5 Things You Need To Cure A Hangover In Your College Space

by Tessa Harvey

There's nothing like waking up to a pounding headache after having a little too much fun the previous night, am I right? Us students who are 21 and up know the horrid pain of a college hangover a little too well. What's worse than waking up with a serious hangover and remembering you have a meeting in an hour? Not too much. Luckily, it's easy to cope if you're prepared with all of the essential things you need to cure a hangover.

We've all downed a couple of glasses of water and eaten some bread beforehand in attempts to stop our hangover effects, but that doesn't get the job done all of the time. For those of us who are 21 and over, these five things are key to stoping your hangover in its tracks and are easily stored in your dorm room. Now that's what I call #WinningAF.

1. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is being advertised to young adults to help deal with the dreaded hangover. It isn't a miracle solution, but the formula will replenish your body's fluids and help you stay hydrated. As weird as it may sound, be sure to have a bottle handy. Your hangover will thank you.

2. Coconut Water

Not a Pedialyte fan? No problem. Coconut water is being hyped up as a hangover fix due to its antioxidants. And let's be real here: Who doesn't love a refreshing glass of coconut water to pair with a banana chocolate chip muffin in the morning?

 3. Tomato Juice

Larm Rmah

Yeah, so people tend to use tomato juice for hangovers... in the form of a Bloody Mary. But if you're trying to actually fix your hangover, I wouldn't recommend it. Tomato juice alone, although I find it to be a tad disgusting, is packed with necessary nutrients to get your body back up and running again.

4. A Bunch Of Bananas

Mike Dorner

Bananas are an excellent option for getting potassium fast, and when you're hungover, that's just what you need. Solve your hangover dilemma by grabbing a banana as you head out the door, and stock up some yogurts in the fridge for a snack.

5. Emergen-C

Luckily, you might already have Emergen-C in your dorm for those days when you're coming down with a cold. The citrus-flavored life saver has doses of vitamin C that will refresh your body. Plus, they aren't the worst tasting option.

Whatever hangover cure you use, be sure to be safe and responsible. Don't mix alcohol and medication, be absolutely sure to hydrate your body, and no hangover can beat you.