2021's Freshest Collab Is Between Your Two Fave Menu Items From Panera

by BDG Studios

It’s fall, which means many things: shearling coats, cozy flannels, and hot new releases that no one can stop talking about. You’ve heard of the PSL and the crisp red apple scented candle, but there’s one fall collab that’s about to be everywhere: The Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich from Panera Bread.

They combined the best parts of two iconic dishes to create one supersandwich you won’t believe you ever lived without. It’s got the three main food groups: pasta, bread, and cheese. (Those are the three main food groups, right?) And it’s brand freaking new, which is why you’re gonna want to head to your local Panera ASAP to give it a try (or order delivery for just $1 extra).

The best part? The Grilled Mac & Cheese is the perfect accessory to pair with those statement coats and normcore flannels that this season is known for. I mean, come on: what doesn’t go well with cheese?

Here’s everything you need to know about this season’s freshest release:

1. It’s The Ultimate Crossover.

Take your favorite Panera mac and cheese, with all its noodles, fontina, mozzarella, and parmesan crisps, and layer it between two slices of iconic white Miche bread, toasted to absolute perfection. Yeah, that’s what you can expect from this sandwich. Are you drooling yet? (No comment.)

2. It Inspired A Major Jewelry Moment.

To celebrate the launch of this one-of-a-kind collab, Panera created a gold-plated noodle necklace(!). It’s perfection for layering with other necklaces if you’re after that trendy stacked look, and best of all, it gives new meaning to the phrase, “send noods.” (Finally.)

3. It Provides The Ultimate Photo Opp To Make Your Friends Jealous.

Let me set the scene: Your group chat is going off with people sending pics of their latest adventures around the globe, but you’ve got something better up your sleeve (or actually, on your plate). Your friends will have no idea what’s about to hit them as you snap a (highly styled, of course) photo of that glorious cheese-pull and glossy pasta and send it their way. Cue the shouts of shock and awe, not to mention the rush orders they’re definitely procuring from Panera ASAP.

4. You’ll Never Have To Compromise.

Cheese lovers, this one’s for you. Never again will you have to look at the Panera menu and agonize over if you should get the grilled cheese or the mac and cheese, because with this combo, that heart-wrenching decision will be a distant memory. The Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich is all about giving you the best of both worlds (which are pasta and sandwiches, obviously). Why choose between the two when you can have it all?