4 Millennials Who Have Turned Vlogging Into A Million-Dollar Empire

They're celebrities in their own right, earning big bucks from the comfort of their own homes, and now, YouTube stars are really starting to garner attention.

With annual earnings frequently over $1 million, they're leading a rather envious lifestyle.

Here are four of YouTube's most profitable sensations:


Topic: Toy Reviews

Age: 9

If you think back to where you were at age 9, your only business venture was probably akin to a lemonade stand, but EvanTubeHD thinks a bit bigger than that.

Working alongside his father, the young star reviews toys and videogames in videos that feature his immediate impression of new releases in the toy world.

These videos are family-friendly, and are a great way for parents to gauge the success of a toy for their child. The venture has certainly been successful for Evan and his family.

His father, who only identifies himself as Jared to protect his family's safety, says their work on YouTube earns the family around $1.3 million each year through sponsorship deals and ad placement.

Evan's success hasn't been restricted to just the computer screen; he has also debuted in advertisements for toy companies. His primary appeal is that they're videos for children, by a child, with one goal in mind: getting other kids the best toys on the market.

Blogilates/Cassey Ho

Topic: Fitness

Age: 28

The fitness world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to get a grip on the field if you're starting out, but Cassey Ho has taken the world by storm with her Blogilates videos.

Ho features engaging, easy-to-follow videos people can watch at home, and she's here to push healthy eating and healthy living to people all around the world.

Her start in fitness came when she decided to qualify as a pilates trainer in her second year at university, and chose to stray from her degree's future in medicine to follow her passion.

Through teaching her classes, she began to develop POP pilates, a form of higher energy pilates her students found to be engaging. Realizing she was onto something, Ho started to film her lessons to upload on YouTube, and her videos became quick sensations.

Ho also dabbled in design, after she realized she could never find a fashionable exercise bag that was actually big enough to hold all of her gym gear. She began to move into the area of fitness apparel, alongside her video development.

With her peppy enthusiasm and positive outlook, Ho's energy is contagious. It's no wonder she is making a fortune through selling POP Pilates to gyms across the US and by the promotion of her own fitness line.

Zoella/Zoe Sugg

Topic: Beauty

Age: 25

Though she's been steadily gaining YouTube subscribers for a while now, Sugg has only recently taken her place alongside the website's other high earners.

Sugg's channel, initially called zoella280390, and since shortened to Zoella, features her fashion and beauty hauls, and gives her 8 million subscribers an inside look into her life.

She became such an Internet personality with a vibrant and engaging enthusiasm, she was approached by Penguin Books to write for them. She released her first novel in the second half of 2014. "Girl Online" was such a success, it became the fastest-selling book of 2014.

But Sugg's profits don't stop there.

With her focus on beauty and lifestyle, she has also developed a bath and beauty range, featuring candles, lip balms and cosmetic bags. With her overall success, at the age of 24, Sugg and her partner, fellow YouTube star Alfie Deyes, purchased a $1 million home, a clear sign of their success.

PewDiePie/Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Topic: Video Games

Age: 25

Parents might despair when their teenage sons get hooked on video games, but for PewDiePie, his love of gaming has him earning $7.4 million a year.

His income is earned through ad sales, and most of it is straight profit for the Swedish YouTube star. His upfront, open approach to playing games has earned him almost 40 million subscribers since he first started making videos in 2010.

His videos are by no means polished, but it's his pure personality that makes him such a success in the online community. Plenty of people find his uploads hard to watch, and they can be downright offensive in some instances, but that clearly hasn't hampered his success.

Keeping his videos simple is what is earning Kjellberg the big dollars. He works alone and there are very few costs involved in filming oneself playing video games, so with over $7 million per annum in profit, the simplicity is obviously working for him.