5 Updates On Your Favorite Brunch Cocktails To Shake Up Your Weekend

by Jessica Oaks

What's the best thing about brunch? The booze.

If you're looking to change up the routine of waiting in line for 45 minutes to get a few eggs and some hair of the dog, why not host a boozy brunch yourself? Take a look at all the boozy beverages you can make, so your place can become the most popular brunch spot in town:

1. Green Bloody Mary

The hair of the dog is no joke when it comes to brunching hard. To get that hangover fix and power through, a go-to bloody mary is your best bet. If you've ever wanted to be like that super hip restaurant, whipping up those weird versions of their own bloody marys, here's your chance.

Surprise your brunchers with a green bloody mary. That's right. It's not red, but green.

Blend together tomatillos, green tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, cilantro and serrano chiles, and then stir together with your favorite vodka. Lime wedges go on top to stick to the color theme.

It's guaranteed to wake you up and get you feeling good. It's just like a mean green juice, but with alcohol.

2. Bromosa

If you're looking to grow some facial hair and man up during an often-girly brunch, go bro. A bromosa (also known as a beermosa) is perfect for those of you who think that mimosa flute just isn't enough.

This drink is a mimosa with beer, and it's ideally served in a pint glass so you get more. Lighter (and often cheaper) beer works best, such as PBR or Coors Light. Fill it up almost to the top, and add just enough OJ to change the color.

3. Salty Pirate

After you've taken that mimosa to the bro level, you can make it even more hardcore and take out the juice altogether. There's no time to waste if your goal is to get real boozy during this brunch.

The salty pirate is light enough to drink for both the morning and midday rager. Mix about a shot of Captain Morgan Cannon Blast spiced rum into a glass of “radler style” beer. (This is basically any beer that's part beer and part carbonated juice or ginger ale. Think "summer shandy.")

Throw in a lime and give it a kick by rimming the glass with kosher salt and cayenne powder. This will give you a nice, loose sailor tongue to keep the conversation going all day long.

4. Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea

To err on the “classier” side — or at least to try to get some Southern manners — serve some lemony spiked sweet tea. Steep orange pekoe tea bags, and then sweeten the mixture with dissolved sugar water. Add lemon juice and rum.

Pour it over ice, garnish it with mint and stay refreshed and alive with some sweet Southern charm.

5. Blood Orange Mimosa

Let's bring it back to brunch basics, where the boozy brunch all started: the mimosa. To keep it fresh and different from the standard champagne and OJ version, why not try a blood orange mimosa?

Pull out the fancy flutes and fill them with a mixture of blood orange juice, sugar and Grand Marnier, and top it off with prosecco. This still stays near and dear to the classic, but it infuses an extra touch for a next-level type of brunch.

Brunch holds a special place in our hearts. With carefree vibes, free-flowing words, drinks and cheers to accompany us, it symbolizes the potential of the fun that can be had midday.

As you float on top of the world with a full day ahead of you, it's good to know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to brunch beverages. Now go on and get your brunch on.