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What Tattoo You Should Get According To Your Zodiac Sign

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I'm the kind of girl who just needs to EXPRESS her inner thoughts and feelings to the outside world all the time. But here's where it get's tricky: I'm also painfully, cripplingly shy, and I hardly ever vocalize how I'm really feeling (unless I'm heavily boozed).

Which is probably why I often find myself expressing my secretly crazy self in bizarre, out-of-the-box ways.

For instance, when I was 13, I got grounded for six months (SOCIAL SUICIDE) because I took a felt-tip pen to the newly-painted white walls of my bedroom and recklessly scrawled Smashing Pumpkins lyrics all over them. As I was writing the angsty words onto the walls, I knew I was totally screwed, but I just couldn't stop myself.

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The need to express has always been bigger than me. Whether it was convincing a body piercer that I was 14 so he could pierce my nose ("I just lost my driver's license! I'm 18, I SWEAR!" I earnestly cried) or cutting my oversized vintage T-shirts into skimpy tank tops, I've just always felt this pressing need to ~personalize~ everything surrounding me. Especially myself.

So it really didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone when I got my first tattoo at 15. I'd wanted a tattoo ever since I saw the movie "Gia," which stars a super hot, young Angelina Jolie and her slew of visible tattoos. My older sister signed a waiver that she was my mother (we're 17 years apart), and the next thing I knew, I had my favorite Oscar Wilde quote perfectly tattooed on my left hipbone -- just low enough that my mother wouldn't see it, but not so low that it would be covered by my signature low-rise jeans.

I'm not the chick who's covered in sleeves of colorful tattoos, but the ones that I do have mean everything to me. They remind me of who the f*ck I am when I start feel my identity getting blurred in the thick of life. They root me when I start lose myself. They're about memorializing something so important it needs to be engraved on my skin.

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I've always been fascinated by personal expression and identity. And tattoos are all about affirming personal expression and identity. That's why I decided to come up with the perfect tattoo for each zodiac sign. Because if tattoos embody the essence of who we are, what better place to garner inspiration than the ~stars~?

Aries (March 21–April 19): The impulsive tattoo

You, my sexy Aries, are ferociously spontaneous. You're not afraid to take a walk on the wild side, and I love that about you. The perfect tattoo for you is the tattoo that's done entirely on impulse. No need for all that boring planning when you know you can survive on just your keyed-in instincts.

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Maybe you're in on a solo adventure in a foreign country. Maybe you're with good friends and having a brilliant night out on the town. It's the kind of night you want to tell your grandkids about one day. What better way to commemorate your wild night than with an impulsive tattoo? Gorgeously unplanned, it describes the night perfectly.

Taurus (April 20–May 20): The love tattoo

I'm a Taurus, and I will be the first to say it: We are stubborn, deeply sensitive and wildly sensual.

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We're terrified of change, so tattoos are very appealing to us. Tattoos are forever, and as romantic beings, we're madly turned on by the idea of something lasting forever.

The ideal tattoo for a Taurus will affirm a relationship. We'll get a tattoo of a person we want to carry with us for the rest of our lives. It could be the name of a soulmate or a best friend. It could be the name of a lover or a family member. It's someone who makes our tired hearts tick.

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Gemini (May 21–June 20): The tattoo of contrasts

I'm notorious for being oh so ~attracted~ to you. I love your trailblazing tendencies, your wild charisma and chaotic unpredictability. I think it's a turn-on.

You're HOT and COLD. You live in LOVE and in HATE. Some people find that unsettling, but those people are basic and fear-based. I think it makes you interesting and multifaceted.

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You, my dear Gemini, need a tattoo that expresses both sides of your extreme personalities. Maybe it's a sun and a moon, since you embody both the night and the day. Maybe it's a heart and a knife, since you're both a lover and a fighter. I don't know! All I know is that you need to own your twin-like tendencies with dual, contrasting tats.

Cancer (June 21–July 22): The family tattoo

Oh, my deeply sensitive Cancer. You're loyal to a fault, extremely caring and more family-minded than other people. Because you feel so connected to your family, the ideal tattoo for you, my lovely little crab, is to get something that will remind you of your family.

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Maybe you'll get your mom's birthday tattooed on your arm. Maybe you want your last name or ancient family crest. (I don't know much about family crests, but I hear great things!)

If you aren't connected to your family, don't fret. Instead, turn to your other family: your close friends. You're also an ideal candidate for the friendship tattoo. Since you like to feel connected to people, you and your friend can get matching ones! It's like a friendship necklace but better, because INK doesn't break like cheap chains do.

Leo (July 23–August 22): The power tattoo

Leo, you exude power and exuberance like no one else. You love tattoos because they're symbols of self-esteem, identity and strength.

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Because of your powerful energy, you need a powerful tattoo. You aren't the type to get a delicate little word tucked behind your little ear. Nah -- you'll have something BOLD and fully visible.

Examples include: a colorful piece of original art; a badass self-portrait (it's not vain -- it's CONFIDENT); a tough drawing made by a tough Leo-like partner-in-crime. As long as it's in full view, badass, and AUTHENTIC, go for it. You can pull it the f*ck off, I promise.

Virgo (August 23–September 22): The vintage tattoo

You, Virgo, are undeniably charming. People born under this sign are the greatest storytellers in the sea of twinkling stars and leave everyone riveted with their wicked, conversational prowess.

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And that's exactly why your tattoo should be as charming as little ol' you.

Since charm is a dying art, you're the perfect candidate for a bonafide vintage tattoo.

Maybe it's a sweet-but-sexy pin-up girl (tastefully done, of course) or anchor (you DO need to be rooted sometimes) or an homage to the great Bettie Page.

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Get something with a little sass, a little frass and a dose of old-school charm!

Libra (September 23–October 22): The bohemian tattoo

Sweet little Libra, you're all about that balance and stability. And what makes you feel the most grounded is being surrounded by physical beauty.

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You love anything that's pretty -- flowers, the moon, soft colors, the f*cking SUN.

You're the perfect candidate for a tattoo of a flower, stars, the moon or the sun. Nothing is more grounding than nature, and a tattoo that encompasses the inherent beauty of nature is perfect for you.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21): The below-the-belt tattoo

Ah, my sexy, sexy, sultry, sultry Scorpio. You're notorious for your sexual energy and your hot, dominating presence. You're a top, and people can't get enough of you. Your sexual confidence is so strong that people can feel it when you enter the room.

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The perfect tattoo for you is a sexy tattoo below that studded belt of yours. Make us even more hot by surprising us with something underneath your skimpy clothing. Something sexy, of course -- perhaps a provocative quote? YES, PLEASE.

When in doubt, go for the tramp stamp. You're one of the only ones who can really pull off a tramp stamp.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21): The inner-lip tattoo

Oh, Sagittarius. You're beautifully intense and hyper-focused and wildly creative. You're a bright light, and you give the dull, dismal world a bit of sparkle.

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However, you're a afraid of commitment. And that's OK. We all have our fears, and you're just a free bird. And that makes the permanence of a tattoo a little frightening to you. While you love a bold aesthetic because of your intense nature, you're also afraid to be stuck with something forever (what does "forever" even mean?).

That's exactly why you're the perfect candidate for the inner-lip tattoo. I know I sound crazy, but I promise that this tattoo is f*cking cool and madly underrated. It fades out after a while, and it's quirky and unexpected -- just like intense, creative, focused, artistic little you.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19): The philosophical tattoo

Capricorn, I'll confess: I have a major weakness for you. I love your organizational skills, extreme intelligence and insane intuition. You just have your sh*t together, and I respect that. Your tattoo needs to be simple and classy, just like you.

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I happen to think that you NEED a philosophical quote adorned on that bod of yours. It can be long or short, but it MUST be profound and tapped into your intellectual core. Put it somewhere hidden; we all know that you don't like to give away your secrets easily.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18): The social justice tattoo

Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius --- you are the great humanitarian, darling. You will fight for human equality and JUSTICE on Earth until your f*cking death. You accomplish anything you set your mind to, but you do it so low-key.

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You don't let us see you sweat. You're just full of finesse, aren't you? And that's why you need a symbol for social justice on a subtle part of your body. This tattoo will empower you to keep fighting the good fight -- without rubbing it in everyone's face.

Maybe an equality symbol on your finger? A peace sign (how retro!) on your inner wrist? Whatever makes you tick and affirms your beautiful humanitarian spirit in this world-weary planet.

Pisces (February 19–March 20): The delicate tattoo

You have a gentle energy, my sweet Pisces. And this harsh, intensive world needs your r-e-l-a-x-e-d energy. You're compassionate, artistic and you attain that mysterious prowess.

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And that's why you need a mysterious tattoo in a inconspicuous spot. You need something that no one except for you understands. Maybe you need an exotic evil eye, a bird in flight or a delicate flower. In order to capture your gentle energy, it should represent something loving and gentle, but not in a visible place.

I personally think you can really rock a behind-the-ear tattoo or a back-of-the-neck tattoo. You need something in a delicate spot -- something to be seen by intimate eyes.

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