Why Being The Youngest Child In The Family Is The Best Situation

by Carla Mae Macaraeg

Are you the youngest child? Well then, this post is for you.

Life in your 20s is all about self-discovery, setting goals you believe will make you happy and identifying what it takes to achieve them. All these things depend heavily on your personality, and that's greatly shaped by your upbringing.

The definition of the "youngest child syndrome" throws out a lot of negative words, such as pampered, spoiled, dependent and demanding. There are even guidelines on how to deal with the youngest child.

I bet you're cringing right now. The next time you feel the world is looking down on you for being the baby, slap them with these facts:

You're all about good vibes

The term "family drama" is redundant. Good thing youngest children like you exist to shoo away the dark clouds and infect the family with glee. Even at a young age, you probably found yourself being more optimistic than your older siblings.

The drama just isn't for you, which is good. Family and friends count on you for fun and great times.

You're close to everyone in the family

As the youngest child, you get to spend significant amounts of time with everyone in the family, with whom you share a unique bond.

Your dad volunteers to teach you how to drive, mom brings you along in the supermarket, sister shares with you her love for floral skirts and brother happily wastes Saturday mornings playing Xbox with you. Isn't that sweet?

You learn from the experiences of your siblings

This is probably the best among the perks of being the youngest child. It's like life is a big classroom and seated in the last row, you get to see how your siblings go through all of the exams.

You have an awesome view of what they did to pass triumphantly, as well as the things that caused them to fail. So, youngest children, observe carefully and take the lessons to heart.

Your parents are your hero

Admit it: Ever since you were a kid, you noticed how special you were by how your parents treated you. You got the biggest slice of cake, the best flavored ice cream and even the most attractive pair of shoes.

In their eyes, you're always the cute puppy in the midst of grown-up bears. This is why you're going to love your parents more than anybody else at home (and secretly pity siblings deprived of the luxuries you enjoy).

You're careful of your actions, despite the freedom

Your siblings, although aware of the occasional injustice, see you (same with your parents) as the adorable baby who never grows up. But since your older brother and sister already did some crazy things in their day, you're given the luxury of freedom from your parents.

What could you really do that's worse than something they've already been through? Surprisingly, seeing this truth turns you into a responsible individual who never wants to break anyone's heart.

You're mindful of your actions and would avoid making mistakes as much as possible.

You turn out to be the most loving

Youngest children grow up in love. Because you've been the center of affection for the longest time, you'll know what love is, how it feels and how to show it.

You probably would even want to share it with the world by being a volunteer or advocate of peace later on. Casting negatives aside, you'll choose to focus on the things that bring joy and make the world a much nicer place.

As blindly optimistic as it may seem, this trait makes you the person this lonely planet mostly needs.

Screw those unbecoming descriptions the world associates with youngest children. Turns out, you're actually the best person in the family, being the most optimistic, understanding and loving.

Eldest and middle children, on the other hand, should appreciate their baby sister or brother more; if they'll just see beneath the quirky surface.

Photo credit: Shutterstock