Why This Generation Needs To Make Being Manly Cool Again

by Ray Nettling

It is becoming more difficult to find men who embody the qualities of William Wallace, Maximus Meridius Decmimus and JFK. And, if these names don’t ring a bell, then you might as well check your man card at the door.

Generation-Y is filled more with 20-something boys than it is 20-something men – it’s time for a shift. There are certain qualities that the quintessential man has that Gen-Y men need.

Here they are:

His word is his bond.

Your reputation is something that follows you throughout your whole life. When you are untruthful, people will almost always find out, which will immediately affect your reputation and image. When you are not credible, you are not valuable. In the real world, people will cut you little slack for not following through on your word.

It is important to get rid of the saying “actions speak louder than words,” because in the real world, words are just as powerful as actions. If you cannot keep a promise, do not make one in the first place.

The quintessential man does not make excuses — he only makes results.

He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Generation-Y is spoiled with services, like AAA, that allow us to make a phone call and wait an hour or so before someone comes to the rescue when we have a flat tire. How about being your own hero for a change?

Next time your crush needs a hero when stranded on the highway, step away from being Clark Kent and go be Superman; roll those sleeves up and change that tire yourself. Instead of taking your crush out to eat, fire up some charcoal and throw some steaks on the grill. There is a spider in the shower? Kill it yourself.

The quintessential man loves being the knight in shining armor and knows that getting a little dirt on his hands isn't going to kill him.

He takes pride in his appearance.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. When you meet someone, he or she makes a judgment about you almost immediately. With barely enough time to even say hello, some of the first things people will notice about you are your look and your attention to hygiene. Today, men are measured on their style more than ever.

A suit and tie are not necessary for every occasion, but it is essential that your look be clean and that it looks like you at least made an effort. You won’t get that business card, skip the line at the club or get any glances from that hottie at the bar if you do not take pride in your appearance.

The quintessential man treats every interaction like an interview because he knows that destiny is sneaky; the next open door for success could be one handshake away.

He is a role model.

It is important to remember that someone is always watching you. People are always going to judge you, but it is important to always leave a positive, lasting impression. The people in your network should admire you and be able to look to you for advice and guidance. Set an example for those in your network and inspire them for success.

The quintessential man is a leader who does not just seek success for himself, but for everyone around him as well.

He is confident.

The dating world has drastically changed over the years and I am sure it will continue to change in years to come. In today’s dating scene, it is easy to hide behind feelings of uncertainty through social media sites and text messaging; all you have to do to ask someone out is send a text or swipe right on Tinder. The quintessential man is not afraid to take risks and he genuinely enjoys a good challenge. If he is interested in someone, he will approach the person and simply strike up conversation.

He will be able to converse without coming across as arrogant since he is comfortable in his own skin with all his great qualities he can bring to the table

He creates his own destiny.

We, as a generation, have become far too comfortable and reliant on the easy way out. Too many of us rely on our parents and family members for money and opportunities when in reality, we should be creating these on our own. Reaching a goal or milestone is far more gratifying through hard work and dedication than from a handout. For those who are lucky enough to come from wealthy families, do not simply rely on your parents’ wealth for success; take it and turn it into something 20 times bigger.

It is a shame that the characteristics that make a real man are becoming more difficult to find.

It’s time for the men of Generation-Y to get in touch with their inner Clint Eastwood and grab life as Clint would grab a bull: by the balls.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.