3 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality To Remember Your Wedding Forever

If there was ever a fun time to get married, it's now.

Our world has gone from offline to almost completely digital. Most of us can't walk 10 feet without checking to see if our cell phones are close by. And many of us rely on technology for so many things that allow us to spend more time in bed or out and about doing what we want, instead of doing what we need to do.

Weddings are no different. Social media made quite the powerful stamp on weddings over the last few years. Couples were enamored with making a unique hashtag for guests to use when they posted pictures from their big day.

Other couples actually paid someone to come to their weddings and manage their social media accounts for them. That's, like, total Kim Kardashian status right there. But, there are wedding businesses that do that.

This year, virtual reality made quite the entrance into more and more people's lives. Even popular brands are using virtual reality for all different types of marketing campaigns. But, what's really about to emerge into the wedding industry is the use of virtual reality before and on a couple's big day. Sure, virtual reality is still a bit pricey, but it's also prime entertainment for the wedding guests and even the couple.

Wondering how in the world you can tie virtual reality into your upcoming wedding?

Here are three ways:

1. Capture your wedding in 360-degree video.

Instead of investing in a videographer to shoot a video of your wedding day, invest in a virtual reality video company that'll take a 360-degree video of your entire wedding. That way, you can go home and relive your wedding day in the most full way for years to come.

Since it's the day of your wedding, you'll probably be overcome with so many emotions. Having a 360-degree view of your entire wedding will let you grab on to every single detail.

2. Have a virtual reality station set up.

Photobooths are all the rage right now at weddings. But, you should shake up the trend by having a virtual reality booth where guests can put on the goggles and play a virtual reality game. Having side entertainment like this at a wedding can help keep guests out of their chairs and having a good time, especially if they're not ones to take on the dance floor.

3. Make virtual reality wedding invitations.

OK, this option is out there, like really, really out there. But, you can make virtual reality wedding invitations. Since it'll cost you a pretty penny to do so (since you'll need to pay to make the video of these invitations, and then mail them out with goggles per guest), it may be something you chose to do for only select friends and family members. Either way, it's something cool to explore, especially if you're a techy.