The Senior Women At Yale University Are Known As 'Expired'

Female seniors at Yale University have come up with a nickname to describe a type of perception that usually develops in a woman who has spent four years at the prestigious school: SWUGs.

This stands for "Senior Washed Up Girl" and is referencing the tendency for female seniors at Yale to become increasingly jaded throughout their education, especially with the opposite sex.

The term isn't exactly new but we're first hearing about it now thanks to a story by Yale Daily News Writer Raisa Bruner that was recently picked up by New York Magazine.

They have a "'don’t-give-a-f***' or 'DGAF' attitude," writes Bruner, a self-identified SWUG, adding, "Welcome to the world of the ladies who have given up on boys because they don’t so much empower as frustrate, satisfy as agitate."

The article that first brought the SWUG theory to popularity was written by senior Chloe Drimal, titled "Profile of a SWUG. In the piece, Drimal described a girl who is a regular at frat parties and the bar scene. She's the last to leave every time and only hooks up with younger men.

Fellow senior Michelle Taylor followed up by writing that a SWUG is a "Dionysian response to the cruel brevity of our bright college years" for all seniors, and not just the women.

Judging by the situation at Yale and Susan A. Patton's letter to Princeton women about finding a suitable mate in college, we're getting the impression that the average male attending an Ivy League school resembles one of two types of people: Mark Zuckerberg or the Winklevoss twins.

Two very different personalities who both come off as huge douchebags.

Our deepest sympathies to all the SWUG-like women at Ivy League colleges who only wish they were previously informed that the majority of the men at the college of their dreams would be the furthest thing from the husband they had in mind.

Sean Levinson | Elite.