4 Thoughts You'll Inevitably Have On Your First Day Of College

Your first day of college is a whirlwind.

Whether it's a good day or a dreadful one, it will be ingrained in your mind for years to come.

To make sure you are fully prepared for your first day of college, I've come up with four thoughts you will undoubtedly have and how not to freak out when those thoughts race through your mind:

Where is my class?

You've already taken a tour and wandered the campus, yet somehow, you still can't find the building for your 8 am class.

Don't panic.

Professors aren't going to freak out about freshmen being late on the first day of class. They understand that the environment is completely new to you. If you get lost, simply ask someone for directions to your building.

According to this syllabus, my social life will be nonexistent this semester.

Syllabus shock is a real thing, so be prepared. Professors tend to scare you in the beginning of the semester by throwing every requirement at you at once.

The good thing is that you have all of your assignments for the semester laid out, so you can plan accordingly. Stay on top of your syllabi, and take things one day at a time.

Some classes will have assignments due almost constantly, while other assignments will be spaced few and far between. There's no need to freak out over something that isn't due for over a week. This is college, after all. Procrastination runs rampant.

Who am I going to sit with at lunch?

Your class just ended, and your stomach is growling. Try asking the people in your class if they're headed to lunch, and see if they don't mind you tagging along. It's also a great way to meet your fellow classmates.

If you're just rolling out of bed and making the trek to the dining hall on your own, get ready to put on a smile and meet some new people. As an introvert, I constantly freaked out about the prospect of having to sit by myself in the dining hall.

The good thing about being a freshman is that there are hundreds, or even thousands, of other freshmen thinking the same thing. Sit at a table of new people, introduce yourself and try to avoid the temptation to bring a to-go box to your room.

It's mid-afternoon and I'm chilling in my bedroom. What now?

Your classes are done for the day, and now, you've hit that mid-afternoon lull. It's not time for dinner just yet, and your roommates are still in class.

What do you do now? Prop your door open.

Seriously, it works wonders. During the first few weeks of school, everyone is still getting to know each other. Having your door open says, “Hey, come in. Let's talk.” Take a walk down your hall, see if any other doors are open and pop your head in.

Put yourself out there, and don't expect people to initiate friendship. Forget about the cliques and cliches of high school. This is college.

Find that class, absorb your syllabus and meet new friends. The first day can be terrifying, but you have the power to make it memorable.