This Is Your Life, Make Sure You're Living It

by Anonymous

On one hand, it can seem like everyone around the world is the same. From one country to the next, we all want the same things: to enjoy life, to live with a notable purpose, to be healthy, to do that which will quench our flame of ambition, and to do good for those we love. Yet, despite the similarities, we are also all completely different.

The fact that humans vary vastly is nothing short of a good thing. Otherwise, how boring would the world be if, from one end of the globe to the other - we all looked, thought, perceived, and acted the same way? The uniqueness of character of both individuals and nationalities is what gives our world its vibe.

This uniqueness ranges, not only from physical aspects to cultural traits, but also includes differences in mentality. Although variety is a positive aspect, there are certain differences in mentality throughout society worth thinking about.

One difference that should be taken into consideration is how people choose to approach life. While some of us tend to be inspired, positive, and energetic, there are others who lead a comparably boring and trifling existence. These others do nothing interesting or special with their lives, and instead of living, they merely exist.

It's as if they are simply waiting to die. Perhaps the latter lost their inspiration or hope in life, or just don't know how good life can be. But let us tell you, life is definitely best when you feel inspired and revitalized, and when you have a desire to conquer the world.

There are so many people who exist, but who have ceased to live. Who get so caught up in fitting in, and being a part of the flock, that they do not sparkle. Trading ambition and the desire to face challenges for a minor existence may seem like the easier and more relaxing way to go; however, in the end, the hustle and bustle of life is always more fulfilling.

In some areas, there tends to be a more ever-present energy and vibe than in others. Yet this vibe doesn't come from aesthetics, architecture, or the grandeur of our cities. It comes from the streets. For example, New York from afar is so obviously a concrete jungle, filled with monotonous brick buildings, walls, and pavement.

Most of New York isn't what one might refer to as particularly beautiful. Yet from within, from inside those streets, you can feel the energy and the power of the city. It is the people who make New York what it is: arguably the world's most exciting and inspiring place.

Even in countries plagued by poverty and political problems, one can still find people who seem to find pleasures in the smallest of things and live exciting, passionate lives, making do with what they have.


In other places where people seem to have everything in terms of resources, healthcare, education, and the likes of such, you will see people walk around with completely blank, unsatisfied-looking faces, with their minds focused on the most insignificant of things. Hiding from real life and simply getting by may be comfortable, yet it is a mentality best left for when you are old, tired, and have already experienced all that you needed to.

One of my mentors once explained to me that mentality is more important than most people know to be true. She told me, “The body is just flesh. Your mind is everything that you are, everything that you do, and everything you are capable of.” Therefore, being inspired and passionate is a necessary state of mind as a precondition to being happy and fulfilled.

Some people may not know how to feel this state of mind because they never have, or at least not for long enough. Yet regardless of whether you are already a passionate person, or if you feel bored and uninspired and need a little nudge, try the following:

Think about some of your most memorable first times. The first time you experienced some of the most important moments and rights of passages in your life. Remember the first time you drove a car, the first time you fell in love, and the first time you woke up in someone else's bed. The first time you went away to a university and the first time you got that job you wanted. Think about the first time you traveled alone and that feeling you get before you travel anywhere new.

Do you remember how these moments made you feel? They made you feel a bit nervous, yet excited. You probably had butterflies in your stomach, yet you felt good. That feeling is called living. As long as you keep experiencing this feeling of eagerness and exhilaration, you know you are learning, growing, becoming better, and more fulfilled. You know you are alive. But the moment you stop feeling, when you stop having emotion, when you aren't eager for the next moment of your life to come, you know your life has temporarily ceased.

It's important to strive to always feel this way; it's important to surround yourself with the right people and pursue the endeavors that put you in this state of mind as much as you can.

People may vary from place to place, from city to city, and from country to country, but to some extent, passionate people exist in all parts of the world we live in. So wherever you are, always remember that to live is always greater than to merely exist.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It