This Is The One Thing You Need To Be Happy, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Rosey Baker
Hugh Sitton

I've been on a real tear lately writing about the most annoying quality of every zodiac sign and the ways you might die according to your zodiac sign.

And it hasn't been without a fair amount of criticism.  That's fine. I enjoy the critics just as much as the readers who love the stuff I write.

In my book, if everybody likes you, you're doing something wrong.

That being said, I feel like it's only fair after all the negative stuff I've written to throw our readers a positivity bone.

So, here you go, folks. Soak it up because I'm only positive once a year.

This is the one thing you need to be happy, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Challenges

There's nothing an Aries loves more than a daily challenge.

They'll be the first of the signs to make or take a bet, to engage in an argument, to run a marathon or to try something new.

They enjoy taking risks not only for the adrenaline rush, but for the feeling of being admired.

Being the babies of the zodiac, they are endowed with a lifelong feeling of everything happening for the first time, of having the world at their fingertips and of everything being an adventure.

Taurus: Relaxation

Taurus needs to have a peaceful life. They need the feeling of relaxation and tranquility, time to think things over.

In order to do that, they need some reliability and stability in their schedules.

It doesn't necessarily have to be financial, so long as they have something to depend on. Having someone they know they can trust, some comfort food and the good things in life like being in love, they'll be happy.

Gemini: Conversation

If they're not involved in actual conversation, Geminis need to be reading, writing, texting or blogging. They don't even have a deep need to be listened to.

They enjoy getting lost in their imagination, solving problems and feeling curious and interesting by having something to add to every conversation.

For them, conversation is variety, and variety is the spice of life, baby!

Cancer: Warm hugs

More than anything in the world, Cancers need to be told they're appreciated, loved and cared for.

They're good at nurturing and helping others, but they depend on people loyal to them for the same thing.

They are very connected to their family and consider their closest friends to be their family as well.

Their happiness depends on being in an environment where they feel safe, so staying home and having a private sanctuary is important to them.

Like the snowman in "Frozen," they just need a warm hug.

Leo: Compliments

Beauty, flattery and compliments will get you everywhere.

Leos enjoy being — or rather, need to be — the star of a show, even if they're the behind-the-scenes-type.

They enjoy being in a position to receive all the attention they'd like. If you offer them a genuine compliment, it's equivalent to feeding a stray dog.

Once you're a part of their circle, you'll be the lucky recipient of their advice and loyalty.

They enjoy protecting loved ones, being the best and having the best. And because of their generosity, as their friend or loved one, you'll have the best, too.

Virgo: Acknowledgement

Virgo's instinct is to be of service to the people around them. They can't say no to someone in need, although any gigantic emotional displays might scare them away from an opportunity to help, since they're so logical.

In order to continue being of service to others, they need to be acknowledged as intelligent.

Being told they are helpful and having someone notice things that seem effortless (but really aren't) is their fuel.

When they can't be helpful to someone else, they focus on self-improvement.

Libra: Harmony

Libras excel at smoothing things over because they need to live a laid-back life.

They are skilled at avoiding drama, and they need harmony between everyone. Truthfully, though, it's not for others. It's for them.

They need peace and quiet to feel sane.

Being the sign of partnerships, they also love being in love. They have a tendency to play the devil's advocate so that both sides of an issue are always being looked at.

Scorpio: Privacy

Scorpios equate personal privacy with having the scales of power tipped in their favor.

For them, the more information they leave out there, the more they're susceptible to harm, and their need for privacy is almost paranoid.

Having someone Scorpio can trust, someone they can tell all their secrets to, is important for them to balance out their otherwise isolated lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Adventures

Sagittarius has a constant need to explore.

They're ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel. They need adventures, unplanned events and spontaneous joy.

Adventures not only keep their fear of boredom at bay, but they also help Sagittarius see the bigger picture from a philosophical point of view.

Even if they don't have the money to travel, they can mentally put themselves in a new place by surrounding themselves with people who like to laugh or just taking a different way home from work every day.

Capricorn: Respect

Being the most status-conscious sign in the zodiac, Capricorns have a need to feel respected. They take pride in being an authority and being known as the mature one.

Even within their family structure, Capricorns strive for a reputation as the reliable one.

Taking on and holding responsibility gives them the feeling of being in control of their life, which is where their ambition comes from as well.

Aquarius: Individuality

Aquarians need to be recognized as unique, to be seen as one of a kind.

They live life by their own standards and do it in an unconventional way. They also enjoy listening to others and hearing individual stories about their lives.

Speaking to thoughtful people and engaging in deep conversations in which they can open themselves up to new ideas, new concepts and new trends give Aquarians the feeling of making themselves more interesting.

Pisces: Solitude

Pisces are imaginative AF, and the things that inspire them — art, cinema, literature, history, music and dreaming about being someone larger than life — require some measure of solitude.

They need to have time alone to think. Although, it might take them a long time to learn this because they're so empathic, they can easily get caught up going along with whatever someone else is doing.

By surrounding themselves with people who understand them and who can read between the lines to say, "Hey, you seem tired, maybe you should go home and rest," Pisces will feel taken care of the same way they care for others.