ready for heavy jeans. In a sienna hue, you'll be the emblem of the season.

Margot Meanie
margotmeanie on Instagram

Margot Meanie, blogger and founder of Alternative Curves, served some perfect summer goth looks this year. Now that we're into autumn, however, she's undoubtedly in her element. Through her tasseled denim, spooky decals, cozy knits, and seasonal hats, you'll find endless inspiration for the season that everyone knows is really all about Halloween.

Ragini Nag Rao
kittehinfurs on Instagram

The storybook queen behind A Curious Fancy, Ragini Nag Rao knows how to serve a most excellent autumnal looks. An expert in layering and accessorizing, you'll never feel cold or dull when pulling inspiration from her grid.

Jessica Torres
thisisjessicatorres on Instagram

Trend enthusiasts out there can always count on Jessica Torres to stay on top of the game. The blogger experiments with all manner of de rigueur ensembles, so whether you're into mini sunglasses, animal prints, matchy-matchy sets, or vintage-inspired dresses, she's bound to have something for you.

Alysse Dalessandro
readytostare on Instagram

If she isn't already, Alysse Dalessandro of Ready To Stare is about to become your gaudy icon. She can take the most classic of looks (like a little black dress) and turn them into memorable gems through some bad*ss accessorizing. Nothing is too bold for this beauty.

Marquis Neal
marquimode on Instagram

Self-identified "bopo, femme, queer boy" Marquis Neal slays in everything he wears. If you're a fan of a bold print, relaxed denim, classic overalls, statement jewelry, and a dash of sequins (all of which have a place in the autumnal rotation), look no further.

Lydia Okello
styleisstyle on Instagram

Model and overall creative Lydia Okello is a master at being the chicest human being you'll ever encounter while not breaking a certain level of comfort. Whether rocking mom jeans, oversized tops, relaxed jumpsuits, or perfectly layered trenches, she consistently looks like magic.

Nancy Whittington-Coates
sugardarlingblog on Instagram

Red-headed angel Nancy Whittington-Coates of Sugar, Darling? is very often the picture of regalia. Autumnal florals and metallics have already made their way into her seasonal repertoire, though she always manages to put a twist on an "it" look. Sneaks with sparkly maxis, why not?

ushshi on Instagram

Ushshi can always be counted on to create an impeccably put-together ensemble while inspiring her audience with hard-hitting points on politics, identity, beauty, and dressing for yourself. If you love a bit of edge, she knows just what to do with some mesh, cut-outs, leather, and studs.

hantisedeloubli on Instagram

Stacey of Hantise de l'oubli is perhaps one of the most eclectic plus-size influencers on the Insta-grid right now. There is seemingly no style she won't try, no matter how skintight, see-through, neon, or bedazzled (and that goes for her beauty looks, too).

Gina Tonic
princessgeorgina on Instagram

Never has anyone styled an animal print, power trouser, club dress, or beret quite like Welsh icon Gina Tonic. Forever inspiring plus-size babes to embrace every inch of their bodies (and to do everything they were taught had to be put on hold until they "lost the weight," for that matter), her page is the perfect destination for daring to exist just as you are.

Bethany Rutter
bethany_rutter on Instagram

Writer, social media expert, and fatshionista Bethany Rutter consistently proves that minimalism is not a synonym for boring. Through her own designs for navabi as well as those she rocks from other brands, her looks always offer inventive ways to style your favorite tees, monochromatic trousers, pencil skirts, or mom jeans.

Troy Solomon
abearnamedtroy on Instagram

Effortlessly utilizing both menswear and womenswear in order to create some truly breathtaking looks, Troy Solomon (aka a bear named Troy) never ceases to look like an actual angel. He can rock a sequin power suit one day and a classic tux the next, forever proving that experimenting with fashion is one of the greatest joys to be had.

Sapphire Splendour
Courtesy Sapphire Splendour

Playing with edgy street-style and ladylike prints alike, Sapphire Splendour's wardrobe is highly versatile and endlessly inspiring. If you have ever doubted that fat babes can rock pixie cuts, mesh sleeves, blue lipstick, or polka dot pants, you're in the right place.

Anna O'Brien
glitterandlazers on Instagram

Following Glitter And Lazers blogger and author Anna O'Brien is an actual trip. You won't just find gorgeous fall fashion inspiration here (just look at the '70s-inspired cord overalls and striped tee above), but endless affirmations about living your best life at any size. Plus, she makes a mean makeup tutorial video.

Hollie Burgess
prettybigbutterflies on Instagram

Everyone thinks fall is all about burgundy and forest green, but Pretty Big Butterflies blogger Hollie Burgess knows you can style any color during this most glorious season (including the beautiful silky sea foam blouse she's rocking above). Fellow plus-size mamas out there will also fall in love with her parenting content.

Kellie Brown
itsmekellieb on Instagram

The beauty of following Kellie Brown's feed is that it is always only a matter of time before she shows you how to slay in a look that you've been eyeing in the trend reports. She won't just rock the trends, though. She will rock them with individual flare and effortless sophistication. Fat babes can be fancy, casual, eccentric, ladylike, and everything in between — and Brown's feed will remind you of this every time you click through.

Courtney Mina
khaleesidelrey on Instagram

Courtney Mina is the plus-size princess you've long been waiting for. With an eye for all things romantic and storybook-inspired, she'll teach you that you are royalty, too. Just look at the dress she's wearing here. Florals aren't just for spring, and this gown is fit for the most fantastical fatties of them all.

nomalifromsoweto on Instagram

For those who don't love high-maintenance dressing, South African blogger and model Nomali will school you on how to look utterly chic without sacrificing comfort. Whether through pairing perfectly autumnal high-neck swing dresses with sneakers or opting for an oversized dress layered atop an adorable long-sleeve tee, she's got your back.

Isha Reid
pic_pixie on Instagram

Isha Reid of An Autumn's Grace has a penchant for vintage-inspired dresses (which are, let's be honest, perfect for any season). As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, take a page from her book and layer your favorites under a trusted cardigan or very-in-trend-at-the-moment oversized knit. Like Reid, you'll be serving all the timeless vibes.

Beck Delude
manfattan on Instagram

There is almost something surreal about following Beck Delude. Dreamy, floaty fabrics coexist alongside quirkier styling for an end result that is nothing short of striking.

Dennetta Mckain
livinphat_livinlarge on Instagram

Constantly producing content that proves fat babes deserve to live large (to live as boldly and fashionably as they so please), model and blogger Dennetta Mckain's feed will have you ready to go big or go home in no time. She stays on top of the trends while always adding something of her own into the mix (usually in the form of those unapologetic vibes).

Natalie Hage
nataliemeansnice on Instagram

You really can't go wrong with an autumn-hued sweater, an autumn-hued bag, and a classic jean. Natalie Hage embodies the notion that fat babes can slay no matter what, whether they're donning a knit and denim look or a more overtly eye-catching leather on leather combo.

Amena Azeez on Instagram

Amena Azeez of Fashionopolis is forever turning out looks that take a classic aesthetic and mesh it with something a little more contemporary. An A-line skirt becomes modern with a boldly printed scarf tied around the waist. A monochrome maxi is elevated with a statement necklace. A bit of pattern mixing makes workwear memorable.

Rosey Blair
roseybeeme on Instagram

Just look at these colors! Rosey Blair can do fall (well, she can do any season, TBH). If you love the reds, oranges, and yellows associated with the changing leaves (and with an added dash of cute factor), Blair has you more than covered.

Chloe Elliott
chloeincurve_ on Instagram

Blogger and creator Chloe Elliott nails feminine fashion with an edge, and she always looks like fire incarnate. If you don't think fat babes can "pull off" studs, mesh, brights, or anything remotely eye-catching, she's about to blow your mind.

Em Smyth
the_em_edit on Instagram

Blogger and model Em Smyth of The Em Edit does not shy away from a striking lingerie look, a VBO-showcasing pencil skirt, or a whole lot of entertaining conversation about the awkwardness of human existence. Arguably one of the greatest fall-appropriate looks is a leather jacket atop a ditsy floral dress, and on that front she's slaying, too.

Amanda Apparel
Courtesy Amanda Apparel

Whether she's in a sparkly maxi skirt or autumnal-appropriate longline blazer, Amanda Apparel is always glamorous. Because, guess what? Glamour is not a trait reserved solely for the thin.

Leah Vernon
lvernon2000 on Instagram

Bold print on bold print, black on black, or bright on bright, there is no style aesthetic that Leah Vernon can't rock the hell out of. Come for the clothes, stay for the brilliant conversations about identity politics.

Carolina C. Nogueira
carolinaplussize on Instagram

If your autumnal fashion goals look like something a little rock and roll, Carolina C. Nogueira might just be the blogger for you. She is no stranger to leather, to skintight fabrications, or to Hot Topic-esque detailing.

Sarah Chiwaya
curvily on Instagram

The blogger behind Curvily, Sarah Chiwaya can always be counted on to create something unexpected. A red on pink statement look? Check. Some Cher Horowitz meets James Dean styling? Absolutely. Sportswear as daywear? You know it.

Mayah Camara
mayah.camara on Instagram

If your style errs on the side of the classically feminine, Mayah Camara is a phenomenal source of inspiration. Reading her captions will make you feel like you have a friend out there who always has your back, while looking through her outfit posts will make you feel like you deserve all the beauty the world has to offer.

Danielle Vanier
daniellevanier on Instagram

OG blogger Danielle Vanier is an absolute pro at styling. There is no look that she can't elevate with her nuanced eye for layering and accessorizing. If your goal is to look like you could be attending Fashion Week on any given day, Vanier's grid will offer many a tutorial.

Kelly Augustine
kellyaugustineb on Instagram

There is always something a little extra about Kelly Augustine's looks, and that always pays off. Denim on denim is never just "denim on denim" when you're on her profile. Burgundy for fall actually becomes groundbreaking. And a little black dress? It's never as simple as you might think.

Lottie L'amour
lottielamour on Instagram

Influencer Lottie L'amour's feed never ceases to be refreshing. She pairs "clashing" colors together to create show-stopping looks. She wears kitschy sequins in unconventional hues. She just has fun with style — and encourages us all to do the same.

Marcy Cruz
fearlesslyjustme on Instagram

Fit model, Plus Model Magazine blog editor, and overall brilliant human Marcy Cruz never stops having fun with her wardrobe, either. Old "what not to wear" advice might dictate that sneakers and party dresses are an absolute no-go, but Cruz will prove them wrong every time. About every so-called "rule."

Chloé Pierre
chloepierre_ldn on Instagram

Chloé Pierre knows how to do luxury. Whether she's showing you how to rock fall-ready camo print, mustard co-ord sets, or classic power suits, she's always doing it with the confidence of someone who knows they deserve all the pretty things. Because she does. Because we all do.