4 Travel Podcasts To Ease Your Wanderlust While Waiting For Your Next Trip

by Bethany Mulcahy

No matter who you are, if you're a lover of travel, you get a little antsy if you're stuck in one place for too long. Your mind is constantly wandering to memories about the last trip you've been on, and you're obsessing about the new places you want to see. Perhaps you're considering a big change in your life, and you want to make travel an integral part of your existence.

Transitioning from seasonal tourist to serious traveler takes guts and a lot of research. Let's be honest: We're quick to fantasize about packing our bags and heading into the unknown, but how can we make that a reality?

As much as I can appreciate the "trial and error" approach, sometimes, it requires a lot of time and money that I frankly don't have. Since I currently don't have the budget for travel, I've found I'm thirsty for inspiration. I want to live vicariously through someone else.

The answer to my troubles? Podcasts.

Podcasts are starting to shake off their boring stigma. I swear, they're actually becoming quite trendy. No, really. Once you start listening, they can even become addictive, especially if you're getting advice and listening to the stories of people who have made it their careers to see the world.

Don't knock it until you try it. I've compiled a short list of my "must listen to" podcasts by various travel gurus. These guys are the traveling experts. No matter what one's travel goals are, anyone with an ounce of wanderlust in him or her should listen up:

4. The Budget-Minded Traveler

To me, the best part of this series is that Jackie provides the rare perspective of a solo female traveler. She speaks to the concerns women have, but from personal experience. Listening to her has reminded me that I'm the only one in charge of accomplishing my travel goals.

She's bold, honest, organic and empowering. Jackie is living proof that you can travel the world on your own as a woman.

Listen to "Find Your Courage Through Solo Travel: Jackie's Story."

3. Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda Martin have been living location-independent for 10 years, and their dynamic is just adorable. Listen to them. You'll get some great introductions to new destinations, and you'll be immersed in soundbites of culture from their recent trips.

You'll just sit there, trying to contain your jealousy about the fact that they've been professionally traveling for so long. Now, that's serious relationship goals.

Listen to "The Day-Before-You-Travel Checklist."

2. Extra Pack Of Peanuts

Travis is fairly new to the traveling scene when compared to his peers on this list. He and his wife first started their journey by teaching English in Japan, and they've been traveling around the world ever since. Although he may be new, he has been a great resource with regard to exploring the idea of teaching in a foreign country.

Apart from that, he poses excellent topics that are relevant to any traveler, no matter whether he or she is serious about a drastic life change or not.

Listen to "Teaching English In Japan (Or Anywhere Else)."

1. Zero To Travel

The number one spot was ultimately given to Jason. He has really perfected his show. He does a great job advising travelers and answering burning questions such as how to travel on a budget, find jobs abroad or become a traveling entrepreneur.

Jason incorporates a new perspective in every episode by interviewing fellow professional travelers or those journeying just for fun. I really appreciate being able to hear advice from people with multiple opinions and experience levels.

Listen to "Documenting Your Travels: Good Or Bad?"