5 Things Every Incoming College Freshman Will Seriously Miss About High School

by Tessa Harvey

Incoming college freshmen: Get excited. I know I don't have to tell you twice, because you probably already have your bags packed, a countdown set, and you're texting your new roommate daily. College is so much fun, so you should seriously be excited to embrace this new chapter with open arms.

But before you wish your last bit of summer away, slow down and enjoy what you still have going for you. Once you get to college, a lot is going to change, and there are a few things you'll miss about your life during high school. So take a deep breath, and in the meantime, enjoy these five things you'll seriously miss about your pre-college life.

Miquel Llonch

1. Your Quiet Space

You're hopefully going to love your new roomie, but the truth is, you better love her, because you won't have time to yourself. All of the time spent in your dorm will be with her, so if you're someone who likes a little time to themselves, make the most of it now. Once you get to school, try to find a relaxing spot on campus for your personal space time.

2. Delicious Home-Cooked Meals

Yes, I know you've visited your new school's dining hall and it's "so good." Many schools do indeed actually have decent food. But, good or not, you'll still miss a home-cooked meal around your dining table with your family. Enjoy them while they last.

3. Tests That Don't Require All-Nighters


High school was a breeze academically. College can be some of the time, but there will definitely be the occasional weeks where you're so busy with projects, essays, and tests, that you won't even remember the last time you slept. Enjoy sleeping without nightmares of bad grades now while you're still innocent.

4. Having A Solid Routine

Welcome to college, where the only routine you have is your class schedule. Between meeting new friends and joining clubs, doing homework and making time for your social life, you'll be swamped. No week will look the same. If you're someone who thrives on spontaneity, it's perfect for you. If not, buckle up and get ready for the ride.

5. Having Class With All Of Your Friends


When I started college, I really didn't think about this one. Chances are, the friends you make won't have the same major or class schedule as you, so you'll be making new friends in classes. Unfortunately, it's not like high school where you have class with the same people all of the time.

Though you will miss a few things about high school, you'll love college even more. Enjoy the last few days of the stage you're in now, then get excited. You're off to some great times.