If you're wondering how to stay cool in the summer, these cooling products under $30 will help.
25 Products Under $30 That’ll Help Keep You Cool This Summer

Don’t let the heat get in the way of your hot girl summer.

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The best part about summer finally arriving is that we can shed our winter coats and long sleeves for cute summer dresses and ‘fits that we’ve been dying to wear for the past few months. But summer can quickly turn into a huge pain if you don’t have effective ways to stay cool once the heat picks up. What’s so great about rocking the perfect outfit if you’re totally ruining it with your sweat stains? How to stay cool in the summer is always top of mind for me — especially since I tend to run hot — and I rounded up this list of 25 products under $30 that will help you keep cool this summer.

Instead of getting caught off-guard like I normally do when all of a sudden the temperature is pushing 100, I want to be prepared this year. That’s why I scoured the internet for 25 of the best cooling products that are available on Amazon right now. I found the best deals with the highest reviews, so you don’t have to waste any time wondering how to keep cool this year. Temperatures in many parts of the country are already reaching 90 degrees, so there’s no better time to curate your own cart of summer must-haves. This list has everything from cooling baseball caps (yep, they exist!) to cooling bed accessories so you never have to wake up in a pool of sweat again. Here are 25 cooling products from Amazon you need right now to truly have a hot girl summer.

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This Handheld Mini Fan That Fits In Your Pocket

If you take public transit, this handheld mini fan with over 18,000 five-star reviews is a must-have for the summer months. It has two speed settings, and as a bonus, it also works as a power bank and flashlight. One fan who lives in Florida calls it the “best handheld fan out there.”


This Bandana You Can Stuff With Ice

This bandana is essentially like a cooler for your neck. Since the bandana itself has insulated “cubbies” for ice cubes or an ice insert, they won’t melt, and you’ll stay cool as you wear it. This would be perfect for more strenuous walks, runs, or hikes as it gets hotter out, and one of the nearly 1,000 reviewers raved that it kept them “cooled off for about 4 hours” in 100 degree temperatures.


These Cooling Wristbands That Quickly Cool You Down

Splashing water on your wrists is an old trick that can help you feel better when you’re feeling run down or even if you have a fever. Even if you’re not feeling sick, keeping your wrists cool can help you get a quick energy boost. One of the almost 2,400 five-star reviewers wrote that these “freeze quite well [and] even frozen, it has enough flexibility to wrap around my thumb.”


This Bladeless Neck Fan That Keeps You Cool On Hot Girl Walks

This portable neck fan with over 13,000 five-star reviews is a customer favorite. Since it weighs just around nine ounces, it won’t feel heavy or weigh you down as you wear it. It’s perfect for keeping up with your hot girl walks, even as the temperature starts to rise.


This No-Charge Neck Cooler

If you don’t want something as intense as a battery-powered fan neck cooler, just place this tube in ice cold water before wearing it out to keep you cool. Over 500 five-star reviews say it’s “such a help with regulating body temperature.”


This 4-Pack of Cooling Towels

Some people have a hard time staying motivated to work out in the winter, but I find it difficult to do so in the summer. I hate sweating, and want to eliminate it as much as possible. However, with this four-pack of cooling towels, I can get an instant refreshing boost on my skin as I dry off my sweat during any type of workout. Quite a few of the over 7,200 five-star reviews rave about these cooling towels for theme park days or outdoor activities.


These Cooling Gel Packs You Stick In Your Bra

Hot girlies, where you at? Summer is synonymous with boob sweat, so take matters into your own hands with these easy-to-use gel inserts. They’re reusable and re-cool in the fridge or freezer in just 30 minutes. One of the over 1,000 reviewers called this “the perfect little ice pack.”


This Fan You Can Use at Your Desk Or On a Hike

We love a versatile product like this portable fan, which can rest on a flat surface like a desk and table or can also be worn around your waist or your neck. The cold air actually will blow upwards, towards your face as you wear it. One review said that even though it’s small (under two pounds), it’s powerful. A nurse who struggles to stay cool in full PPE said, “This has been worth the money and has literally kept me from passing out while saving people’s lives.”


This Quick Water-Activated Cooling Towel

Sometimes you don’t want to take up space in the freezer and just want a cold towel on demand. To activate this one, just run it under cold water for a minute, and you’re ready to go. This one is a top seller on Amazon for a reason: it has over 6,000 five-star ratings, with one raving that it felt “icy cold and very refreshing.”


This Portable Fan That Keeps You Extra Cool With Mist

This battery-operated fan actually works continuously for up to six hours, which might be why over 2,500 reviewers call it a “life saver.” They say the mist is just fine enough that you feel refreshed without feeling drenched: “This one is hands down the best [and] most powerful,” says one reviewer.


This Cooling Sun Cap

Over 11,000 reviewers rely on this cooling sun cap during the summer months to protect their scalps. It’s one of the most forgotten places to apply SPF, and wearing this cap will eliminate the need to slather on product. Just get the cap wet to have it keep you cool for hours.


This Portable Air Conditioner

Sometimes in the summer heat, a fan just won’t do the trick. After all, if it’s just moving around hot air, it’s not going to be very cooling. This portable air conditioner with almost 1,000 five-star reviews is affordable and has a built-in color-changing night light that you can set to your favorite color for ambiance. One reviewer claims it “works wonders.”


This Cooling T-Shirt With UPF 50

This lightweight t-shirt with over 1,000 five-star reviews will protect you from all of the sun’s rays so you can spend more time outside without having to worry about constantly reapplying sunscreen. The shirt is made with Arctic Cool's HydroFreeze X fabric, so it’s naturally moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and keeps you dry and odor-free.


This Cooling Facial Mist For A Quick Refresh

Sometimes you just need a quick refresh on-the-go, and this cooling facial mist is perfect for that. Keep it in your bag or in your car when you just need a boost of hydration and to cool down in a flash. Over 8,000 five-star shoppers are fans, with one labeling it “magic fairy juice.”


A Cooling Bucket Hat That’ll Also Keep The Sun Out of Your Eyes

This bucket hat with over 8,500 rave reviews comes in six different colors and styles, and features UPF 50+ fabric so the top of your head will always be protected against the sun. Once it’s activated with water (just wet it and wring it out), it’ll stay 30 degrees colder below your body temperature.


A Cooling Baseball Cap

If baseball caps are more your style over bucket hats, this cap which one rave reviewer called the “best one they’ve found to date,” is cold-activated the same way as the bucket hat. Just dunk it in any temperature water, wring it out, and then wave it in the air to make it 30 degrees colder than your body temperature.


This Cooling Bamboo Blanket That’s Perfect For Movie Nights

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you can’t be cozy. Whether you’re watching movies on a projector outside or indoors with the cool air conditioning, cuddle up with this bamboo blanket with over 6,000 rave reviews that cools on contact. The thinner material allows heat to dissipate quickly and the bamboo material has a higher specific heat capacity than most fabrics so you’ll be cool all night long.


This Bandana Neck Scarf That Also Doubles As A Headband

When it comes to staying cool, sometimes it’s best to have a simple cooling device so you can reach for it when the moment strikes. Keep one of these bandanas with over 8,500 five-star reviews in the car, in your purse, and anywhere else you spend time in the summer. Just soak in water for a few minutes and the bandana will expand into a cooling device. Reviewers claim this bandana is also great for keeping sweet out of your eyes during exercise.


A Cooling Bandana For Your Pup So They Can Join In On Adventures

Nearly 3,000 five-star reviewers agree that this is one of the best summer accessories for dogs on the market. They love that it helps dogs not to pant as much as they normally would during hot-weather activities.


This Cold Gel Reusable Eye Mask To Refresh Tired Eyes

You can use this five-star eye mask with over 18,000 reviews all year long, but it’ll be especially relieving in the summer time. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Reviewers love that it can be used for tired eyes, migraines, and more.


This Ice Roller That Also Alleviates Puffiness And Migraines

This five-star ice roller with over 17,000 reviews is a must for your skincare routine, but it’ll also keep you cool while alleviating puffiness, brightening your complexion, and alleviating migraines and headaches. Talk about a win-win.


This Cooling Face Mask

It’s definitely harder to wear a mask when summer arrives and cover your face in sweltering temperatures. To stay cool while wearing a face mask, grab this three-pack of reusable face coverings. A number of the 3,000 five-star reviews note that it’s lightweight and breathable to wear.


These Cooling Cups So You Can Take Your Beverages Outside

The last thing you want when it’s hot out is a lukewarm beverage. This pack of four cups are double-wall insulated so everything stays as cold as it did when you poured it. Plus they have a freezer gel built inside that keeps drinks even colder.


These Under Eye Patches You Can Stick In The Fridge

I’ll take an extra dose of cold anywhere I can get it in the summer. I love these eye patches, which you can stick directly in the fridge and reach for whenever you need a cool, rejuvenating boost. Almost 4,000 reviewers agree these are the perfect self-care pick-me-up.


This Reversible Pillow You Can Use All Year Long

The saying “cool like the other side of the pillow” exists for a reason — but imagine having a pillow you don’t have to flip over to get its cooling properties. This cooling memory foam pillow features a ventilated design that you’ll cuddle into all summer long. Over 5,000 5-star reviewers agree that it’s a game changer for hot nights.