Wisdom: Carpe Diem

Celebrate this moment to celebrate this life. Irrigate the seeds of joy planted with purpose and plan your party with your own tranquility in mind.

Live in the spirit of celebration. There is a reason for everything and for everything there is a reason. Be a part of the celebration by cheering on your own existence. Separate yourself from the quests of the external and surrender to the inner being's benevolent intentions.

'Rampant stillness moves about in a pattern set for the earliest dawn and rise with the occasion'. -Poarts

Arrive to the showcase in the imagination of the performer. Dance to the melody, harmonize off-beat and life will play along in response. Celebrate in ways that only you have creatively planned and applaud yourself for a performance well done. Bravo my friend!

Always participate in the unwritten agenda with the goal of re-writing its prose. Forbid the entrance of prompters and associations that are incongruent to the theme of your celebration. Queue up to life's siesta, hours of bottled joy, bands and behavioral patterns only you can judge.

And when the note from the no's of life pass along, simply serve it on a coaster for your toast.

May all the pain at your celebration be poured out of champagne. Without reason, claim dominion of the good times awaiting claim. Without warrant arrest the idea of freedom and celebrate the wonders of all that surrounds you. It's my choice to cry if I desire as it's my day and in my party that it all transpires.

'Life for me is a celebration and I am the host, guest, and entertainment' ~ Jamel Christian Davenport

Jamel Davenport | Elite. 

Jamel Davenport is a life coach that specializes in dealing with celebrity clients around the world. He has changed the lives of many with his teachings and continues to guide so many with their purpose in life.