7 Thoughts Every Woman Has During Mind-Blowing Sex

by Candice McCoy

I recently had a conversation with a man about what crosses a guy's mind one to two seconds after he releases with a new woman.

According to him, the seconds right after are the most important because it's when a man comes down from his high and is able to determine if the woman really means something to him.

He's either ready to leave immediately because he feels nothing for her, or he wants to stick around and chill because it's now clear to him that it's more than sex between them.

But since women don't always take time to think about what happened immediately after sex, here are seven thoughts that may cross women's minds during the journey to get the big O:

1. "Good thing I was awake when he sent me the 'You up?' text."

During good sex, she takes a moment to thank the heavens for getting her to choose reruns of "Basketball Wives" over sleep.

Otherwise, she would've been upset if she woke up to realize she a missed good D appointment.

Granted, she probably wasn't even thinking about having sex that night, but as soon as she saw his name pop up on her screen asking if she was up, she was down.

2. "Yasss!"

Women are cheering in their heads during sex.

If she knows her performance is good, and you're giving her confirmation through your reactions, she'll feel like you're the one who needs to be getting up and making the sandwich afterward.

If she's going all in, and you're moaning, biting your lip or asking questions like, "Why are you doing me like this?" in a soft, sexy voice, her ego is through the roof.

She's going to let you think you're in charge, but if you catch her smirking it's because she's well aware of who's really running the show.

3. "Can we please do doggy style?"

I don't know what it is with women wanting men to hit it from the back.

It's almost as if there's no such thing as good sex without it.

After missionary, she's ready to get down and dirty with you.

She's waiting for you to say the magic words, "Turn around for me," so you can tug her hair or smack and grab her ass.

Fun fact: Women feel the sexiest during two positions, and this is one of them.

The sexier a woman feels, the freakier she will be for you.

4. "Why is he doing me like this?"

She went from, "Yasss, I'm doing you good!" to now being the one who is now asking you why it's so good.

If the D is really bomb, she's going to ask herself this question.

She's going to be wondering what she did to deserve it, or where you've been all her life.

She's just hoping and praying you didn't hit her crazy switch.

That's because everyone knows nothing brings more stress to a woman's life than a good D, especially when it's coming from a not-so-good man.

5. *Mind goes blank*

There will be a moment when she won't be thinking about anything other than getting hers.

She will tune you out and completely focus on herself.

I just hope you know not to do anything annoying that might throw her off or turn her off.

6. "Right there."

I'm sure she thought this one out loud.

Just whatever you do, don't make any sudden moves, or you're going to have to start all over again.

It doesn't matter if she's on her first or third orgasm.

If she knows she's about to arrive, she needs you to play your part every single time and make sure she gets there.

Lord knows women hate having to start over on our journey to an O just because we wanted to add a little something extra.

7. "I wish he'd cum already."

Most likely, she was able to make you cum pretty quickly during good sex.

But just in case you didn't (due to having liquor in your system or due to the fact you thought about random sh*t to last longer than three minutes), just know she's on the brink of begging to get this over with.

It doesn't matter how good the sex is.

A lot of men think we want a guy who can go on for hours, when all we really want is one who can give us the best seven to 10 minutes we've ever had.