20 Things Your Mom Taught You That You'll Only Understand In Your 20s

by Alexa Mellardo

When we're growing up, the art of rolling our eyes, talking back and defying our parents' rules is a lifestyle.

It's sort of a right of passage in our teen years. Some things we absorb, some things we ignore and others, we don't care enough about to pay attention to.

It was so much easier to roll our eyes and be difficult than to look at the big picture mom tried to explain to us. We were young and naive.

But when we're in our 20s, we realize all the things mom taught us are actually so true… and she'd be pleased to know, we actually heard every single thing she said when we were growing up.

Irina Efremova

It's time to face the facts: We're adults now, and we (sadly) aren't getting any younger.

Independence and living on our own is awesome, but it also comes with a ton of responsibility and stress.

We want to slay the grown-up game. And let's be real here: Mom always knows what's best, and all the advice she gave us comes in so clutch when we take it to heart.

Here are 20 things mom taught us that we only understand in our 20s.

1. If you want to see if a guy is loyal, give him the opportunity to show you his true colors.

No more getting nervous about him being around other girls.

It's the perfect opportunity to see him in action. If he's a player, it's the best way to find out sooner rather than later.

2. When you have your own house, you have your own rules.

You learn pretty fast about throwing parties in your OWN apartment when someone barfs on your trendy new rug.

3. Eat your vegetables… they're good for you.

This has come full-circle. Most of us hated veggies growing up… and would wait for when mom wasn't looking to hide that broccoli under the mashed potatoes.

BUT, now we're all about being healthy and looking our best. We know eating veggies leads to a healthy body and complexion.

4. Have no regrets.


Do the things you want in life and don't care about what anyone else thinks, or is doing.

You learn it's OK to miss out on plans, and to not have major FOMO every time you do. If you're spending time doing what you love… that's really all you need.

5. Nothing is ever going to be handed to you on a silver platter.

So get off your high horse, work your butt off and aim for the stars.

6. Don't judge a book by its cover.

You never know what someone is truly going through, or is like, until you walk in their shoes.

That quiet guy can actually end up surprising you if you give him a chance.

7. If you don't like something, CHANGE IT.

Complaining about things is unproductive; it will get you nowhere fast.

8. You shouldn't care what other people are doing in their lives.

You're doing what makes you happy and following your own dreams.

9. You can go out to play, after you finish your chores.

The garbage is not going to take itself out, and the floors don't clean themselves.

10. Money doesn't grown on trees.

You need to budget, and know as tempting as it is, you can't drop hundreds on bar hopping every weekend.

11. If the good things in life were easy, everyone would have them.

Life isn't a free pass, and the good things are worth the extra effort in working for. That awesome promotion isn't going to be achieved without a lot of dedication and proving yourself.

12. Let the guy do the chasing.

Be chased — don't YOU do the chasing when it comes to a guy.

13. Everything teaches us a lesson, even the crummy things.

You gain something out of each and every experience, even the bad ones.

14. Always carry tissues in your purse.

If a bird casually poops on you on your way to work, you'll be so damn happy you have those tissues mom always told you to keep in your bag.

15. Don't fight.

But if you DO have to fight, mom told you to kick 'em where it hurts.

16. Always listen to your gut.

It's always right.

17. You made your bed, now lie in it.

Be willing to accept the decisions you make, and live with the outcome.

18. Learn to really listen.

Guille Faingold

You learn and see a lot about a person once you do.

19. If you're going to wear makeup, make sure you know how to put it on right.

...And always wear lip liner with lipstick.

20. You would forget your head if it wasn't connected to your shoulders.

If you don't place your order for Peapod delivery, you ain't eating! You also won't be able to wear anything you forgot to wash this weekend.

I'm sure most of us would agree: Moms are the best. They know the deal because they've already been there, done that.

Kudos to the awesome moms who've always been team us, and taught us the best of what we know.