16 White Ink Tattoos That Will Give You The Perfect Amount Of Edge

by Tessa Harvey

If you're in need of a little edge in your life, getting tatted up with white ink is always a fun idea.

White ink tattoos make a stunning statement, and are perfect for the chick who doesn't want to go the typical black or colored ink route.

The white ink makes the tattoos appear more like a faded scar, and it creates a truly beautiful design on your skin.

People decide to get tattoos for a number of reasons, whether it may be in memory of a loved one, a symbol of a friendship, or a reminder of something grounding.

The transparent nature of the white ink brings an additional sense of meaning; the harder they are to see, the more personal they feel.

Needless to say, if you're a major white ink fan, keep reading. Here are 16 super edgy white ink tattoo ideas.

1. A Mythical Creature

... For a hint of magic, wherever you're at in life.

2. A Really Intricate Design

I'm obsessed with how this tattoo is so subtle, yet so beautiful.

3. White Ink Snake

This one was seriously made for the truly edgy-type.

4. This Floral Masterpiece

Black and white ink combined? I'm sold.

5. A Little Saying That Means A Lot

... Because sometimes, you just need a sweet little reminder.

6. A Tiny Whale

... For the girl who can't get enough of the ocean life.

7. A Small Ankle Tat

This is the perfect place for a message only you will know about.

8. Snowflakes

Take the snow wherever you go.

9. A Hidden Message

Love is all you need, right?

10. A Single Rose

... For the gentle soul, with a bit of edge.

11. An Ocean Wave

Just keep on swimming your way through the summer.

12. These Matching Moons

You can get them with a friend for a fun twist.

13. A Paws-itive Reminder

Take a bit of your furry friend wherever you go.

14. A City Skyline

... So you'll never be far from home.

15. A Lightning Bolt

Channel your love for Harry Potter with this micro design.

16. Flower Details

... For a hint of personality.