10 Reasons You'll Never Forget A Gemini, For Better Or Worse

by Alice Panikian

I am the Gemini product of two Gemini parents.

I'm what you might consider a quintessential Gemini, and because I identify so much with the sign, I even have a Gemini tattoo on my ankle (no, I don't regret it).

Therefore, I have appointed myself the authority on Geminis.

Geminis can either enrich your life or make you f*cking miserable (unintentionally of course), but in any event, the ride is never boring.

Here's everything you need to know about the bewitching Geminis:

1. They're Excellent Communicators

With the combination of intelligence, wit and enthusiasm, Geminis are excellent conversationalists in pretty much any given situation.

They love to learn and share all they've learned, and have no qualms with vocalizing their often strong opinions.

In relationships, Gemini likes to hash things out immediately rather than let issues linger.

They have a hard time hiding their displeasure with people and will sometimes over communicate in these situations.

In friendships, Geminis loves to gab and gossip. And if you're in need of advice, Geminis are the ones to ask; they give great guidance, as well as a unique perspective on things.

2. They're Quick

Geminis are quick thinkers, talkers and movers. In most areas of life, whether it be at work or in personal relationships, Geminis don't have much patience for inaction.

While they are relatively laid back and low-maintenance, stagnation and boredom gives them anxiety. If they feel like its time to move on, they will do so.

If you can't keep up, you risk getting left behind.

3. They're Creative And Jacks-Of-All-Trades

Geminis are multi-talented, artistic and usually have their hands in a few different things at once.

This, however, isn't always a good thing. They often lack direction and rarely keep their attention on one thing long enough to complete it (if you're reading this, yay me!).

But given the right projects, Geminis, too, can be highly capable and efficient (ex. JFK, Che Guevara, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West).

They work best in creative, fast-paced environments and make excellent public speakers.

4. They Have Multiple Personalities

One of the most well-known attributes of the Gemini is they have double personalities.

I'm here to set the record straight: Geminis do not have double personalities, they have countless personalities. Geminis are highly adaptable and intuitive.

As such, they react from others' energies, which results in a different "version" of him or herself for each person and situation they encounter.

The differences might be subtle or sometimes huge, depending on who they're dealing with.

This might be perceived as fakeness to some, but it's merely a Gemini revealing different sides of a multi-faceted personality.

5. They're Hard To Pin Down

Geminis are fiercely independent and value freedom. They do not like to feel tied down and will pull away if they feel smothered.

Additionally, since their time is extremely important to them, they can be quite non-committal for fear of making a bad decision that will result in wasted time.

They only want the best of the best in their personal relationships because that is what they, themselves, feel they have to offer.

In relationships, Gemini works best with people who are adventurous, independent and efficacious.

6. They're Passionate — aka “Crazy”

When Geminis are truly in love, they love hard. They can get irrationally jealous if they feel there is a threat to that love.

They are the sign that will throw picture frames across the room in a fury only to apologize and sweep up the shards of glass hours later (never happened…).

Yes, they can get crazy, but only when they care deeply, and usually only when they have good reason.

7. They're Superficial

Geminis are superficial in several aspects: They love the limelight and often place too much value on superficial things.

They don't often delve deep enough, and as a result, misjudge people and situations based on superficial information. This is perhaps a Gemini's biggest downfall.

Sometimes you must work to get Geminis to change their opinions of you because they can be very quick to judge.

8. They're Indecisive And Inconsistent

Perhaps one of the most infuriating qualities of Geminis is inconsistency. One day they're happy, the next "it's complicated."

Their moods can change at the drop of a hat. Because of the duality of Geminis, they constantly question their decisions, assuming they've managed to actually make one.

They second-guess themselves and nitpick to the point of obsession. Because of this, they are prone to anxiety.

9. They're Generous

Even when a Gemini is going through hard times, he or she will still be generous with those who are close to him or her.

Not known for being frugal or particularly good with money, Geminis will spend more money than they should before they risk being thought of by others as cheap.

10. They Forgive, But Never Forget

Geminis' spirit animal should be the elephant.

Though they forgive easily, they never forget when you've wronged them.

When a Gemini cares about you, he or she will see past the mistakes you've made (usually to his or her own detriment).

But, because of Geminis' inability to forget, you'll be hard-pressed to regain their trust, which can cause a toxic and negative environment for everyone involved. Moral of the story: Don't screw over a Gemini.

And, here we are. The fact that I even managed to finish this is kind of a big deal, considering my computer desktop is littered with half-finished editorials and screenshots of memes.

However, this topic is of particular interest to me, and I hope it has shed a little light on the mysterious Gemini for those of you brave enough — and lucky enough — to love one.