Forgotten Art: Why Real Communication Begins With A Pen And Paper

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There is a communication tool that so many people forget about: the love letter.

It's all too easy to send a quick “I am thinking of you” text, or even a “Hey baby, I love you” email. But when was the last time you picked up pen to paper and physically wrote out the words of appreciation you have for your love?

This tool forces the writers to consciously think about exactly how they feel, and it makes them describe, in adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs, the true expressions of their hearts.

I believe most people have stopped writing love letters because they have never actually received a love letter.

Nine times out of 1o, when you go to your mailbox, all that is in there are bills and advertising materials.

Have you ever felt the ping of anticipation after seeing your name and address handwritten on an actual stamped envelope from your significant other?

Have you experienced the immediate smile after not knowing what he has to say, but the overwhelming appreciation that he actually took the time to write it down?

If you have ever felt that you would want nothing more than to make someone else feel it, too.

In general, people say things like “I can’t write.” False. Everyone can write.

It may not be something an editor would choose for publication, or the next novel on the best sellers list, but when it comes to love letters, it doesn't matter if the grammar and punctuation are 100 percent correct.

Love letters are not graded on comma placement. Love letters are graded simply on your ability to speak the words that are too difficult to say out loud, or how you express your feelings to your partner.

I like the expression, “Hallmark picks up where you’ve lost your words.”

This means, if you can’t find the words to express how you feel, even a few simple written words in a Hallmark card can make a difference.

Love letters do nothing but enhance the communication in a relationship.

They open the door for writers to say how they truly feel, without interruption and without the stress of communicating in-person.

All of the pressure of speaking is removed, allowing the writers to be truly honest.

When received, the readers are allowed the same time to absorb the words in their true format, and they instantly can feel more connected to their partners.

After the letter has been received, the couple can meet and speak to each other about the feelings expressed within it.

As embarrassing as it may be, it could also be a stepping stone for the relationship to move forward.

All people are different and respond to the expression of love differently.

I've always been a fan of a Post-It note with a silly message on the coffee pot instead of shiny gifts.

With letter writing, the reader can appreciate the time put into the love note or mailed letter. The reader can experience the anticipation of ripping open the envelope with wonder and delight.

The reader can hold the letter to her chest after she reads it, look up and have the realization that she really does love the person who sent it to her.