“You’ll know at the finish line” is the slogan behind Reebok’s Spartan Race. What, exactly, will you know?

You’ll know that you have pushed yourself past what you thought possible. What happens when you surpass the boundaries you set for yourself? You learn that you are strong, that you can persevere, that nothing can stop you.

These aren’t things that are just applied to a race, or to physical conditions. These are things that can encourage you to strive and do better in your personal life, career and beyond. These are lessons that are truly invaluable, and this is what you’ll know at the finish line.

However, don't take Spartan Race too seriously because the ability to find humor in the adversity you face will be essential to keeping you going.

Spartan Race is different from the average race as there are obstacles at every turn that challenge the body to endure real life scenarios, instead of just running. In addition, the race itself has multiple levels ensuring that participants can challenge themselves at a healthy pace, and no one is pushed to the point of failure. The goal was to make the race accessible to everyone, not just the ultra fit, and to inspire people to extend the limits of their comfort zones.

You can participate in Spartan Race as a team or as an individual, with the age minimum being 14 years old. As for maximum? You can participate in the race up until age 99, meaning there is no excuse for Gen-Y not to get involved – if grandma can do it, so can you!

If you're wondering what will take place during the Spartan Race, there is the obvious running, as well as jumping over flaming tires, trudging through the mud, and hanging from ropes. There are countless other fun and challenging obstacles along the way.

Spartan Races take place internationally and are going to be popping up across the U.S., from Milwaukee to Philadelphia, along with many other cities. If you are looking for way to challenge yourself physically, have fun and get a little (or a lot) dirty, visit Spartan Race to find out where a race will be taking place in your area.