Why Your Wedding Is Not The Most Important Day Of Your Life

I'm not quite sure who the brains behind the statement, “Your wedding is the most important day of your life,” is but I'd love to meet them and slap them across the face.

I apologize for the violence, but as someone whose paycheck comes from working directly with brides, I'd like to admit that I feel bad for them. For every single one of them. No bride is spared when I say that weddings make you go a little bit insane. You're dealing with so much stress, pressure and sudden bouts of anxiety, just because everyone in your life makes you feel like your wedding should be perfect and you must do everything you can to make it go smoothly.

It won't. It never does. It's not supposed to. Weddings are not supposed to be magical or fairytale-like. The ones you see on Pinterest that seem like they belong straight out of a rom-com movie are probably Photoshopped or at least cropped so you don't see a screaming bride in the background or a inebriated bridesmaid slumped over the hedges trying to purge herself of too much pre-wedding liquid courage.

I never understood why people ran around with a dopey smile on their face trying to say that your wedding is the best and most important day of your life. It's not like on that day anything changes. If anything, it's a day when you're hugging family members you haven't see in more years than you can count on your hands and you're making sure that your DJ doesn't play the Electric Slide and make your wedding a snooze fest for your college friends that traveled all the way here and hired a babysitter for their kids.

Want to talk about most important day of your life? Perhaps that's when you decided that you were sitting across from the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Or when you decided where you were going to go to college and what you were going to major in. Maybe the most important day of your life was when you decided you would quit smoking or hanging out with that group of friends that probably would never graduate college and get a job.

But a day when you're wearing a dress that costs you a couple of thousand dollars and makes you waddle around the venue like a penguin is not the most important day of your life.

It's just a day, a party, a chance to celebrate every day after that moment, when you make daily important decisions to love another person no matter how many times they tell a lame joke, fart when you're sharing the love seat with them or beg you to order Indian food for the fifth time this week.

Now that's what I'd write off as important.