There Are Only 2 Types Of Pain: The One That Hurts You And The Other That Changes You

by Paul Hudson

No pain, no gain – they say.

Who exactly "they" are... I have no idea. They are a very opinionated bunch, giving short, one-sentence answers to all of life’s problems. I hate "they."

They are stupid. Life just can’t be solved with a one-liner. I’m afraid it takes a bit more thought and finesse to un-riddle life’s more important conundrums. Nevertheless, "they" are most definitely onto something.

The things in life that we end up appreciating most are the things that we work hardest to achieve. Being difficult to achieve requires much more effort – effort that humans have evolved to avoid exerting.

We like our comfort just as much as we like the air we breathe, and although we may believe that we need that comfort just as much as we need oxygen, the truth is that we don’t.

A comfortable life is a boring life. On the other hand, an entirely uncomfortable life is a miserable one. So what do you do? Aim for the middle.

Life is best lived by surrounding yourself with comfort and then forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations. Buy a nice apartment. Buy a nice car.

Find a beautiful husband or wife who loves you. Wear comfortable clothing. Treat yourself well and pamper yourself. Then, when you’re at the top of your game, challenge yourself.

Comfort is wonderful when we are in a resting state. However, remaining in a resting state isn’t living. It’s sleeping. I promise that you’ll have more than enough time to rest once your dead. For now, make things a little painful for yourself.

Pain can be difficult to deal with – it’s uncomfortable. What you have to keep in mind is that there are really two types of pain: There’s the pain that simply hurts you and weakens you, and then there is the pain that makes you stronger, makes you grow and changes you for the better.

Your only task is to learn to differentiate between the two.

Luckily, that’s a simple task. Just about everyone knows how to differentiate pain that will maim you – physically and/or mentally – and pain that is necessary to transform you to a better, sharper version of yourself.

Each of us has a different threshold for pain. The truth is that the pain that you feel is all in your head and because it’s in your head, you can learn to adjust and bear it.

After working hours on end on a single project, doing your best to meet a deadline you think is almost impossible to meet, it can be hard to convince yourself to continue pushing forward.

You hate the thought of having to put in yet another all-nighter. The thought alone hurts. Just the same, changing your diet, exercising, training your body to become more efficient, faster, stronger and more appealing always sounds like a good idea.

Until the second day when your stomach hurts, your arms and legs hurt, and the only thing you can think of is grabbing a big greasy burger and some cheese fries.

Human beings are creatures of habit; we don’t like change. But if we don’t change, then our lives won’t change. Our dreams will never be realized and we’ll be stuck in the same mediocre life until we kick the bucket. That thought scares me; it hurts me.

It’s the most excruciating and horrifying reality that you can find yourself in – spending an entire lifetime living the wrong life. If you want to live the life of your dreams then you’re going to need to learn not only to bear pain, but to embrace it.

Embracing the right kind of pain will change your life for the better. It will motivate you. Excite you. Give you a reason to get up early every morning and run after your dreams.

It’s the pain that we need in order to live fulfilling lives; without it, we are stuck in a world of flaccid comfort. To change effectively is to experience pain and push through it. It’s to accept that the pain as not only a necessity, but as a tool, a force that helps you continue making progress.

Pain is your friend if you allow it to be. Introduce yourself to the things that make you feel uncomfortable and realize that those things can do you no real harm. They may make you feel bad, but at the end of that unpleasant rainbow is a pot of gold.

The next time you feel pain, say with a smile on your face, “Good. At least I know I’m doing something right.”

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