10 Reasons Virgos Are The Most Efficient Men And Women In The Zodiac

by Casey Feindt

Virgos are by, far one, of the most misrepresented signs in the Zodiac. Born between August 23 and September 22, they're often categorized as being overly meticulous, nit-picky and rigid.

Represented by the astrological sign of the virgin, Virgos are forever cursed to play out the patriarchal role of the stereotypical housewife: clean, reserved and organized.

Virgos, however, are SO much more than this. In fact, it could be said Virgos are the highest-functioning zodiac signs of all, especially with regard to overall mental competence and efficiency.

These are 10 reasons why Virgos are the most efficient zodiac sign of all:

1. They Never Stop Learning

Most Virgos are perfectionists of some sort.

Whether they spend hours on a specific homework assignment or simply have to have their Starbucks with two pumps instead of three, Virgos have a tendency to never settle for anything less than perfect.

That being said, Virgos recognize the value of education and its impact on society as a whole. They are constantly seeking out knowledge and trying to better themselves.

The average person may get stuck in the rain a few times without an umbrella, but for a Virgo, it only happens once.

2. They're Independent By Nature

Virgos are capable individuals, who don't like to rely on the assistance of others.

They tackle problems head-on, and feel better about their accomplishments knowing they were successful all by themselves. They have no problem being alone for extended amounts of time, which is why they are often perceived as being standoffish.

But this isn't the case. Virgos recognize they don't need to constantly be in the center of attention in order to seek social approval.

3. You Can Rely On Them For Anything

Along with Cancer and Taurus, Virgos are highly reliable and follow through with commitments. They're empathetic to the needs of others, which is why if Virgos say they are going to do something, they do it.

Virgos rarely bail on the people they care about, which makes them truly great friends to have. Because Virgos are extremely rational, you can rely on them to complete complicated tasks with efficiency and promptness.

It comes as no surprise that Virgos often befriend other Virgos because of their appreciation for reliability and dedication.

4. They See Things Others Miss

Virgos are attracted to the details more than they are attracted to "the big picture." Many people see this as a downfall.

However, this attention to detail is what makes a Virgo stand out, as compared to other signs. A Virgo knows you can't have a "big picture" without first putting together all the pieces.

Virgos can accurately find and put together the little pieces that make up the whole. They see the pieces nobody else sees, and know exactly where to put them.

5. They Mean What They Say

If a Virgo tells you something, you might want to listen up. Chances are, he or she truly means it.

If you look good, a Virgo will tell you. If you look bad, a Virgo will also tell you. Virgos can always be trusted to be upfront with you, because they expect nothing less from anyone else.

For Virgos, honestly is the best policy, even if the truth hurts.

6. They'll Lend A Helping Hand

Let's face it: Bill Withers' song, "Lean On Me," was probably inspired by a Virgo.

They will literally go above and beyond to help those who are close to them. Known as the "nurturer," Virgos will have no problem helping you change a flat tire, organize your bedroom or even clean up after that rager last night.

Not only will they be happy to help, they'll probably give you some pointers on how to avoid debacles like these in the future. They aren't being condescending. They truly just want to help.

7. They Have An Amazing Work/Play Balance

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Virgos aren't dull by any means, but they often receive that connotation because of their efficiency and dedication to their work.

Virgos, however, know how to work hard and play harder.

Got an extra ticket to a concert in the middle of the week? Invite a Virgo. He or she will be able to hang until the wee hours of the morning, and still slay the next morning's work conference.

8. They Don't Let Their Emotions Govern Them

Listen to your heart or listen to your head?

This age-old debacle is quite simple for a Virgo. They always listen to their head, as they value rational thinking and practicality.

Virgos never let their emotions run wild, which makes them excellent partners in business and love.

9. They're Down To Earth

While Virgos may be interested in higher learning and perfection, it's rare their personalities reflect these elitist interests.

In fact, Virgos can be quite charming and personable once they open up. They see no value in materialistic objects and, instead, value real world experiences.

Want to impress a Virgo? Ditch the fancy dinner and take her somewhere that challenges her, either intellectually or physically.

Rock climbing, a trip to the museum or even a nice hike are all things a Virgo would enjoy.

10. They're Patient -- Like Really, Really Patient

I really wish my eigth grade algebra teacher had been a Virgo. If he had been, maybe I would have passed the class.

Unfortunately for me, he was a short-tempered Aries. Figures, right?

Virgos want the people they care about to be successful, which is why they spend so much time trying to build the ones around them up.

This may be seen as nagging, but it's not the case. Virgos are willing to work with you over extended periods of time to help you become the best person you can be.