This Is The Only Thing You Need To Do To Afford That Vacation Abroad

So it's been a long week at work, all you want to do is hit up happy hour and celebrate because it's PAYDAYYYY. Holla!

But before you go and spend the money you just earned why not take a few bucks and pay yourself? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Well, I am here to tell you how you can cut yourself a paycheck.

Paying your future self, aka saving, is just as important as paying your current bills. I know “saving” is boring, but don't leave me now. Really, saving is just paying yourself. What a concept, right?

Sometimes discretionary spending like that amazing drink at happy hour or your occasional lunch out (Starbucks is not discretionary; it's necessary) comes before saving, but it should be the other way around. Also, why not just give yourself a little tip — it's fun.

Paying yourself now is just making sure and enabling you to have the money you need in the future. Really, you are giving your future self the ability to take that vacation abroad, buy that house, etc. Whatever it may be, giving your future self a little of what you have now only benefits yourself.

When people think about saving, they say, "It's only decreasing my lifestyle now." This is not the case. The little money I am talking about paying yourself (saving) monthly will have a very small impact on your current way of life. If you put away $100 a month, that only equates to one pair of jeans, four dinners out or that one night on the town you buy shots for everyone (whoops).

I don't want you to think this is another article about cutting fun things out — it isn't. This is about setting yourself up to do fun things in the future. If you love dinner out or love buying shots, don't give that up. But I promise paying yourself is pretty fun too, and unlike the shots, they don't make you feel bad the next day.

That $100 a month adds up. Even if you stuck with it for just a year that's $1,200, or an entire trip to Europe. The small things you give up now equate to so much more for yourself in the future.

The best part of this little arrangement is that you can make it automatically part of your monthly budget.

First, you will need to set up a realistic goal — $50-$200 weekly or monthly, something that you can commit to. You can easily set up the automatic savings at your online bank. The easiest option is a checking to savings transfer. This is assuming you don't normally reach into your savings account for regular spending. Savings means savings, not spendings.

Remember, when you set up this automatic savings option, make sure it is a few days after you get paid, that way you do not overdraft your checking account.

The main benefit to automating your financial life is you get to set it and forget it. Not only does that let you go off to happy hour with no worries, it also makes sure you do it every month, without having to set a single reminder. Way to go, you!

Though the real best part is, honestly, you won't even know the money's gone. Sounds scary, but remember, it will be tucked away comfortably in your savings account. And guess what. It is still all yours. You can use it whenever you need or want. Remember that's not the goal, but it is an option.

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Keep with it for a couple months and as soon as you know it you will start to be able to increase your regular savings amount. Starting small is a great option, I swear even if it's just $10 a month. Over time, you will realize and know what amount you can fit into your monthly budget — $10 a month turns into $50, and soon, you become well on your way to a nice and fat piggy bank.

This isn't about cutting out happy hour, Starbucks or the occasional lunch out. That's overplayed and not realistic. This is about you giving yourself a generous tip as part of your regular budget.

You give your hard earned cash to everyone else before yourself. That's just not right. You work hard. You deserve a tip, too.

Now go on, my Millennial peers, and be the selfish people that everyone says you are and just PAY YOURSELF! You deserve it because you're awesome.