8 Types Of Jobs That Will Fulfill The Intuitive Side Of Every Libra Woman

by Clair Jones

Finding your calling in life can be challenging, especially for a Libra who draws happiness from doing meaningful work, helping others find their path and maintaining the balance of life.

While Libra women will find success in any career they choose, for them to be truly happy, they should consider a job that calls on their natural talent to read emotional cues, create cooperation and craft art.

Whether you are choosing a major in college, changing careers or simply looking into freelancing on the side, Libra women would be wise to consider these eight inspiring careers.

1. Graphic Designer

Libras have an amazing eye for design and are excellent communicators. They can easily interview clients verbally and determine how their needs and desires can be translated visually.

They are also amazing at handling conflict, and they have a naturally calming, even-keeled demeanor.

Graphic design also allows the Libra to express her inner creativity, and it gives her an outlet for her artistic abilities that can turn a substantial profit. Many Libras find work as freelance or contract workers, and they enjoy the freedom of working a very flexible schedule.

There are plenty of graphic design college programs available both online and offline, as well as internet education hubs that allow you to learn skills at your own pace.

2. Artisan

Libras are excellent craftsmen and enjoy creating art in many forms. For those who enjoy textiles, painting, drawing or even basket weaving or woodcrafts, opening an Etsy shop can be an excellent way to bring in extra income or even a full-time occupation.

There are countless ways to sell your art online, and if you dedicate some time on educating yourself about branding, marketing and customer service, you could be a successful small business owner.

3. Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist

For creative Libras who prefer to express themselves in a more concrete way, makeup and hair styling can be an excellent career choice. It's possible to finish most trade school programs in less than a year, but gaining experience and learning how to effectively advertise your services is key to succeeding in the industry.

Start out doing free gigs to build your portfolio, or recruit friends to model your work for fun.

4. Human Resources

Libras' ability to mediate and build trust in others will give them a great skill base for a career in human resources. They excel at interpersonal relations and can make others feel comfortable and secure in even the most tense and upsetting situations.

They are also adept at reading body language and emotional cues, so they can identify when someone is not being truthful or sincere.

5. Personal Stylist Or Fashion Designer

The Libra's flair for creativity comes into play again here, as well as her ability to translate the desires of others visually. Libras tend to be fashionistas, and they can quickly analyze body type, skin tone and physical assets and match them effectively to the right clothing choices.

They also have no trouble taking into account personal taste, and they can also convince clients to take a risk and try a style or pattern they would normally shy away from. What's more, they enjoy helping people look and feel their best, and they get fulfillment from sharing their love of fashion with others.

This career path could take many forms. It could be anything from interacting personally with customers at a clothing boutique, taking on clients, working as a textile designer for a clothing brand or even starting a fashion blog or YouTube channel.

6. Lawyer Or Law Enforcement

The visual representation of the Libra sign is the scale, and their tarot manifestation is the Justice Card. They determine right and wrong without bias, and they administer justice fairly.

They are also great at subtly persuading others to see their viewpoint, which makes them very effective lawyers and allows them to expertly negotiate on behalf of their clients.

Libras can make quick judgement calls when needed, and they are responsive even in a crisis. Their talent for reading others is also helpful in sniffing out potentially violent or illegal behaviors, and they find it easy to put themselves in the place of others and understand motives.

Libras, therefore, make excellent police officers and detectives.

7. Career Counselor Or Recruiter

Libras' love of helping their fellow man makes career counseling and recruiting an excellent career choice. Libras feel fulfilled when they can match a company's needs with a job candidate's skills, and they tend to succeed at finding lasting, accurate employment opportunities.

Libras are good at communicating with others, sensing a good personality fit, recognizing potential and determining when someone might be exaggerating their level of qualification. While there are some differences between how these skills are used as a recruiter or career counselor, Libras will excel at both professions.

8. Hospitality And Event Planning

Close attention to detail, emotional intelligence and a keen eye for aesthetics all make Libras great at planning events and crafting unique experiences for hospitality customers. Consider working as a hospitality director at a hotel, resort or venue or even freelancing for private events.

If you'd prefer a corporate environment, many businesses employ event coordinators to help them represent their brand at trade shows, industry events and internal employee appreciation functions. Read up on event planning blogs to get more background on the education and qualifications you'll need to apply for these types of positions.

Libra women are creative, intuitive, caring and passionate. Their employment should be a way for them to express these characteristics if they wish to be professionally fulfilled.

Even if you can't embrace your Libra nature in your current position, that doesn't mean you can't pursue a side job or freelance employment that may someday turn into full-time work.

Explore these eight inspiring career paths for Libras, and you'll experience more opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction.