20 Items That'll Turn Your Backyard Into A Tropical Paradise

Feel like you’re on vacation in your own home.

When you can’t afford a vacation (or take time off of work), the next best thing is a staycation, or spending time in a little place at home that’s dedicated entirely to rest and relaxation. And there’s no better place to “escape” to than your own backyard — especially with the right decor and accessories set up. It’s easier (and less expensive) than you think to turn your backyard into a tropical paradise; you just have to think outside the box a little. If you close your eyes while lounging in the perfect backyard lounge chair under the perfect umbrella, you just might feel like you’ve been whisked off to the beach oasis of your dreams.

Instead of wasting money on airfare and spending a full day of your vacation waiting around for transportation, get directly to your summer fun by logging off of your computer, silencing calls, and stepping right outside into your own backyard. I’ve helped to take the guesswork out of building your own backyard oasis with this roundup of 20 items from Amazon that’ll completely transform your backyard space into a tropical paradise. From bar carts to sunscreen stations to palm trees, here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Pick Up a Netted Gazebo To Keep Cool

While a canopy gazebo is an investment, this pop-up gazebo with over 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon is well worth it and will last you for years to come. A gazebo helps ensure that you and anyone you invite over can enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. Not only can you enjoy some much-needed shade when the sun is beating down, but it also comes with mosquito netting for evenings.


Faux Tropical Plants Will Make You Feel Like You’re On An Island

An actual palm tree might be more difficult to procure, but these fake bird of paradise plants are the next best thing to give the illusion of a tropical paradise, no matter where you are. Some of the over 2,000 rave reviews called it the most realistic looking artificial plant they’ve ever owned.


Keep The Party Going With Patio String Lights

Don’t let the party end just because the sun goes down. Throw up some outdoor weather-proof string lights and turn your backyard into the ~vibe~ of your dreams. Boasting over 8,000 five-star reviews, these LED patio string lights are also wallet-friendly and energy-saving.


Add Some Comfy Furniture That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. Case in point: this cute and comfy set from Amazon is pretty affordable comes with four pieces. Plus, reviewers say it’s worth the money. One of the over 3,000 five-star reviers said, “It looks great, feels sturdy, and for the price I am very pleased.”


Set The Scene With This Palm Tree Rug

If you don’t want to shell out most of your budget on plants, create the illusion of them with this colorful tropical palm leaf rug. You can comfortably relax without having to worry about stepping on the hot concrete and it’s the perfect background for your Instagram snaps of your frozen beverage.


Lounge In A Poolside Chair — Even If You Don’t Have A Pool

You can go sunbathing at any time, even if you don’t have a pool. Just make sure to load up on SPF and pick up one of these adjustable and reclinable chairs with over 3,700 five-star reviews.


Get A Cooler That Doubles As A Table

Once you’re soaking in the sun in your outdoor oasis, you don’t want to be running back and forth into the house for drinks. Keep your drink supply stocked and cold with this cart cooler that functions as a table when closed and has extra storage underneath it to stack koozies, cups, or anything you need. Over 19,000 reviewers agree you can’t do summer without it.


Keep Bugs Away With These Cute Citronella Candles

These citronella candles not only look chic AF with their tropical blue design, but they also ward off pesky bugs like moths and mosquitos. That way, you can enjoy your tropical paradise without having to deal with the tropical bug bites.


Set Up a Sun Station

You know how those fancy resorts always have unlimited vats of sunscreen? Why not make your own little “fun in the sun” station and deck it out with large bottles of sunscreen, a few cheap sunglasses for when your friends come over, and maybe even some flip flops hats for your guests.


Grab An Outdoor Bar Cart That Doubles As Decor

This bar cart with over 2,000 rave reviews features a chic rustic design and you can roll it right up next to your chair for easy access to refills, towels, water bottles, or even a place to keep your books and magazines.


Turf Out Your Deck

If you’re in an apartment or another small space that doesn’t have a lot of greenery, fake it ‘til you make it with this astroturf rug. You won’t have to water it and it’ll always look fresh. Roll your lounge chair over it and you’ll definitely feel like you’re relaxing in a lush garden. Over 600 reviewers agree it’s a must-have for your outdoor space.


Grab A Large Umbrella

You don’t go to the beach without an umbrella in tow, so why are you headed out to your backyard oasis without one? There are so many sturdy, weatherproof, and adjustable options on the market nowadays, like this one with over 7,000 rave reviews on Amazon.


Add Green And Privacy With An Ivy Screen

You don’t want to be staring at your neighbors every time you head outside, so make things cute and private with this ivy screen that’ll block out haters and neighbors from judging you when you’re literally doing nothing at 2 p.m. on a Thursday.


Make Your Space Luxe With Hanging Plants

If there are empty patches around your backyard that just need a little something, pick up these faux hanging plants that come in a set of three. They’re perfect for empty corners, blank walls, or even for hanging on the sides of furniture.


Create Unlimited Seating With Outdoor Floor Cushions

These black and white striped floor cushions are so cute and ensure that you can invite unlimited guests to your backyard oasis hotspot. Don’t go crazy on the furniture, just pick up a few extra floor cushions for when the party unexpectedly multiplies.


Ensure Your Pup Gets In On The Fun With An Outdoor Dog Bed

Your dog loves to be outside too, so why not give them their own doggie corner in your backyard paradise? Set up a small water bowl next to this bed with over 58,000 rave reviews, and your pup will never want to leave your side.


Add Some Entertainment With Outdoor Games

Remember when I said you should log off when enjoying your outdoor oasis? Keep the entertainment alive by adding a game of corn hole to the space. This corn hole set with over 14,000 five-star reviews easily stacks away when you’re not using it, and comes with everything you need to get the party started without being on your phone.


Keep Cool With An Outdoor “Fountain”

Okay, sure this is listed as a dog pool, but if you squint it can also be your own personal outdoor fountain for under $30. Besides, who says you can’t stroll through it a few times when you need to cool down in a flash?


Brighten Your Night With Curtain Lights

If you get a gazebo or just want to liven up a blank wall or fence, drape this curtain of lights wherever you see fit and you’ll forget you’re in your backyard. Upstate New York is starting to feel a whole lot more like Mexico, isn’t it?


Make Kabobs In A Flash With This Mini Grill

An outdoor grill doesn’t have to be large, cumbersome, and intimidating. This small grill with over 15,000 five-star reviews gets the job done and lets you feel luxurious at the same time. Effortlessly roast veggie skewers or hot dogs for you or your guests.