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6 Things To Do When Missing Your Pet When You Live Far Away

If you've ever had or have a pet, you know it's one of the most genuine bonds you'll ever have with a living thing. Pets don't ask for anything besides our time and love. So, being away from your pet can be tough, especially if your entire childhood is wrapped in memories with them by your side. Distance sucks in regards to anything or anyone you care about. When you're missing your pet, there are adorable things to do to cope and feel like you're a lot closer to them.

They need to make a free train for all of our pets to ride limitless and visit us when we miss them. Only in a perfect world, right? Well, until then, we'll stick with showing our love for our pets in other ways, since we are too far for a hug or physical gesture. It's funny the way life places things we care about in our lives, and then circumstances make it so we have to be away from them. Sheesh, why can't we just be surrounded by the people and things that matter to us, on the regular? On a positive note, there are several ways to show you care for your pet from afar.

1. Find A Way To Video Chat Them

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OK, we know that our pets can't talk, but thanks to technology, we can come face to face with them through video chat. Just seeing them is enough to warm our hearts. When will teleportation be a thing?!

2. Volunteer Somewhere With Animals

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Giving back is always a beneficial and selfless solution when you have something heavy on your mind. Being around other animals will give you some peace of mind. Of course, none of them are yours.

3. Buy Them Something For Your Next Visit

Getting something for your pet in anticipation for your next visit will make the time apart seem less complex. Whatever you get them will literally signify the next time you get to see them again. OK, what time is it?

4. Go Through Pictures Of Them

Pictures capture moments that'll we'll never quite be able to live exactly the same again. Looking at pics of your pet will send you to different memories where you got to spend time with them. I'm not crying, you're crying.

5. Carry A Keepsake Around With You

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Alright, not to get creepy or anything, but carrying a piece of something that reminds you of your pet is cute. It could be a picture or an old charm from their collar. Hey, everyone copes differently.

6. Talk About Them To Other People

Talking through any trying time is the best way to get it out. Of course, don't flood every conversation just talking about your pet. Casually bringing them up couldn't hurt, and you know you want to. Our pets become a significant part of our lives because we learned to love them wholeheartedly. It sucks being away from them, but they'll always be one of the best things to return to.