36 Great Products On Amazon That Are 50% Cheaper Than Competitors & Work Just As Well

Amazon has its fair share of luxury products, like high-end cookware that's half the cost of rent or a bevy of skincare products that would require you to get a second job if you were commit to the entire 'recommended' regimen. But here's a secret: there's also a treasure trove of affordable alternatives on Amazon that are essentially the exact same products as those luxury items, but at a fraction of the price.

For those of us with champagne taste and beer budgets, finding a great equivalent to a luxury product is like hitting the jackpot. It means we can actually afford that cast iron Dutch oven or the facial peel that promises to transform our skin. Even better, these products don't sacrifice quality for cost. They perform just as well as the big brand name versions, but since they forego expensive marketing campaigns — they remain economical for buyers.

All these cheap alternatives will satisfy your desire for the finer things in life without putting your bank account in the red. And since you can order them directly from your computer, you won't even have to deal with any side-eye from fancy salespeople when you inquire about the price. Sounds good to me.

Shopping — 36 Great Products On Amazon That Are 50% Cheaper Than Competitors & Work Just As Well

1. This Hydrating Oil That Leaves Lips Feeling Oh-So Smooth

Dry, chapped lips are no match for this oil. Jojoba and argan oil are only a few of the hydrating ingredients you’ll find inside, while vitamin E delivers a nourishing dose of antioxidants to help leave your lips feeling oh-so soft. And unlike some lip oils, this one has a smooth, glossy formula that won’t leave you feeling sticky.

2. A Primer & Setting Spray That Can Hold Makeup In Place For 16 Hours

This makeup primer and setting spray keeps makeup from budging for up to 16 hours. The spray is cruelty-free and resistant to both heat and humidity. One reviewer wrote, “I have EXTREMELY oily skin and nothing worked to contain it... until now. I spray this on my face before and after make-up application and it keeps the shine away the entire work day!”

3. These Angled Sponges Apply And Blend Makeup Beautifully

Really good applicators — like these makeup sponges — can make it look like you're not wearing foundation at all (in a good way). This set comes with three in different shapes to apply, contour, and blend foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer on every part of your face. The sponges are made with high-quality, latex-free foam that's resistant to bacterial growth, so you can feel good about using them on your skin. A small contour brush also comes included with every order.

4. This Eyebrow Pencil That's Five Times Cheaper Than Its Luxury Alternative

This shockingly inexpensive eyebrow pencil by Korean brand Etude House is a lot like a luxury pencil that runs about five times more. The pencil features a precise angled tip that makes it easy to create realistic-looking hairs that fill in sparse areas without looking obviously drawn on. It's enriched with conditioning vitamin E and the formula is temperature-resistant to ensure even, non-mushy application every time. Reviewers write"everyone should own this eyebrow pencil" and that it has "nice staying power" that "does not smudge or become patchy" as the day wears on.

5. The Power Strip That You Can Take With You When Traveling

You never know how many outlets will be in your hotel room, so why not plan ahead and bring this power strip with you? Three outlets, three USB ports, as well as one type-C port give you tons of room to charge all sorts of devices — and the power cable is even a whopping 5 feet long. Plus, its compact size takes up hardly any space in your bag.

6. This Loose Face Powder That'll Give You A Smooth, Airbrushed Look

7. This Classic Moisturizing Cream That Has The Same Ingredients As One That's 26 Times The Price

You're probably pretty familiar with Nivea, even if you've never tried it yourself. But what you're probably not familiar with is the fact that it's shockingly similar to a moisturizing cream that's nearly 26 times the price. (No joke.) Made with vitamin B5, the intensely hydrating cream inside that humble blue tin can be used just about anywhere on the body: the face, hands, elbows, and legs. Reviewers say the "extremely creamy and luxurious" formula is "easily absorbed and doesn't leave a film"... just like its more expensive counterpart.

8. The Ordinary Lactic Acid Peeling Formulation

Give your face a gentle, at-home chemical peel with this lactic acid peel solution by The Ordinary. Made with 5% lactic acid, the formula resurfaces skin by stimulating its natural exfoliating process. This results in softer skin, a brighter complexion, more even texture, and less visible pores. The solution is balanced out by Tasmanian pepperberry, which reduces redness and irritation, so it's suitable for sensitive skin.

9. An Automatic Curling Iron Hair That Makes Styling A Breeze

Unlike styling wands and traditional curling irons, this automatic curling iron, essentially does your hair for you. Just place the barrel behind a section of hair and press the button — the barrel will rotate, smoothly gathering your hair (the prongs help prevent tangles) and holding it in place. After you hear the beep, gently guide the barrel down and away from hair to reveal a natural-looking curl. The bi-directional curling iron operates on two heat settings and features a 90-minute automatic shut-off function.

10. An Air Fryer So You Can Make Crispier Meals

Get in on the air fryer craze with this air fryer that won't break the bank. Not familiar with air frying? It's an ingenious cooking method that utilizes rapid heat circulation to quickly and evenly "fry" your favorite crispy foods — like French fries, wings, chicken strips, fish sticks, and fried zucchini — with minimal or no oil. The non-stick plate and dishwasher-safe fry basket makes clean-up a breeze and the fryer shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.

11. A Stand Mixer That Pulls Out All The Stops Without Making A Dent In Your Wallet

Thanks to this totally affordable and impressive stand mixer, dedicated bakers don't have to save their pennies to make a big investment. The six-speed mixer beats, combines, creams, kneads, whips, and mixes — and comes accompanied by a stainless steel mixing bowl, dual beaters, and dough hooks. The compact mixer measures in at just over 12 inches — short enough to fit under your kitchen cabinets — and the tilting motor head makes it easy to operate. Plus, you still get to choose from fun diner-worthy colors, like aqua, pink, red, and copper.

12. These Bluetooth Earbuds For Cable-Free Listening

If you've been dreaming of upgrading your standard earbuds to a wireless pair — but are wary of the price point — these Bluetooth earbuds are for you. The noise-canceling earbuds deliver pristine sound and stereo bass, and feature a built-in microphone and controls that allow you to play, pause, and skip tracks. One full charge gives you four hours of continuous music play or conversation, and the combination carrying case/charging box delivers five full charges before needing to be recharged itself.

13. These Nipple Pasties For Virtually Invisible Coverage

Because they’re made from silicone with a humidity-proof sticky adhesive, these Nippies pasties offer coverage when you’re going braless. They also come in five skin tones so they totally blend in — and they’re washable and reusable. “I've tried so many different nipple covers and these are the absolute best. They fit on smoothly, making them nearly invisible under clothing,” one reviewer raved.

  • Available sizes: A-C — D+

14. An Eyelid Primer That Works Just As Well As High-End Brands

According to reviewers, this Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later eye primer is a “great replacement for Too Face” and “Urban Decay” that’s significantly “less expensive,” even though it “works so well.” Not only does it prime your eyelids to combat oil and creasing for hours on end, but it also enhances the pigment, helping your eyeshadow to look brighter and more vivid. It’s paraben- and cruelty-free, too.

15. An 18-Karat Gold Plated Bangle With Inset Cubic Zirconia Stones

This rose gold bangle with inset cubic zirconia stones is the definition of understated bling. The secret to its affordability is the fact that it's gold-plated — not solid gold, which means you're getting a quality piece of jewelry without the price tag. So what's underneath the gold plating? Stainless steel — totally durable (and hypoallergenic), so it'll last for years to come. Plus it's dressy enough to wear to weddings, but understated enough for to wear to work every day.

16. This Cozy Quarter Zip You'll Wear Every Weekend Until The End Of Time

Pair this cozy quarter zip with your favorite well-worn pair of sweats for the perfect weekend look. Made from a viscose-nylon blend, it has all the must-have features when searching for loungewear: roomy dropped shoulders, an oversized fit, as well as a stylishly high neckline. The best part? You have more than 25 colors to choose from, including trendy apricot, deep green, and more.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

17. A Power Bank With Two USB Ports So You Can Charge Two Phones At Once

If your phone or tablet has gotten to the point where it just won't hold a charge, this power bank is going to be a lifesaver — and a lot cheaper than buying a new phone. The power bank has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. And the ports are different speeds — use the slower, 1.0A port to get multiple charges out of the bank, and the faster 2.1A port for a quick jolt of battery.

18. A Durable Travel Mug That's Been Engineered To Last For Years

This ultra-durable travel mug is engineered to last for years. Made from premium stainless steel, the interior is electro-polished to prevent rust, and the exterior is powder-coated for a long-lasting finish. Double-walled vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and the mug is condensation-resistant, you don't have to worry about setting it down on the coffee table. It comes with a splash-proof lid, two stainless steel straws, and — unlike lots of high-end mugs — all parts are dishwasher-safe. Choose from a variety of colors, like coral and army green.

19. A Fitness Tracker That's An Incredibly Great Price

This fitness tracker pulls out all the stops without breaking the bank. It monitors steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and the GPS function displays stats like pace, distance, and a map of your running route. Toggle between the 16 exercise modes to understand how different types of workouts — like yoga, hiking, running, walking, and tennis — effect activity levels. The tracker also displays call, text, and social media notifications. Choose from colors like green, black, and pink.

20. This Grout Pen That Paints & Seals Between Tiles

Tiles may be durable, but discolored grout between them makes them look old and dingy. Cue this grout pen, which is filled with a white, non-toxic, water-based formula that paints and seals grout with ease and accuracy. One pen supposedly covers up to 150 feet of thin grout, or you can get it in a wide-tip option for more coverage.

21. This Personal Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Sports Bottle

Take your smoothie or juice to go with this blender that doubles as a to-go sports bottle. The 250-watt motor is powerful enough to pulverize ice and frozen fruit with the touch of a button, and the blending jar detaches and transforms into a sports bottle replete with lid and carrying loop, so you can head out the door without transferring the smoothie. Choose from pink, green, and blue color themes.

22. A Vintage-Inspired Backpack With A Charging Port For Your Laptop

The two large compartments of this laptop backpack are protected by a fold-over flap — stash your computer, tablet, and other valuables here to keep them secure wherever you are. Even better — the side of the backpack features a built-in charging port and cable that can be used in conjunction with a power bank to keep your devices charged. Made from water-resistant Oxford cloth with faux leather detailing, the vintage-style backpack features adjustable padded shoulder straps to give you a comfortable fit. Choose from three colors: gray, black, or the sage green pictured here.

23. These Shorts That Could Pass For Lululemon Or FP

Reviewers have called these athletic shorts “just as soft as Lululemon” and “cheaper than FP, but just as good!” Their high waistband is extra-stretchy for comfort, while their split hem and moisture-wicking fabric help to keep you cool. You can get them in tons of colors, with or without a liner, and there’s even a hidden waistband pocket to hold a key or credit card.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 21

24. A Boar Bristle Brush That Leaves Hair Frizz-Free & Shiny

25. A Set Of Chic Packing Cubes To Organize Your Travel Wardrobe

This set of packing cubes helps keep your wardrobe organized when you’re traveling. There’s a total of six pieces, including four cubes, plus laundry and shoe bags. All are made out of waterproof and tear-resistant nylon. This one comes in a chic black-and-white marble print, but you can also choose from nine other colors and styles.

26. A Gentle & Illuminating Concealer With Camellia Seed Oil

Not only will this turmeric extract concealer replace your pricey one, but it also illuminates without having to splurge on a glowy primer. There’s a gentle and precise application sponge right on top and soothing camellia seed oil in the formula to make it even more gentle on your eyes.

27. These Gold Eye Masks Designed To Reduce Puffy, Dark Circles

These 24K gold eye masks have reviewers “addicted,” granted they “actually work” to reduce puffiness and brighten under eyes. Buyers also found them “thicker than other brands” and “less expensive.” Just remove a pair from its individual packaging and place it under your eyes while you go about your routine; the serum soaks in, plumping and refreshing skin — and according to reviewers, they’re even more effective when stored in the fridge.

28. Some Pimple Patches That Are Both Better & Cheaper Than Other Brands

Put one of these pimple patches on a blemish overnight, and the hydrocolloid will create the ideal healing environment and draw out any moisture. As a result, when you wake up in the morning, it’ll be smaller, less irritated, and less noticeable. “Finally, a patch that's a good balance between effective and a good value,” one reviewer wrote. Another raved, “They work better than the Hero brand and are cheaper!”

29. These Reusable Food Lids To Save You From Reaching For Plastic Bags

Not only will these reusable silicone lids replace your plastic wrap, but you can even avoid pulling out a plastic bag for a few leftover berries. Instead, you can keep everything in the bowl it’s already in (or even the pot you cooked it in), and snap these flexible and dishwasher-safe lids on top.

30. A Viral Callus Remover Gel That’s Way Less Expensive Than A Pedicure

Sous vide cooking is a water bath method that uses low temperatures to produce tender, juicy, and flavorful meat, fish, and veggies. This sous-vide cooker makes it easy — just attach it to the side of a pot, add water, then drop in your food in a glass jar or sealed bag. The cooker offers you .1-degree temperature accuracy, so you get just the results you want, and you can even sync the cooker up to an app on your phone to control it from another room.

31. These Timeless Canvas Sneakers In White, Black, Or Leopard Print

It doesn't get any more classic than these low top canvas sneakers. The lightweight, washable sneakers feature contrasting stitching, silver eyelets, and extra thick vulcanized rubber soles with red and blue striping. Pair these with your favorite denim or wear them to dress down a skirt or blazer situation. Choose from white, black, or (my favorite) leopard print.

  • Available sizes: 6-11

32. These Soft Sleep Headphones That Play For Up To 10 Hours

Cue up your most relaxing music playlist or meditation sounds, then slip these Bluetooth sleep headphones around your forehead for a cable-free listening experience. Offering up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, the sweat-resistant headphones offer crystal clear sound. The built-in microphone allows you to make calls and the controls on it let you play and skip tracks without having to reach for your phone.

33. This Extra-Thick Rug Tape To Prevent Curling & Tripping

“I had another brand and used it for new carpet and in one day it was all up,” one reviewer wrote about this iPrimio NeverCurl rug tape — but this brand “works” and there’s “no more tripping on [your] rug.” It’s also extra-thick and has a mesh fabric that offers strong adhesion without leaving marks on your carpet or floor. Finally, even though it’s more affordable than other brands, it’s still strong enough for high-traffic environments, garage mats, and tradeshows.

34. These Best-Selling Microfiber Sheets With Nearly 60,000 Ecstatic Reviews

These bestselling microfiber sheets have nearly 60,000 reviews, with buyers writing, "I don't know what unicorn this fabric was harvested from, but it's so incredibly soft," and they're "resistant to wrinkling, lightweight yet durable, and wash beautifully." The set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet with elastic all around, instead of just at the corners. Choose from florals, paisleys, stripes, and solids in a variety of colors.

35. These No-Show Socks For Loafers, Sneakers & Oxfords

Slip on a pair of these no show socks for a more streamlined look when wearing sneakers, Oxfords, and loafers. Made from breathable cotton and spandex, the ultra-low cut socks feature soft and wide silicone strips at the back to prevent slipping. The socks come in black, white, or a combination of neutral colors.

36. These Aviator Sunglasses With 8 Lens Color Options

These timeless aviator sunglasses are given an updated twist, thanks to the pink mirrored lenses and gold frames. You can also opt for different lens color options, like blue, yellow, gray, or classic brown. Offering both UVA and UVB protection, the polarized lenses reduce glare and the spring hinges and adjustable nose pads on the frames make for a comfortable fit. The glasses come with a protective carrying pouch and cleaning cloth to get rid of smudges. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.