Meet The Woman Who Quit Her Corporate Job To Study Yoga

Have you ever felt stuck in a job or a place? Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but didn't quite know how?

This idea of a "quarter-life crisis" seems to be gaining traction with more and more Millennials.

Society ultimately defined success as a formulaic pathway with a one-size-fits-all mentality, leaving 20-somethings pushing toward goals and lifestyles they aren't even sure they want.

But, what if we redefined that idea of success?

Sacha Simmons is one woman working on a new definition.

She started out as an eager Georgetown graduate working at a major corporation as a consultant and project manager. After working hard, she was promoted and consistently climbed the corporate ladder.

All seemed to be going to plan, but after a few years, Sacha still felt like there was something lacking in her life. She missed the sunshine and fresh air. She missed having a balanced life.

She realized a traditional, “successful” path didn't necessarily mean a happy one.

With that epiphany, she packed up her MINI Cooper, left DC and headed to Shri Yogi Hari's Ashram in Florida, where she spent months immersing herself in the study and practice of yoga.

Now, back in her hometown of Los Angeles, she has a new sense of self. She applies the teachings of yoga to her everyday life in order to balance states of happiness and fulfillment.

She is creating her own definition of success.

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