7 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Start Saying 'Yes'

by Alexandra Mullane
Warner Bros. Pictures

Going into my third college (yes, you read that right, I transferred a few times), I decided to make the personal change of going outside my comfort zone more. One way I went about doing so was saying “yes” more often.

Now, most of us have seen Jim Carrey's "Yes Man," in which he says "yes" every time someone asks him if he wants to do something. In the end, his life magically becomes perfect, and he gets the girl.

Although that's fantastic and a great way to encourage people to be open to new things, it might be a little extreme. Regardless, I decided to implement a similar idea into my own life. What happened wasn't too far fetched from the Jim Carrey comedy, and I definitely don't regret doing it.

1. I saw more places.

For starters, I ended up saying "yes" to a lot more spur-of-the-moment things. I ended up going to Alabama once, Tennessee twice and Florida for spring break all without much notice or planning. Each journey was a blast.

2. Going on more trips led to meeting more people.

Going on spontaneous, last-minute trips ultimately led to meeting more people. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the girls in my sorority better, and it allowed me to build friendships I'm so glad I have now.

Meeting more people enabled me to do more in the future. Saying "yes" to everything always leads into the next journey to say "yes" to.

3. I had more fun.

I did things I never thought I would do. I made hilarious memories with friends I will never forget. I went to more events. I experienced my college more than any previous college I attended.

I dipped my hands in different parts of my major, tried out new hobbies and fully immersed myself in my college by giving everything a chance.

4. I experienced failure, and it made me better.

Obviously, saying "yes" all the time inevitably leads to some people saying “no” in response. This made me fall on my ass from time to time.

To be honest, failure was great for me. I appreciate when things work out in my favor much more now, and I am less afraid to take risks.

5. I grew more as a person.

By taking more risks and seizing more opportunities, I am learning more about myself than I would have had I just stayed in my comfort zone. I am learning more about my likes and dislikes, even if it's something silly, like finding out my secret love for sour cream. In the long run, it's made me more comfortable with myself, and I have developed new hobbies and learned about the new things I enjoy.

6. It caused a domino effect.

Saying "yes" to certain things led me to say "yes" to more things. I would start by saying "yes" to one trip, and then I would make new friends and say "yes" to further adventures with them.

Even while venturing on these trips, I would continue to try things on each journey. In Florida, for example, I tried rabbit for the first time. Although they might seem like little changes, being open to everything began to add up, and I realize I say "yes" to things now that I would have never agreed to doing a year ago.

7. It made me happier.

As if this was not clear enough already, all of these factors have made me a happier person. Through saying yes more, I have done more, seen more, made more friends and plan on continuing this change in my life.

As a person, I am happier and more fun. I seize more opportunities and worry less. Overall, saying "yes" more has probably been the best thing I have ever done.