14 Honest Reasons Why I Love My Hair More Than Any Other Part Of My Body

by Ade

“Love” is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about my hair. In fact, I've never been so in love with anything before.

I love my hair more than I love most people (sorry, guys!). I adore her for always making me stand out and boosting my confidence.

The first time I wore my 'fro to work, I was pretty nervous until I walked in and a co-worker immediately said, “Ahhhh! I love your hair! It's so you, so…. out of the box, so different and cool."

I usually don't care much about compliments, but this one made me come alive. It was the first I had received from someone who didn't have hair that looked like mine.

My hair, like myself, is out of control sometimes. Other times, she's straightened, sleek and flowy. I've had braids with gray tips, faux locs, you name it. Just as I adjust to fit to different situations, she does, too. She really kind of has a life of her own.

1. I take care of my hair, and she, in turn, takes care of me.

I put a lot of time, effort, money and thought into my hair and in return, she's soft, manageable and just plain lovely. You know, completely unlike people, where you can dedicate your whole life to them and they still end up being trash (ugh).

2. My hair often serves as a great ice breaker.

Branislav Jovanović

Some people think I still look like a teenager, but I have TONS of gray. So I get a lot of “Wow! I love all your gray,” or “Salt and pepper already? Nice look!” Then we start talking about who-knows-what and bam! I've gotten to know another awesome person.

3. My hair shows my pride.

When I was a kid I hated my “nappy” hair. But now, I am proudly “nappy and happy."

4. She earns me automatic smiles from other naturals.


It's like being in a sorority.

5. She fascinates others.

People are always asking how I got my hair “like that” while staring at me in bewilderment. Usually, the answer is simple: the blow dryer.

6. She makes everything better.

Kayla Snell

I could be having a terrible day, but if I catch of glimpse of myself in the mirror and my hair is right, somehow, everything else just seems less... significant.

7. She's versatile.

I love flexibility and people who go with the flow. I love hair that goes with the flow -- you know, like mine.

8. She does what I want.

When I want her to be crazy, she can get pretty crazy. When I want to “tame” her, I can. What else can I control like that?

9. I can use her to show off awesome accessories.


Like my colorful African headwraps, flowers and unique hair clips.

10. She's as soft as the clouds. Trust me.

So on the rare occasion I do allow people to dive their hands into my fro, they are immensely impressed.

11. She understands me.


I do soooo much to my hair and she never freaks out, she just... continues to support me.

12. She hides the things people don't need to see.

Like my pimples and my eyebrows when I'm late on threading.

13. She allows me to be a different person every single day of the week.


I can get different looks by doing simple things: blow drying, air drying, wetting it, bantu knotting, twisting out, braiding out, tying a bandana, putting it in a pony tail or pigtails, straightening -- the list is endless.

Imagine how fascinated my students are. They actually pay attention to me all day.

14. I kind of live for the compliments now (as much as I hate to admit it).

People often use adjectives like awesome, lovely, vivacious, fierce, sassy and bouncy to describe my hair. Um, who wouldn't love to hear that all the time?