Why Millennials Are Rightfully Entitled In Today's Workforce

With graduation right around the corner, many recent college grads will serve as a statistical inflation of the unemployment force. Many employers will see Millennials as lazy, entitled bastards who made it through college because that is the new normal.

So how do we handle this label?

My advice is to grab life by the horns and say, “Hell yeah I'm entitled. I'm entitled to get what's mine.”

You have just joined the 39 percent of Americans who hold college degrees. In America today, though, a college degree still doesn't guarantee you a job, and a good network can only get you in the room. So how you differentiate yourself from the masses is what matters now.

You need to be showing up 10 minutes earlier than everyone, and staying 20 minutes later. Before anyone can put a face to your name, the first thing they should hear about you is your work ethic. Perhaps being the most naturally gifted is out of your control, but you can always control your work ethic.

You can choose to be the hardest worker simply by doing so. There is nothing that holds you back from being the person everyone knows as the hardest working guy around, so why not do it?

Through experience I have found that a majority of managers would rather hire the person who is willing to work hard and learn, as opposed to the person who meets all the qualifications, but failed to display his or her work ethic. The best endorsement a person can give you in the work world is being someone who will get the job done.

Successful entrepreneurs have been practicing this for years. While everyone may think they are vibrating at unnaturally high frequencies, the world seems to slow down for them and bend to their will because all they know is hard work.

Even if you don't plan on starting the next Facebook, you can still work just as hard to become the best employee at your company. I guarantee you will begin to see things differently; you'll begin to see things from a managerial perspective. Even if those above you don't see the fruits of your labor, you'll begin to value yourself at a higher price and seek more from your work and your daily life.

I don't believe that Millennials are entitled because of how we were raised; I believe we have to be entitled. Everything has been handed to us for so long that society is trying to take back what they think we don't deserve. We have to feel entitled to get that job because of how hard it is to stand out in a time where Americans are more educated than ever before.

So next time someone speaks your name, make sure it's followed up with all the entitlements you've worked hard to maintain. You deserve it.

Photo via We Heart It