Someone Understands: Why We're Never Really Alone In Today's World


I must ask you all to take a moment to think of the different people reading this article: people of different ages, genders, nationalities, religions, locations in the world, walks of life, journeys, dreams, ambitions, different beliefs, perspectives and personal opinions.

We are all so different, and we are spread all over this world, leading us to feel so distanced in our life experiences and similarities. However, what we often forget or perhaps don’t even think about at all is that we are more connected than we think.

We are connected in the sense that, at one point in our lives, or perhaps time and time again, we won’t be able to run away from the inevitability of feeling or being alone.

For too long now, the idea of being alone has been cast in such a dark light, as though it is something to avoid or of which to be ashamed. It’s never something we seem to chase, praise or aspire to; however, that doesn’t always make it something we shouldn’t embrace or willingly endure.

To be alone is to be strong and content with your life because you’ve grown and learned to be comfortable in no one else’s presence but your own. You are empowered by your solidarity.

There is nothing wrong with being alone; in fact, there are people who intentionally seek it out. In being or finding yourself alone, you have the time to think deeply about life and what you want out of it.

You are able to be at your weakest and most vulnerable to allow yourself the chance to say that you’re finally going to make a change to your life, if you find you’re not currently satisfied.

At times, you may feel like you don't have anyone, or that the people you do have aren't genuine or concerned about you, for that matter. You feel like no one understands or that no one truly even cares. You feel like you have no one with whom to talk or perhaps even run to.

You feel like you're endlessly being shut down and no one believes in or supports you. You feel unaccomplished or unsatisfied with your life. You feel lost, as if you’ve reached a dead end. You feel as though nothing could be worse and nothing can get better.

You've found yourself in a place where you're adopting all of these deep, clouded thoughts, whilst dealing with other struggles and battles in your life. You feel like there's just one bad thing after the other.

I beg you to realize that perspective in life is ever so important, for while you may physically be alone, you’re not really alone. When you think of the bigger picture, everyone or many people will feel pain, sadness, depression and pure loneliness at one point in his or her life, or even right this moment.

In a sense, you are all going through the same thing; you’re just miles apart and unknown to one another in this universally shared experience. My heart aches to know that people become so deeply affected and perhaps even ashamed of being alone or being in a state of immense despair.

What these precious souls must realize is that they are part of an unknown collective of people, spread throughout the entire world, who feel this way.

That being said, in times of difficulty, you should never feel as though the world is against you. Trust in knowing that many people are fighting a battle, perhaps the same one you are. You may feel or be led to feel that you are to go through this all by yourself, but just know that somewhere in this endless world, someone is struggling, too.

That's not to say you should gain pleasure from the sentiment of another's agony, but it is to say that we can feel so alone; we can be psychically alone when we really aren't.

I've always held the belief that no matter what I'm going through, someone out there is going through or has gone through something close or perhaps even exactly the same.

It has made me feel as though I'm not as isolated in my experience as I thought. The same is for you; rest easy and be at peace that you're not out of place or an outsider of any type.

You're one of many going through a testing time in life, but I promise you it'll pass. You'll make it through. If someone who has once been in your position has conquered all that could've broken and destroyed him or her, who is to say you can't also?

The rest of the world, the people in your world or perhaps even yourself may make you feel, think or believe that you are to be ostracized and shunned, or that you are to go through this all without any care, support or love from anyone else.

Just know you’re not only fighting this battle for yourself, but also for everyone else who is struggling. You owe it to all the other people who are fighting to rise above and make it through all of this.

Believe in yourself, what you're capable of and what your future holds. Think of all the people who are crying, suffering, cutting, contemplating or hurting. You need to take control of your life before it takes control of you.

You must prove to all of those individuals who are struggling that if you can make through, then so can they. You can be their glimpse of hope; you can be their savior. I know for certain you have it within you to rise from the darkness and triumph.

Remember, you’re never truly alone.

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons