How Laughter Is Actually Our Sixth Sense And Key To A Happy Life

by Djenabe Edouard

If sight, smell, sound, touch and taste are unconscious cognitive processes that are triggered by our environment, couldn't we argue that humor is an impulsive cognitive process of our mental makeup, triggered by those who surround us?

It’s hard enough finding someone who is attractive, has a good job, great personality and actually calls you back, but it's even more difficult to find someone who shares your sense of humor and makes you laugh.

Laughter is one of the many keys to cultivating happiness in your life, and if you can’t share it with your significant other, then who the hell is really making you happy?

1. You Can Sense A Sense of Humor

Ever meet someone new whom you find attractive? After a few drinks, and some engaging conversation, he or she tries to crack a joke, which results in a courtesy chuckle and a fake smile from you. You probably instantly realize that things aren't going to work out. Well, the bad jokes might seem cute at first, but this wears off with lust and gets very annoying very fast.

Don’t get stuck in the awkward smile limbo.

2. Laughter Is Good For Your Health

Though it might feel easy and come naturally, laughter is a very intricate process that has shown some very good health benefits. We go through physiological changes when we laugh; our blood pressure goes up, we breathe faster and our facial muscles stretch.

These simple changes help our immune system, blood flow, blood sugar levels and relaxation; regulate sleep and even burn calories.

3. People NEED To Laugh

Why do you think royalty had jesters and comedians that were paid to hang around? Laughter is food for the soul, even medieval doctors believed that the jester could actually heal the imbalance of "humors" (emotional states of sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic).

4. Comedians And Comedy

We all have our favorite comedian or comedic movie and TV show, and though we can count on them to make us laugh, we shouldn't rely on this. It’s like the contemporary porn craze; men and women are increasingly watching porn instead of seeking partners to satisfy their needs.

Basically, if you and your partner can’t even agree on a comedian to watch together, you might find that you don’t really agree on much after all.

5. Why So Serious?

You know the type: dry humor, almost no facial inflections with an uptight, stick-in-the-ass demeanor. This kind of person often sounds good on paper, but in relationships and social situations, he or she can often come across as a real Debbie downer. People like that aren't satisfying or conducive to anyone's joie de vivre.

Laughter should be contagious.

6.  Laughter Is Our First "Word"

Robert R. Provine, psychology professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County suggested that before our human ancestors could talk with each other, laughter was a simpler method of communication.

Think of babies: Before they can even say mama or dada, they laugh at the funny faces we make or the sensation of being tickled. Laughter is essentially a way of telling someone that you are satisfied or enjoying yourself.

In my own experience with past relationships, I have noticed that if the person did not genuinely make me laugh, guffaw or even snicker, I slowly but surely lost interest and found that I enjoyed spending more time with the guy friends who shared my sense of humor.

Sharing movies, TV shows and even inside jokes with someone creates a connection that becomes almost unbreakable. You take turns at making each other laugh, share countless memories and stories and hence, make each other happy.

So why settle for less than a smile?